My honest feelings about Steemit after gaining a rep of 71

in steemit •  last year

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For the last 7 months my family & I have been living on Steem & SBD

and the small investments I have made into mining contracts & alt coin trading.

I have been enjoying the benefits of Steemit and these new avenues for over 15 months here in Bali and there can be no question that it has completely changed the way I live my life.

16 months ago I had heard of Bitcoin but that was as far as my understanding went.

Yesterday my rep turned 71 and I would like to take this opportunity to speak honestly about where I am at now.

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With reputation & followers comes rewards...right?

No. Not necessarily. I understand the value of Steem is low but even when I account for this I can see no increase in rewards as my fanbase & reputation gets higher. On the contrary I feel as if I have to push harder than ever right now to continue surviving on Steem and if I am going to be completely honest, this amazing freedom gifted to me by Steemit appears to be drawing to a close. Though I dearly wish it wasn't!

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The ups & downs of Steemit

Let's start with the ups because like I said, this platform has completely changed my understanding of the word MONEY and how to earn it. And seen from this perspective I am in no place to complain.


I am more free from the system of control than I have ever been. I can choose who I want to work for and when I want to do it. Steemit is my main job now and I love this job very much.

New Connections

So many amazing people have enriched my life with their wisdom through Steemit and I can't wait to meet as many of you as possible on my long journey around the world.

Introduction to Crypto World

Thanks to Steemit I have learned to trade alt coins. Which to be fair isn't really all that hard once you know how. When Steem hit a high of $2.20 earlier this year I was able to invest a into various cloud mining contracts with Genesis. Unlike my trading money which gets spent in times of need, the mining money will keep dribbling in for the next two years.

I have improved my ability to write & do graphic design

A long time ago writing was very hard for me. As a dyslexic child I had a low self confidence around this most common of art forms for many years. But that is no more. I feel alive when I am writing and I have come to love it very much.

I finally have a 'bank account' again

After three years with no bank I was starting to wonder what the solution to this might be. Crypto provided the answer and never again will I feel like there is something I cannot do because I refuse to be part of the banking system. It isn't always as simple as it used to be, but it is at least possible now.

I can really help people now!

With all the knowledge (and followers) I have gained, I have seen how it is possible to give people a great boost here on Steemit. With my guidance, upvotes & a little resteem every now & then I have witnessed a great many people rise to Steemit success much faster than I did.

The Steem Blockchain

So many amazing ideas are beginning to grow from this blockchain and that gives me hope for the future of Steem as a currency. DSound, DTube & more recently SteemBay... to name but a few. And with the arrival of SMT (Smart Media Tokens) next year I am hopeful about the rise in value of Steem.

The other side of the coin

It is with a heavy heart that I write the following list.

I wanted so much for Steemit to be the answer to the question I have been asking. And it gives me no pleasure to fill anyone with anything except HOPE.

Yet my instinct tells me these things must be said.

Staring at the screen

I spend more time than ever before staring at this computer screen. It feels very unnatural to me and I know it isn't doing my body any good. Consistent body movement is essential to optimum health. And my eyes are deteriorating too. Just like the body, lots of motion helps them retain optimum health. If your focal distance stays the same most of the time this usually leads to miopia (shortsightedness/nearsightedness).

Money Pressures

I assumed when Steem rose above $2 that it would keep on rising and adjusted the way I lived my life to account for this. And for a while it worked great! Yet now I find myself in a position where the Steem/SBD/mining/trading life is just not cutting it any more and without the 'magic five' I would earn no more than $3 per post, regardless of what I write. And as much as I would like to leave Bali and continue on our journey it is simply not possible right now.

Who are the Magic Five?

There is a small group of whales who upvote me. If they were not doing this I would have been forced to return to my normal job a long time ago, making films based on how much money they earn rather than how I feel about giving them my time. One person in particular has been amazing in the way they support me here and I don't know what I would have done without them. I feel venerable being reliant now on this very small group of people. Where are my 2450 followers???

The 2450 Followers

If I look at Dead Followers I can see that 1000 of them have not posted for a month. The ones who do follow me only occasionally seem to see my posts because I rarely get more than 100 upvotes.

What to write?

I massively enjoy writing about my life and the things I learn along the way. That's what blogging is right? Well, my experience on Steemit tells me this is not the best way to maximise your time if you are living on Steem. News articles do better. Particularly if you can strike a chord with whales supporting this theme.

@doodlebear says it rather well in his profile description:

Screen Shot 2017-11-24 at 18.19.10.png

The shift in Power

There has been a flurry of flagging going on by those who have bought their Steem Power. If they don't like something it is very easy for them to eliminate your rewards completely whilst lowering your rep. They believe themselves to be helping the platform by doing this, retuning 'unfair' payouts to the reward pool, but the idea of free speech has been lost as a result.

I have two unvaccinated children so I like to talk about this subject, but due to the recent flagging of anyone who speaks out against vaccines, now I am in fear of losing payouts and reputation by sharing my perspective. So, as someone who simply must consider the rewards relative to the amount of time spent on the post, I choose not to write about this subject until something changes.

Those with the money are controlling the content.

And if they REALLY don't like you, I have witnessed with my own eyes what happens. They will downvote everything you do, comments included, until you have no choice but to start a new account or leave Steemit for good with a feeling of disappointment & confusion.

What is the solution to this particular problem?

If Steemit were to create a system in which reputation & SP worked together when we flagged someone, those of us who have dedicated so much of our time to this platform (but don't have wallets full of Steem Power!) would be in a better position to combat the personal opinion of someone with money. Or indeed to help those who are being forced off the platform because of them.

I understood when I joined Steemit this was a place where we could speak freely, without fear of being attacked. Ironically it was the vaccines topic which sealed the deal when I was thinking about joining Steemit 15 months ago. Speaking about this subject on Facebook was a horrible experience and I was keen to find a community who didn't ostracise me because of my beliefs. And for a while I believed myself to have found it here.

In Conclusion

I am not the kind of person to moan about my situation and always try to stay positive. There is a deep gratitude in my heart for the creators of Steemit & for the people who support me here. And to close this piece I want to focus my attention back on this.

Steemit DOES have the ability to TRANSFORM your life!

It isn't perfect, but it's still evolving.

And we must be patient whilst continuing to write quality posts which come from our heart.

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Who is @samstonehill?

He was a London based filmmaker until he sold everything and set out on a barefoot journey around the world. Currently based in Bali he travels with his partner & two children. With no bank account he has been living on STEEM & crypto for over six months.

All content created for this account is 100% original (unless otherwise stated), produced by @samstonehill who invites you to use & share freely as you wish.

@samstonehill is the creator of:

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I receive the equivalent of $3 a day using Genesis Mining

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The Bali Volcano Crisis

If you have a moment please check out the @charitysteemit account where you will find up-to-date films, photos and information on the erupting volcano & evacuee status.

Mount Agung erupted a 2nd time with force on the 25th November, sending an ash cloud 3000m into the sky and we will be watching it closely over the next few weeks.

This is what it looked like.
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Those of us in Bali are working hard to raise money to buy the evacuees solar power & water filters LEARN MORE HERE and we deeply appreciate any help we can get.

Thank you for your support 🙏🏻

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My brother, your heart is full and seen from afar. You have and still will inspire others to action, to freedom and to self empowerment.

I feel to post about you next, perhaps after a little more meditation on this topic. Not for recognition, reputation or reaction no never that. For nothing more than the simple joy of sharing, detached from rewards, the true gift is giving.

With love brother, there are infinite possibilities and enough space for all creations. Perhaps my next sharing will help lift you and others, perhaps not. This is the freedom we all share, in joy brother.

Smell that fresh air, feel the sun on your face and the earth under your feet and keep smiling, congrats you're a whale LOL! 💚💯


Thanks brother. It turns out I have been blessed by the universe at the perfect moment. Just received a juicy royalty payment from xxx music I made years ago. Apparently more and more people are watching my films! I was getting around £200 every 6 months. This time I got £2,200. Love that :)

Let me know if you write that post with a PM. I sometimes miss comments here...

I haven't been here since the beginning, so I have less background in the "early days" but I also have much gratitude for Steemit... and some sadness.

It's funny, in my very first post I aired some skepticism over how the community would handle what I saw as the inevitable invasion of spam and automation that would surely come... and did. Experience told me what would happen here because... because Human Nature IS human nature... and here we just happen to have "Human Nature on the Blockchain," but there are still a large number of greedy self-serving people out there.

At best, those of us who truly care about this platform can still carve out a small niche... our own "web of trust"... but it's getting harder.

What distresses me, I suppose, is that it is such short sighted thinking... we all know getting rewards is lovely, but some effort must be taken to ensure that our behaviour today doesn't destroy the Steemit of tomorrow. A bit like something you perhaps experience in Bali as well... you can't cut down all the forests AND complain that "there are no forests" at the same time... choices have consequences.

But I enjoyed this heartfelt post!


Gratitude and sadness about sums it up! And greedy self-serving people is right. Though I struggle to understand their motivation. Are they being paid by someone to eliminate discussion on these topics???

We will never know for sure.

Thank you for your consistent support here 🙏🏻

I still very much believe in this platform and look forward to happier times ahead 🎉


What distresses me, I suppose, is that it is such short sighted thinking... we all know getting rewards is lovely, but some effort must be taken to ensure that our behaviour today doesn't destroy the Steemit of tomorrow.

I could not agree more with this statement. I feel the Steemit of today isn't the same as the one I joined 10 months ago. At that time, I felt like most people loved the platform and wanted it to succeed above all. There are still some people here who feel that way, but they have become the minority. I really do hope Steemit can stay afloat like this, but it's like you said, human nature will keep rearing its ugly head. Let's just hope it won't bring down the Steem price with it.


I genuinely believe in the Steem blockchain, and that's more than steemit alone. It is technology which will permit the growth of many things. So in time the value of steem will grow. As least that's what I'm hoping :)


True, it's bigger than Steemit alone! I do hope Steem will go a long way. Stil... I really enjoy Steemit, so I hope it'll stick around for a long time, even if it has some problems :-)

I just signed up today, and have little idea what is going on! This is actually my very first comment... But I am glad to have read your story, it helps me as I learn to navigate this bizarre landscape... Thanks!


Well, great that this was your first comment. Have sent you a little tip for this and please don't be discouraged by my words. This platform has changed my life and the future is bright :)


This was even worth a second read, this time around... Hey, thanks for the bump, and keep writing!

Hey man, I've been MIA. It wasn't the pro-vaccination propaganda either. The main reason I took a step back was because a witness called my intro post reply "bullying." A new user posted an obviously fake verification photo, and I called them out on it.

The witness defended them and told me I was wrong. What can I really do in that situation? Nothing. I simply walked away. My reply posts were meant to help people, and a witness told me I was being a bully. Okay, I'm done then.

There are many different ways to hide the truth. This platform doesn't use the same way the MSM does, but it has its ways. If you upset the wrong person, you can pay a very heavy price. I'm not going to waste my time on a platform where people sharing the truth will be punished either.

The older I get, the more I question even bothering to share the truth. Honestly, few care. Most people around me violently reject the truth. They don't want to know it. They hate people like us for pointing it out. Why? When we do, we reveal them for who they are.

A lot of talk about "the system" and how it is the problem gets discussed. Usually, people mean the political system however. I used to think the same thing, so I'm just as guilty. What if the system includes the entire Internet and everything to do with it though?

Can we change the system within it? I'm no longer sure. Whether we are talking about politics or social media, there will always be a means for oligarchs to control it. Therefore, perhaps we are fighting a losing battle, for changing either system from within isn't going to work.

The more I think about it, the more I think both require the same answer. That answer is of course to walk away from the system. Just walk away. People wonder why they are sick and feeling unfulfilled, but few ever realize it is because we lack connection.

The connection we lack is to nature and to the other people around us. Is any system on the Internet going to actually resolve that problem therefore? I do not believe any will. In fact, the more we use these things, the more we fool ourselves.

I've seen the same thing in my children, and I absolutely hate myself for allowing it to suck them in the way it has me. All they want to do is watch YT or play on a computer, tablet, or smart phone. It's a failure on my part. How can I scold them when I do the same thing? I can't.

I'm not going to close my account, but I'm going to go back to spending the little free time I have with my children, in nature, and reading paper books instead of staring at a computer screen for hours a day being programmed by it.


Thank you for your words here. I personally am able to justify my ongoing connection to this aspect of the system in the knowledge that it was the same system which led to my awakening. If it were not for all the wonderful people of the world making YouTube videos, I would still be trapped in the matrix.

As tools go, the internet seems to me to be the most effective at speeding up this process for lots of people. Though clearly there are always two sides to the coin. And it doesn't do much for our connection as you say. A healthy balance is the key.

I completely hear you relating to more time living the simple life with family and nature. This screen has drained me somewhat but my dream with Steemit is still to be able to create more freedom through it. It just may take longer than expected but I'm sticking with it for now.

Hope to see you checking in from time to time. All the best to you!

Thanks for this. I see why you are worried. It sucks to see something with such huge potential be threatened by fear and closed minds. I'd been thinking about Steemit's inflation / deflation model in relation to upvotes and flagging. Compared to you, my understanding of how it works is, I think, shallow. I am curious to hear what you think of the following idea:

Change the flag so it is a down-arrow sitting next to the up-arrow (upvote). Most importantly: Reduce the destructive power of a downvote and keep cost high to do it. I actually don't know what the result/cost ratio is. The result I'm seeking is more expensive downvoting while at the same time changing the perception around downvoting to be less "nuclear bomb" and more like a casual "this article was not for me."

Do you think that could help? Other ideas?


Sounds like a great idea to me! The only trouble is getting the idea implemented.

Not so easy when there are many whales in the high ranks of steemit inc currently enjoying their flagging power on the platform.

Your frankness is much appreciated. I did not realize vaccines were a taboo topic, VERY disappointed to hear that. You made the right choice... guess I best leave it at that.


From my perspective it isn't taboo at all, but there are some (who have loads of money) who disagree with me. So, they are currently doing their best to stop those speaking about it from earning anything.

I didn't specifically mention our mutual friend poor old Mr Angry. Though the way he was treated, I don't blame him for being angry!

So you don’t have to commute, pay for commuting, made $43+ in this post, and Steem is about to blow up to $10. Quit your crying beatch unfollow


haha! You're funny :)

Please don't unfollow me... i don't know what I will do without you ;)

Perhaps you are in support of the whales who get to choose which subjects we make money from?

Nice Sam, congrats for 71 reputation. I agree with you steemit, steemit give transform in my life


Thanks bro. You are one of the few who has been with me all the way 🙏🏻

It's taken me a little while to realise that all my Steemit income was coming from a tiny handful of people. Still beats YouTube$, and I think Steemit has a future, we are just very very early arrivals. Like all these things; vegan years before vegan was even called vegan, sungazing way before our time, and essentially it's not our job to force history to keep up with us pioneers. Many have lived & died before their message was fully understood, only to be loved later, by generations that followed after. Maybe they'll admit it when we're gone, let our spirits live on, in the lyrics that they hear in our song........ ; )


Sure does beat YouTube, though rather ironically a volcano film I posted a few days ago is fast approaching 50,000 views. I wonder if this will make me some wonga?

Love your lyrical words. Our song will sing on and on....


1M = $1K.... ish...

Look out for YouTube "accidentally" (de)selecting (un)monetized buttons, or not displaying any ads! Sometimes a video appears "monetized" but oooops, they forgot to display the ads, somewhere deep in yer settings, yah, "sorry" about that!


P.S. - I checked out your Volcano vid, it has no Pre-play Ads, and no Ads at the end. Only a banner around 10 seconds in.

Thanks for the info, man! Gives me a better idea of the landscape. But that doesn't really bother me at all actually. We live in a vibrational universe, right? The magic is in the vibration that we hold. ✌️


You are 100% right which is why it felt weird writing this kind of post... for the first time on steemit.

Just felt like it had to be said. And won't be saying it again.

All is well :)

I understand a lot of your issues... Steemit is becoming a circle-jerk fest. Whales upvoting themselves instead of valuable content, & starting this bot or that to game the system and pull even more profit out of the pool.

It's becoming a game of "who you know"... Having a large following means nothing. You could have 2 followers, post nothing but memes, and earn WAY more than someone who works their ass off to write interesting material, because it's all in who upvotes you.

The mass populace is never going to join up and stay here if these types of shenanigans continue...


Agreed. Doesn't bode we for the average person looking at steemit for the first time wondering if they should stay.

And yes, it's completely about who you know... and how far you are prepared to go in sticking to their agenda.

Hopefully in time this will change...

Thanks for being so honest about what is going on. Actually that makes me feel sad because now it just means we have to be very careful as to which subjects we write about. I think you and I have the same opinion on many subjects so I support you 100% but I agree that maybe it would be in your best interests right now not to post about that particular subject for a while until we figure out what to do. This platform should allow people to express their opinions openly and freely as long as its not offensive, rude or insulting to anyone in particular. That is the beauty about this, that even if I dont agree with you I have the right and freedom to comment on your post and express my opinion, but that does not give me the right to remove your rewards which you have received from people who obviously support you! Sad, but lets see what can be done to change this in the future. Keep up the great work, I, as well as many others love your posts and will keep on supporting you as best we can.


Thank you for your lovely words of support. As you say, let us see what the future holds and keep our fingers crossed :)

Thank you so very much for your candor regarding the state of Steemit at present. I regard your view as personal yet pervasive on the topic of voting and followers.
I sometimes wonder, if last month when there were so many problems with posting and voting if this wasn’t the point from the beginning as that was about the time when all of this mayhem began to happen.
Bloggers have dropped like flies, and just quit blogging all together. I too could go through my followers list and see that probably half of them no longer post. This saddens me greatly as many I miss very much. The content of their writing was something remarkable and yet we are left struggling with bots and greed. The future of Steemit seems short sighted, but not because the lack of genuinely brilliant ideas, but for lack of true managers that will not ask the community about their preferences and then abide by the majority. As usual money rules and the 80% go unnoticed. For your other investments I am greatful.
As for mine I have learned too little too late, sorry that I did not find this site months earlier.


I hear you loud and clear and certainly there is something not working quite right yet. But for now it is the best option out there which isn't Facebook and am so pleased to have made a bunch of friends who for now are sticking around :)

Let us see what the future holds and hope for the best.....


It is the best and so we march forward. Happily I might add. It is better than the alternative. Which was nonexistent. Be well. Enjoy!

Now this is a powerful post. Resteemed my friend. The points you've brought to light need to be and should be addressed or it's not as "free" a platform as described or being sold as. My hat's off to you for bringing it out in the open...............


Indeed. Not as free as I once thought. Though still the best alternative option for sure! :)

I agree. Steemit isn't what I thought it was when I first joined. OK, I can accept that. But Steemit also isn't what I thought it could be. At least, not yet. But I do feel firmly optimistic that it might get there. And that without the current challenges we're facing, we probably would not grow as a platform and community. We need to figure this out together, and I'm pretty sure we will.


I agree. In time it will be figured out because where there is a will there is a way. Especially when there are lots of us willing in the same direction ;)

I found your post resteemed by @dannyshine - have upvoted and followed you. This is an amazing post that should be read by all steemians @samstonehill


Thanks very much :) Danny is a personal friend who I took great pleasure in helping onto Steemit. Glad to hear he is resteeming me ;)

There is something strange going on here for sure but that's not to say this platform doesn't still have so much potential for greatness...


I agree @samstonehill - I'm trying to power up with my blogs now. I believe there is potential in Steemit

Hi @samstonehill
Wow i really feel some form of relief knowinh that someone with a reputation as high as yours also have this challenges similar to mine!
I also do feel bad knowing my upvotes only come from just a particular set of people it makes me feel like my efforts are wasted, even when i get the votes i still feel account is less visible and those votes i get are out of familiarity.
Not like i feel like i don't deserve those upvotes i have confidence in my work, but i always wished for so other level of attention.
Thanks for this post.


thanks for your integrity. what you describe is a fact. I have seen this a few times now and by jan 2018, I will go back writing for my website blog first, and have one weekly update on steemit.


I do believe the value of steem will rise in time and each post will have a higher value. In fact, steem appears to be on the rise even now... so the future is looking bright.

Though this still doesn't solve our little whale problem.


Pleasure to provide. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

I do believe there are good times ahead for all :)

I am new to this whole paradigm shift. My jaw dropped. I will have to reread this post and meditate. I began mining crypto march 2017. I have barely survived a severe downgrade in life due to disability and unfortunate events. This post i find to be very important. Thank you.


Without question this is the place to learn about the ongoing monetary shift. And if u put in the time it is also the place to earn crypto whilst engaging with some great people. Wish you all the best and hope you stick around here :)



I think the perception needs to be changed. Instead of full time be a part timer while doing your exercise regularly, maintain your health condition neatly and breathe some fresh air near the plants will refresh your mind. This will keep you energetic and will give you fresh ideas. In that way you will be active on what ever work you are doing. Sitting infront of blue screen will not do any help to you. So better change your perception and then try for one or two months, then the positive results will follow.


My need for money unfortunately outweighs my need for body movement. There is very little time in the day left after all my computer related jobs have been done.

But I do appreciate your advice.

congratulations on the 71 rep , it seems that up to 50 is pretty easy to do but after that it slows down .
to the part where you please the whales with your creations or follow your hart why not do both create a 2nd account works for me , i made 3 accounts @bokeh @macrophotography and my main @stresskiller i can post all i want on the main but will only post and share topic related on the other 2 accounts .


Yeah, I had similar ideas at the beginning but ultimately found it too time consuming posting from multiple accounts. These days I just have two. This one and one for my film work @samstonehilltube connecting up with DTube.

gd post


Great work sir @samstonehill I appreciate your post 👌👍


Thanks for reply

Wat a nice post sir.


We are all here before the masses show up. Next year is the pivotal point where we see the mass adoption start to happen. Let’s see where we are in two years. I think with the success @dan is having with EOS is going to lead many people to check out his other projects like steem and DEX
I feel for your flustered feelings about those who disagree with your beliefs makes me feel sorry for them. Keep your head high and keep on posting. We will all be here with you.

Great post - I fully agree with all that, and know I have avoided posting on several subjects - vaccines being a big one - for that same reason - but having said that there are whales who are aware and supportive too.

It would be hard to make a living on Steemit and I admire you greatly for having nearly done so.


Thank you my friend. I still have plenty of hope for the future :)

Congrats on reaching level 71 and I really hope that volcano behaves! Thanks for sharing your insights on Steemit...I hate the people who downvote simply because they have a different view point.


For now volcano is behaving well. The ash cloud seems less intense today :)

And the wind is blowing the ash away from the island :)

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 16.27.20.png


That is good news!!! I hope it settles down and people can return home.

UPvoted, resteemed. Well done with 71. Fear of being bullied? Hmmm... doesn't sound like my bruva!



Thanks bro x

Glad to see you and family are far enough away from that volcano. I have a feeling things will get better on the Steemit front.


I believe that too. Thank you for your optimism :)

I appreciate your thoughts. Congrats on reaching lvl 71. I've only been here 2 months, so I can only hope for that right now. Hope you can keep supporting yourself with Steem too. As a dude barely making endsmeat here in Japan, I'd love that too

The recent downvoting drama is alarming. I hope the community figures out how to handle this. I keep reading posts about a needed hard fork, but I'm afraid I don't yet understand Steem enough to fully understand what a hard fork would mean to Steemit.

I like your writing and try to follow everything you post, but with 2 kids and a full time job I barely have enough time to post the two posts I try to do every day, so it's tricky keeping up with everyone I follow. But I try!

Anyway, keep up the great work man, and I wish you the best.


I know what you mean about the time constraints of two kids and a job. I am currently paying my rent in exchange for film work. So, whilst steemit is my income, I must still work during the day on other things. And with my desire to spend time with the family, there isn't much time left for steemit.

Good times are ahead though I do believe. Even now steem value appears to be on the up again :)

Thanks for your support.

I can understand you very well what you say @samstonehill. Personally steemit is helping me in many ways and that I could express it in my last publication, a moment ago eliminate almost 400 users and many of them inactive, some with quality content but no strong votes, no doubt the page has changed a lot In these months and it is still too early to ensure its future, let's hope that everything evolves well. Greetings excellent post.


Thanks my friend. Am keeping my fingers crossed for the future ;)

Great work Sam


Thank you Manny for always popping up here ;)


That's what friends are for to read and enjoy other people's posts and to provide support

Thank you, that is very good post. You are my example :-).


Thanks for following my friend!

I agree and I'm now at 2000+ followers and my posts are doing horrible. Steemit never reached the level I had hoped it would and I would have brought on a ton of new people tat have large followings but without whale support it's not possible. And for what reason I don't know I seem to have lost almost all of my support.

I got a small taste of good payouts when Whaleshares was paying me to run the contest I was running. Then the Whaleshares crew screwed me out of 3000 WS and stopped talking to me when they were the ones that recruited me and offered to pay me. They never even told me to stop doing the contest.

Steem does not look like it's ever going to go anywhere, and payouts are far too small and not recurring in-spite of our content staying up.

The good part for me was that I made some money and put it all into crypto and I'm trading crypto now. So I can make more money with less work than Steemit or photography.

I put a lot of time and energy into my work and was shooting just for steemit for awhile. Now it really does not pay and when my last post celebrating 2000+ followers has made less than $10. I can't take Steemit seriously anymore.

PS: Sadly I was not here for the big payout in the beginning.


Hey bro. Great to see you here. Though sorry to hear you about your whaleshares experience and the 2000+ followers not doing much for you.

Do you remember when we focused on the value of Steem rising using LOA? Perhaps we should do that again???!!! Worked pretty good last time.

If I am reading things right we are due for a price jump when Smart Media Tokens launch. It is a solid idea bringing the blockchain to non steemit bloggers. Could be HUGE for Steem.

Give it some time. In the big scheme of things we are still the early adopters.

Thanks for the info. I hope to get the attention of the whales and i manage to get a few over this one month i started. keep finding passion and inspiration and also dig deep into your imagination!!!


Amazing that you had the courage to speak out Sam!

We must realize that nothing in this world is perfect and we have to adjust our lifestyle accordingly.

Please do update us all on the volcano as much as you can, you are doing great things with Steem and we all love you for it 🤗

Brother, I am very poor, please Upvote me day, please continue reading my reading from here please

I am sorry you feel your rewards may be coming to an end. I always enjoy reading your work and you have been a mentor to me as I go along. I fully agree with your list of pros. Cons too, but I haven't reached your level of reputation here, so I can't fully commit to that list/experience.


I'm far from done with the trying side of things! Just anticipating the future based on current trend.

But all things could change in a moment ;)

viewed, voted, commented, and re-steemed ...

anyone follows me i'll follow back within a few days


Thanks bro. But you really must stop saying the same thing under people's posts. Doesn't feel very authentic.


i appreciate the concern but i dont think i 'must' anything and here is why (i had to keep repeating the explanation)


those 5 out of 100.000 faggots make it not worth my while but in the mean time i do have 104 followers (of today) i.o. 10 so my re-steems reach further, if those retards would stop stalking me my votes would earn you more and maybe, id feel like spending more than 5 minutes and actually saying something :)

you're welcome


You're very right. Must was the wrong word. I apologise for that. Nothing you must do except be yourself :)


All good, i don't care too much for steemit the way it is. I'm quite sure a clone will pop up that prevents 1% ers from dictating opinion. The way it is now its a platform built for people who already have money to make money and for the rest to not say what they really want but desperately seek what they think the plebs wants to hear in fear of being crushed by obese trolls from far away behind a screen. Where i'm from its called sucking dick and thats a bedroom thing, otherwise it's a bad thing. So i just stay on and do my 5 minutes a day in case someone comes up with an alternative i'm sure here is the first place to hear about it. Just a block button is all it needs. You block the fat dykes and faggots and basement nurds from ruling their miniverse and you allow diverse smaller sub-communities within a bigger "steemiverse" its as simple as that. Otherwise i think there already was an attempt at ein volk ein reich ein opinion sometime ago and it kinda failed too but the collateral damage is clear until today, specially today (so i got lots to say, but not here where its moderated xD) good luck mister Underhill .. Samgee Wisegam. May the flow be with you

Any time you are providing some sort of work for an income (and that includes posting on steemit) then you have to please those providing the income. Steemit is a great censorship resistant platform...but only if you don't care about the money aspect. Otherwise you'll find that you are censoring yourself. While steemit isn't perfect, it's hard to imagine significant ways to improve the way the system works. Upvotes are responsible for distribution of steem and bigger stakeholders have more say. Having it any other way wouldn't make sense and would probably lead to complete failure of the platform. The only possible counter to a few huge whales having too much power is more users...many more users.


I am reading 6744 posts on your main page... that is definitely WELL earned... you deserve it :)

I dont think I will hang on to steemit after new year, I have seen a few disturbing things and as a voluntarist, I must take it up to another /higher level.

Please support for comments and analysts

I agree completely! As a new user I was excited to see what steemit had to offer. I recently started posting regular original content and after less than a week i have had my reputation destroyed by a whale who flagged everything I have posted including comments, simply for liking my own posts (which I have now learned is a big no no). It's now so low I cannot even post any more content to try and claw myself back from the dead. I have no choice but to start a new account or simply leave which is sad :(