Hi @roundbeargames
Thank you very much. May your goodness, which you give will multiply.
And we remain always compact and solid.

oh yes thank you. let's hope it does multiply 😄
minnows help minnows!

This is wonderful work dear.
I like your work and support also.
You alwys stay with us and be happy in your life.

I do not receive. but thanks friend

i'm sorry friend but you were 3 votes short. i do appreciate your support but for this post a line had to be drawn somewhere. also pls understand that this will not be my only way of supporting you. i'll figure out other ways as well :)

Here! A venezuelan follower ;)

hello @skullangs! thanks for letting me know. i can't give more than someone who's been more supportive so i hope you understand me trying to be reasonable. maybe later i'll do it more often and we can grow and hopefully increase the number 😃

there was a small error. you should've been included. i did it manually :)

It's okay. Thank you so much. It's always a pleasure seeing your posts ;) keep it up

Thank you for your generosity :)

thanks for coming! 😃 i'm only giving back what i received.

Thank you so much dear....I recive also sbd..You are really amazing parson....☺☺💜💜

thank you @niharikalove! you've been the biggest supporter.
let's hope we grow and increase the numbers 👍

thanks a lot @roundbeargames, no matter how small you give it already feel more for me. good luck with you always ..

thanks! hopefully it'll be a little bigger later on 😆

I know I'll be on your list soon. Due to internet problems I can only be here for a short time, but I am always attentive to your publications. I thank you for the help you give to my Venezuelan countrymen, it is very important for us, Happy day for you! ;)

@unataldani thank you for your patience. all i can do is try to be fair and hope to help more people with higher numbers in the future. we just gotta help each other as much as possible. have a great day 😃

looks like there was some glitch in the code. i've fixed it now. you should've been included :)

You are very kind!! Thanks for that. I wish you a great day as always :)

Thanks @rounbeargames always sharing..
Although for you little but very big for me .. Successful success and success continue for you .. 😊

thanks for coming @maryamalda
i hope it helps and we continue to grow 😺

You are welcome....
It really helps once @rounbeargames...😊

Who has a heart as big as @roundbeargames'? Very few if any at all! I wish you'd use the SBD allocated to go to me to spread to those who may need it more at this time! Thank you for doing this brother, this is great.

what can i say..
the heart of a bear man :)
we'll talk more on discord.

Thank you @roundbeargames although little but very meaningful to me, you are kind...God bless you 😊,succes for you,,you are the best person I have ever met...😘😊

well it's more like giving you what should be yours, maybe less so about kindness 😃

Thank you very much☺

Good morning my friend, thank you very very much!!! this is a big gift
Have a beautiful day! :)

thanks for coming! i'm glad you see it that way. have a great day :)

I recived sbd. thank you so much friend....

it only means i appreciate your support 😃
it's a small amount but let's hope we grow.

Thank you so much friend for stand with us..

@shuvo39 thanks for your support. i'm sorry you were one upvote short but a line had to be drawn somewhere. i'll continue to support you back in whatever other ways possible.

I Wake up in the morning. Opening a My steam account and see your gift. You're my actually a very good friend . Although the amount of sbd is less, but much more to me. Thank you very much

Thanks again my best friend ... @roundbeargames

thank you. i'm glad you like it. enjoy your morning :)

I do not see your friend at steemit. your really a good man and also my good good friend :)

which friend are you talking about?
thanks for coming anyways 😺

Thank you very much. alaws support my dear friend.......... i love you.

thanks man. let's hope we grow 👊

wow I got it friend. you r really my good friend

a small gift to thank you for your support 😌

24 sent . This is my biggest find. Thanks dear.......... love you

well SBD is your friend. what can i say 😄

wow thanks dear............ many many thanks

enjoy :) and have a good day

it's small amount. but it's Too much sbd for me.. thanks dear @roundbeargames

let's hope we can increase that number 😺

I am your good friend. I deprecated your gift। :(
but it's ok. I am always with you......... thanks for your supporte

another mistake! done manually 😃

@roundbeargames i cant wait for you to be the whale i want, with that, you will definitely touch greater lives. I am really pleased what you gave me. So much appreciated it, thanks

haha @tfame3865 i'm grateful. i dunno about being a whale but let's continue to grow man. thanks.

Thanks for your SBD . i love you dear

i love you too :)

Gracias @roundbeargames por el apoyo a todos en especial a los Venezolanos. Saludos y Bendiciones que continues con tu crecimiento dentro de la comunidad "Steemit"

thanks @franciscana23. i'm only returning the favor. it's very small, but let's hope we can increase the number in the future 😺

I recive sbd. Thank you so much dear.... @roundbeargames

too many sumons! unless these are all independent accounts i'll focus down on @sumonpra from this point. hope you don't mind :)

thanks @roundbeargames

you are really a good friend, thank you for sending SBD to me and my friends Steemian, I am very happy to receive it 🤗
hope you are always successful

you're a great supporter. thank you.

Thanks for the gift mate :)

you're welcome mate! 👍

wonderful concept but sad that I am not here... I was sick that's why I can't continue :( but hope so in your nest list there will be my name also ;) @roundbeargames

you're there @evananisa what are you talking about :)

Little and much of it Something gifted with the sincerity of a Noble Heart that we receive, do not forget and be grateful for what has been received. and thank the person who has given.
@roundbeargames thanks for his consideration and sincerity.

@aacr07 i'm grateful for your support. thanks.

thank you my broo, love you so much @roundbeargames

😃 i love you too

Hello friend, thank you very much today I got your gift. That's I am very happy. I will always be with you and your support is always hopeful and I will always follow Thank you

i'm happy that you're happy. we shall support each other 👊


no matter how small, i hope it does help. especially in venezuela. fuck the government :)

thank you brother, god bless you, we will continue fighting for a better life and I hope to continue counting on you, greeting

amigo agradecido de corazon por este bonito gesto hacia los venezolanos, de verdad no tengo palabras para agradecer ,mil bendiciones y que siga progresando en esta comunidad para el bien de todos,saludos roundbeargames amigo

i hate all governments. south korea, north korea, venezuela. they all look the same to me. i wish you guys luck 😌

Thank you very much. Success for you ..!

i thank you for your support 😌

thank you for your support friend, although I did not appear on your list but you have always been helping me, thanks for giving us so much support to the Venezuelans

i'm sorry but i know you've always been supportive. i had to draw the line, minimum of 8 votes. but this will not be my only giveaway. and i'll try to come up with other ways to help as well :)
thanks for coming here.

Thanks for the support you give to all Venezuelans, dear friend, you have always been, I feel sad because I did not appear in this list
Happy day

thank you @betaniaj. i know you've been supportive. only i had to come up with a number, minimum 8 votes. there'll be more later on, so pls don't be too sad 😆
i'm sorry about this one, but i'm constantly trying to come up with other methods too. have a great day.

bro thank you for your support and with all Venezuelans

thank you. i'm only returning what i received 😃

thank you for paying attention to me, have sent me some sbd, this is the first i receive it in large quantity.


i'm happy that you see it that way. let's hope we grow and increase the numbers 😎

Thank you friend for the Venezuelans help us, since we are happening for a very big crisis and thanks to this platform and persons as you who helps us is that we obtain to buy of eating . Friend possesses my support and have a happy day and successes. Forgive if there are words badly above mentioned or incoherent meanings, since I do not speak English and alone I use a translator to be able to understand what they write and what I am going to write friend.

yes it's a big crisis. i can only watch photos and videos so i can't fully understand. but i hope it helps.
i also hate governments :) so why not use SBD instead of their bullshit currency.

Good work boss . I like it

Thank brother @roundbeargame this is the second time I get a gift from you. thank you and best wishes for you and your family, may always be successful

i'm glad it's your second time 👊
it only means you've been very supportive and i'm returning the favor. have a good day.

Great friend, this is something unique.

thanks friend. i'm trying to think of other ways too.

thank you for that gift my friend, I'm glad not only for the sbd but for the gesture of doing it I do not think anyone is doing something like that, all Minnows have to make you a whale, I hope the day comes when I can send you gifts to you 😉👍

😄 i dunno about being a whale but clearly minnows should help each other. we have no other choice. and i hope the day would come!

Grateful to appear on your list, much success bro!

hey man. good to see you here. successes to you too 👍

Hello friend, I am very happy to belong to your list. The truth is I've been somewhat removed from steemit, because my career is consuming me a lot of my time. But every time I can I try to be aware of your post dear friend. I hope you have a nice day.

thanks friend. we all gotta do what we gotta do to survive. i'm happy that you're spending your valuable time on my pages. if you're too busy that's still fine. as long as steem is here to stay and we continue to share stuff it's all good. have a great day 😺

that's a really good gesture and also has many aspects. You give what you can to a lot of people, thanking them in a way and at the same time it's like you say '' keep interacting'' not only with you but with each other in this platform!

Thank you very very much! This is really important for me and I appreciate your support! I wish you all the best!

Thanks Again
Yea, you got me there, i rarely leave comments here in the last days, or more like i am very inactive to say the least, but like i said some other time i made sure you get my votes, because i like indie-devs and you are a great Person.

Maybe someday i will again, post some nice looking Pictures of Natures beauty to carve them into the Blockchain for eternity. I made quite a lot of these with my dang old damaged but still working S3 Mini... Soon i may have my Paw's on the LG G5 and make super awesome to the max Pictures of the Nature, i think.

Thanks for your Support and have a great productive Weekend

haha it's not my intention to get anybody :)
so yes it's more like a thank you for your votes. for now i'm simply giving back what i received.
my latest indie game project has been scrapped but i'm planning to make a new one soon.
again, thanks for spending your time here.

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