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RE: Humanity Is The Brother Next To You! (My Gift To Humanity). Read My Comment Response To #untalented (Who Am I?) Part 1. (A Repository For Steemians' Legacies)

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I’ve really drawn huge inspirations from these your acts of kindness. I’m really borrowing a leaf from you; at least, to show kindness to my fellow steemians. I’m happy to say We’ve started from S.I.N (Steemit in Nigeria), and We hope to break boundaries beyond Nigeria.
God bless you @surpassinggoogle


Please do.

I've already started. By God's grace, I've made a couple of donation post for the course of S.I.N. And it feels so good. Like I've always said: Our humanity should be embedded in our magnanimity in extremity, so that our legacy will become a sweet delicacy