Celebrating my 1st Steemit Anniversary + 1013 Followers :)

in #steemit4 years ago

A million thanks to all of you guys :)

I am so blessed by God for letting me share my thoughts and talents here in steemit .
forgiving me the right people who will help me in this journey .
I wanted to thank all of you. For all your support and love that you showered upon me.
I promise to help you too .To the best that i can!

Special thanks to my wonderful friends

@thecrytotrader , for being my best buddy and true friend .Happy 1st steemit anniversary to us im so happy for your achievement here on steemit Good job buddy :)
@markush , for always checking my post ,thank you for being supportive.Godbless!
to my sister in law @ashlyncurvey , for being supportive and encouraging me to continue writing in steemit
@suppassinggoogle for being a good mentor to everyone ,for creating a good project @teardrops , @ulog which encourage you to be yourself and open your hidden talent.


I believe nothing is imposible when you want something to achieve.
Just follow your heart and always believe in yourself remember that no one is perfect
even the great one has its own flaws so never doubt youself .

I love you all lets continue to help each and build a wonderful community !!!


Congratulations Sandara, it was an awesome journey and iam very luck that i got friends like you,be blessed and keep steeming dear.

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