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RE: Steemit Update

in #steemit3 years ago

Now this is a relief for me! Finally I can stop hyperventilating! News from home base!!! Still Kickin and alive! Good to read that you are working hard with the team in the background!


yeah, but "kickin'"the can down the road, or actually kicking ass ?!?!?! who knows

Because I am a positive guy, I choose to believe in the best scenario for now

that's nice,,, but things haven't been too positive over the past 10 months, and just look at the ongoing headaches people have just to try to sign-up and use STEEM blockchain.

True, but not everything was foreseen in advance. and while things weren't as positive as expected over the past 10 months, I expect that we all can see quite quickly some results now from this team. They have to

... they or others

or others

Believe? Ohh boy, have a cigar!!!

I really do believe in cigars though!

"by the way, which one's Pink?"