Profile Update - 500 Follower Milestone, My Activity on Steemit, and a Steemgig!

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A couple of days ago I passed a huge milestone:

500 followers on Steemit!

It's great to see that people have interest in what I write and post about, which is mostly about liberty and anarchy. I also write the occasional post about cryptocurrencies such as Gulden or Steem.

To celebrate this occasion, I took a look at Spectacles for Steemit to see who are my most loyal followers. A BIG THANK YOU TO:

Of course, these are only the first 25 people that are on the list. So, if you check in regularly as well, but you aren't on the list, a big thank you to you as well!

My Activity on Steemit

I haven't been as active on Steemit since the new semester began. My studies take more time than expected, so I have less time to write larger posts. However, I try to be as active as possible. I've started sharing some videos that interest me and uploaded them to Dtube. This way I hope to get more people to talk about liberty-related topics.

I also try to read and interact with other people's posts more. Luckily this doesn't take as much time, so I'm still on Steemit often. Lately, I've interacted a lot on and Discord as well. If you're interested in discussing liberty, check out the following channels:

These channels have their own communities with very nice and welcoming people, so don't hesitate to join them and say hi!

Steemgig is still on!

At the end of every post on Steemit, I include a cool banner (see below). If you want a cool banner for your own profile, let me know! Just click THIS LINK to find all the details about the steemgig. There you will also find more samples of banner that I've already made for some fellow Steemians.

This is all for now. Thanks for reading and, again, a huge thank you to all of you who read my posts, upvote them, and engage with me here on Steemit. Until next time!

--> Click here if you want a cool banner like mine!

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--> Join the Gold and Black Liberty Discord server here:


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Nice moving right along :) Congrats on the 500 followers and for giving recognition to your key followers as well.

Thanks mate!

Dang! I can't believe I didn't make your top 25! I thought I would be there for sure! I'll have to work harder. :)

Thanks for the shoutout for the Libertarian Chat Channel on Steemit! I rarely find my stories from the front page of Steemit anymore. I really rely on the stories which our friends share on the chat channel to find a majority of the posts I read.

Congratulations on your success! It is evident with your 500 followers milestone!

Thanks Rich! I think the list is ranked on interaction frequency so I'm sure you'll get on there soon :)

Congratulations, friend! Your posts are well researched, written, and formatted, so the success is well deserved.

Thanks friend!

Congratulations on reaching 500 followers! Now it's time to turn them into 1000. I am still working on trying to get at leaSt 100! I've up voted and commented on your post here also I've made suRe to follow you.

Lekker bezig! Ik wil je graag uitnodigen op de gezelligste nederlandse steemit discord groep:

The Lions Legion !

Zit ik al lang in man ;-) Maar bedankt voor de uitnodiging haha

Hmmm....niet goed gekeken denk ik.....😂