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RE: Steemit Community Feature - Is that the big surprise?

in #steemit5 years ago

That would be exciting. I have been thinking about something lately and haven't been able to really come up with an answer on my own, so I will throw it out there for anyone that might want to answer it.

Why is it that the community here is much kinder, receptive, and overall nicer than on Reddit?

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect but my experience here has been almost entirely positive whereas on Reddit it was the complete opposite.

Does one cater to a different demographic? I just hope whatever changes are made on steemit do not affect this wonderful sense of mutual respect and appreciation that I have found here.

You've definitely contributed to that positive experience that I have had here so far, thank you for all that you do @crytoctopus :-)


I was thinking exactly the same thing - people here are positive, not negative - even if disagreeing and debating, it is done with a friendly , open attitude

Absolutely.. I love it. It makes me want to share more of my work here. Knowing that it's appreciated is really motivational.

I even found the motivation to start writing about my 'memoirs' yesterday!- A led a very colorful past...

I read it lol looking forward to the rest 😊. I would have to write under an alias if I ventured in that direction 🙈😅

Thank you ! - I'm not bothered about it, in the slightest. It's all true, honestly - I might have to say 'fiction' a few times - big people, big money, big angry !

Ill try to post every day -which one did you read, the first one ?-I just posted another - preference of color - that's a tease...

Yeah, I read the first one.. and just read the second one. Looking forward to the rest :-)

Cheers for the support - I'm a little taken aback by the responses, to be honest.

thanks - if you aren't wearing a perm, at present, you might find yourself acquiring

I believe another reason people are kinder is that everything being publicly visible on the blockchain means that integrity & authenticity really matter. Questionable behavior gets scrutinized publicly & people seem to be held accountable. People's word matters here.

I dig having a platform where I can be supportive & be a nice person without getting bullied, trolled & condescending lectures for my naive optimism. It's refreshing.
I hope you continue to have great experiences here & thrive. :)

That actually makes sense and I agree with you it's really nice to have people who can conduct themselves in a mature way even if they disagree.

Thank you for your well wishes, I wish you the very same :-)

Friendships are lucrative here, and enemies are expensive.
If you're insightful and supportive you win followers, who may read and upvote your content for years.
We're all on our best behaviour :)

Well I think this all sounds wonderful :-) and is a refreshing alternative to other platforms.

Another Great one!......

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