Reframing Web 3.0: Is Steemit Destined To Lead The Demise Of Social Media...?

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What is Steemit?

In answering this question, I've often used whipped out something that I think people could related to, like, "it's a cryptocurrency-backed social media platform."

Though if we dig into the details - and details are important - that is inaccurate.

What IS social media?

We've become so immersed in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the whole social media world, that we haven't really even thought too deeply about what social media is. Which is fine. Though moving forward into a new era of Web 3.0 as blockchain technology becomes integrated into emerging economic and collaborative models, it's a key distinction to make.

In Blockchain Revolution - a book I'll continue to highly recommend reading - Don & Alex Tapscott speak of the three waves of the internet. The first was the Internet itself. Second was social media + mobile phones. Third is blockchain. Right off that bat there - blockchain is a different ballgame than social media. Let's look at the definition of "media" to clarify why:

the main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet), regarded collectively.

We're all familiar with the "mass media." The "press." TV. Radio. Magazines. Various publications and outlets birthed in the last century's model of getting information to mass populations and competing for their attention.

Steemit is different.

In one sense, it is a means of communication, broadcasting, publishing. But in a sense that is distinctly different than conventional media which is much more one-directional in the transmission of information - versus a platform such as this which is collaboratively engaging.

Yes, we can still publish content as we would on other social media sites. But there is an inherent cultural protocol in this community that fosters thoughtful engagement to a different degree than mere comments on a status update. On the surface, it could be looked at as the same. But we all know and sense there are dynamics at play here that differentiate the platform - much which can be attested to both the reputation system and voting/rewards mechanisms...

On social media, everyone is free to shout their opinions and criticisms of content without consequences. You know the heated debates, trolls, and hateful attacks that take place in Facebook's comment threads - people displaying their absolute worst to the world, feeling justified in asserting their superior viewpoints and showing utter disrespect for anyone who opposes. And perhaps such is a consequence of media, as people come across information that conflicts with their beliefs...

Here, trolling is innately discouraged, given people know there is a consequence. The dynamics have been established with the reputation system such that conditions are in place to foster constructive community dialogue, and anyone who shows blatant disrespect for the community and its values of respect and contribution of value receive an impactful penalty for participating in disrespectful and inappropriate ways. This dynamic alone sets the platform far apart from any form of traditional "social media," as it no longer becomes about simply sharing and commenting on content, but participating in a shared space in which value-driven engagement is encouraged through a protocol designed to enrich the community with QUALITY content members see worthy of rewarding directly for its addition to the value of the site - versus social media, where the economic "value" is determined by what generates attention for advertisers, irregardless of it's actually shit content making users stupider.

Secondly, with the rewards/voting system in place on Steemit - it is no longer a one-way street of broadcasting content. Rather, each story posted becomes a collaborative process through curators' voting to determine which of the content brought to the site is worthy of being raised to the attention of members.

Facebook may have its feeble feedback mechanism of Likes (and now hearts, laughing, and angry faces) - which again, might serve Facebook's priorities of algorithmically determining what content is valuable to its advertisers - media companies being in business solely due to the advertisers who pay them. Yet, a voting system like Steemit has implemented is a completely different ballgame - it is not just media integrated with a popularity contest - it is, moreless a democratic collaborative playground.

In the world of social media, there are shareholders and users - users existing to generate profit for shareholders.

On Steemit, there are stakeholders. Period. Users contribute to benefit the whole. Not advertisers. Not shareholders. Content creators have the economic incentive to produce QUALITY content. And content curators have the economic incentive to ensure the content coming to the attention of users is valuable to users.

These are very significant differences.

Of course, those of us who've been here from the start, or who have really immersed ourselves in this game have increasingly seen the power in an innovative collaborative model like Steemit is experimenting with. However, it may be important to keep these outlooks at the forefront as we continue sharing this platform with others and new members arrive, wondering what this whole thing is.

Yes, we could use the comparison to "social media" in attempting to explain what Steemit is. But we would not be doing anyone justice by lazily resorting to such a simple description, when the underlying dynamics such as those detailed above hold profound implications for separating the platform apart from Web 2.0 models and are key to understanding where we are heading in the blockchain revolution as it transforms the nature of our collaborations and economic flows.

Tying back to a Luke Mason quote pulled out for the Bridging The Gap To Web 3.0: Authoring Narratives To Accelerate The Blockchain Revolution post made a few days ago:

"If you guys really want to build web 3.0, you need to build a new language that doesn't hide the differences, but instead aims to expose the difference in how this technology functions and operates. You should embrace, encourage, and most of all, engineer difference."

While he was talking about Ethereum, this outlook holds just as true for Steemit.

Steemit is not just a social media platform.

If anything, it might be a catalyst to transform social media as we know it.

While projects like Synereo, Akasha, and Yours are following in the footsteps, planning their own unique approaches to integrate "social media" and cryptocurrency, Steemit has made leaps and strides in its leadership in the Web 3.0 space.

Steemit is changing the game.

And as such, we owe it the decency to upgrade our language that powerfully communicates its differences.

To truly best serve this community and movement, we should embrace, encourage, and engineer difference in the ways not only this platform operates, but in the ways we view and explain this technology, ecosystem, and collaborative model to others.

We are on the leading edge.

Let's act like it - kicking the old "social media" definitions off the edge, creating innovative narratives and writing consciously to open the gates to this exciting new world we're entering without the confusion of comparisons against outdated models clouding our perception of what possibilities are to come.

Giddy up... ;-)

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I think steemit is a source of unconditional love and an ever growing society that will sooner or later be mainstream.
There are no downsides to the platform and you don't need to invest anything to participate in it.


Not a source, WE'RE the source, Steemit's the venue for our positivity. It's only that good, but it IS that good.
I didn't witness its start with the high proportion of crap content last year (that much was posted about we can still read); LO AND BEHOLD! The designers, having designed in certain algorithms, and it self-corrected and -selected for quality, and HF19 looks like it's an inflection point of the curve towards a better human, maybe even trans-human, community. I'm 'borged now, and better for it.


The value is entirely generated by the users. I've been trying to explain this to other prospects I'm selling Steemit to. The natural reaction, from people getting scammed so often, is to think that the short-hand pitch mentioned in the above post ("it's a cryptocurrency-backed social media platform.") sounds like some sort of multi-level-marketing. However, the value is based purely on the demand for Steem itself - it isn't paid out by an entity that could be lying to you or go bankrupt, it's a free-floating (though admittedly volatile) price set by a real market.

Real market...refreshing to see one of those every so often.

Steem certainly shows the power a web3 stack will allow for users and developers.

Growth in the web3 stack is going to explode just as web2 tech allowed dynamic content to take off. Steem will just be a speck of dust on a fabric of innovation. Not that that is a bad thing. Look at the progression from myspace to Facebook.

Steemit is a social media platform - until they rebrand themselves.

Steem - the blockchain - can be much more. Powering an attention economy that allows users to self fund the services they have grown to love from Facebook and other big name players.

Thanks for a great post. As a new user of Steemit and a long time user of Facebook and Instagram I've noticed the feel, energy and quality of content are completely different. FB particularly comes across as a superficial commercial shallow platform now that's lacking creativity. There's a lot of smart forward thinking here on Steemit and it really does feel like a new world. I'm excited to be here and to be expanding my personal horizons with it. And please keep recommending Blockchain Revolution... it's an incredible book when your new to crypto and the potential of what the blockchain is capable of. Thanks again and hope you're having a great day!


I think you have put a description to the way I've been feeling about facebook for a while now. I've pretty much lost my desire to go to facebook lately. I still do, a lot of my extended family are on there, and there's a few interesting groups that I follow there, but that has become most of my reason to go there now.

Steemit already rocking and will grow more in future. Thanks for the insight

Informative and entertaining, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. We should be thinking of building on the platform and not that it would cause the demise of other social media. We live in irrational world, things that benefit us the most we often reject it. It's important that the developers keep engage with the users and continually adapt and evolve. So lets always remind ourselves of the Darwinian view, may Steemit be the fittest of them all. May steemit continue to attract users and investors. May steemit continue to attract developers that can continue to keep the imagination of its users. May the team leading it continue to grow from strength to strength. My two cents.


Haha... I knew there was gonna be someone who got stuck on a literal interpretation of the headline...

Steemit is Socioeconomic Media. It's like the early days of the internet, when people had no frame of reference for what it was. But people are catching on.

And the trolls and others who can't play nice end up leaving in a huff. No worries though, they still have Facebook to troll and rant on. Actually, we need to have those other sites around so they have some place to go do what they do.

I hope so. I've always found Twitter utterly pointless, Facebook has had it's time and I use it less these days, posting the odd bit of humour and nothing else. I think Linkedin still has a place, especially if you run a business. YouTube just doesn't deliver the content that you want to watch anymore, since they changed the algorithms. Just like MySpace, a great many social media platforms are destined to die off. Hopefully a user owned and led platform such as Steemit will benefit. I'm new here but I have high hopes.


I use LinkedIn and Youtube and nothing else in the mainstream.

Thanks for this philosophy, as a new minnow here, swimming in every direction at the same time. Its nice to hear a voice of reason. to me steemit is just like the original internet, right at html time. people making pages about there interests and others sharing those interests swinging by, maybe dropping a thank you email at the creator. Long before commercial interest buried those pages so deep you couldn't find them anymore.
Your right, this is a fresh start for us.
I'm very happy to be part of it :-)

Steem on my friends !

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Steemit is not just a social media platform

If I'm allowed to quote from this post, yes; absolutely. It's not just the social media. I believe it's the pioneer to that road. That mission.

Yeah, we have other platform coming and chasing down the road of steemit.

I guess I like that idea. We live in the Society; we should have a choice and individual preferences (Facebook vs. intragram for instance). So, I like the way it's headed.
But, being said that, Steemit is far way from other guys who are trying to even get to the beginning of the competition (if we call it so).
But, it's changing the game for sure.

Other day I read, Synereo is ready with the alpha version of their product. Did you read anything on this?


Last I looked at what Synereo was up to, I wasn't resonating with the look of their prototype.

I did invest during the ICO, sold at a big loss because they weren't following through, there were rumors about conflict on the team, and they were failing to deliver what they'd been planning.

I'm not sure where they're totally at now, though haven't been vibing with their position. all seemed too theoretical and philosophical for my taste without the solid entrepreneurship skills and decisiveness to ground into action and get rolling. will see how that rolls out, though haven't been following closely enough to comment much...


Their first product "Qrator" is in alpha. This is quite an old article though.
But, I was reading something in bitcointalk yesterday, there they mentioned it's coming in beta soon.
I'm sure you will have an eye for sure.
On an other note, Often times, I find, you choose certain topics which are quite the different than others (not, I'm not joking), like this one.
I will look for another post. @rok-sivante style :P


They are releasing their first beta sometime this month. They have expanded their team and I have their alpha running on my laptop so I know its real. To really know what is going on you need to go in the slack channel.


They are coming out with a public beta release this month.

Thanks for the informative article. It clarifies a few things that were a bit fuzzy for me. I know very little about the technology of blockchain and crypto. I came to the steemit site to check it out because of a recommendation from someone on youtube, and found it interesting enough to get involved.


get a copy of Blockchain Revolution by Don & Alex Tapscott - it'll catch you up to speed quick... ;-)

Every time I use Steemit I always have this feeling that this is going to be one of the best decisions I have ever made...I am glad I joined when Steem was $0.10


T'was undoubtedly one of the biggest life-changing decisions I've ever made... :-)


Steem on friend...steem on! :)

Steemit is my chance to redeem myself when I didn't buy BITCOIN when it was $5.00. Now to be fair on myself I only saw it being used on the Onion network and I didn't even know how to purchase it.


You might wanna check out Bitshares too:

And EOS when it releases, too.

All 3 built by Dan Larimer. Power trio.

Very meaningful article. Following you now. Keep up the good work.

All the fears are becoming true. We are now more completely interfaced with technology than ever. Less and less of a spectator sport more and more of participation sport. Cyborgs unite. 3009431-0835176222-cybor.jpg

Yes I believe Steemit is the future is social media, which is why now is the best time to join, before the masses pile in here

Well, YOU certainly saved me a lot of work coming up with this stellar post, @rok-sivante, but goshdarn it, now I'm REALLY going to have to work up a good post to generate any value...
Kitten meme? Googly-eyed kid? I dunno, it's all so complicated now...


endless topics to explore. simplify... ;-)

Thanks for putting it into words... I'm new to Steem and it's hard to explain to some of my friends who are looking for more than facebook. Good content wins! I've always told friends that your real vote is what you spend your money on. Steem is a perfect example!

Thanks for sharing
Steemit "...Something more Powerful..!!" than social media
I withdraw 51 SBD after 2 weeks of acivity
Have a great day


And at the current market SBD rate, that'll be more around $100... :-)


Thanks for reply
Yes I changed by blocktrader to My visa debit card ( bitcoin )
I put snaphot in this post, the rate around $2

I hope it is.....I also like what I see with Singular DTV

Thank you, rok-sivante, this is a post to save and refer back to when sharing Steemit with others.
It is such a no-brainer for me to be on Steemit, but it isn't yet for others "out there", who are still living in the old-paradigm (social media) world. A thought that something like Steemit could exist, doesn't even compute.
The more ways we have to explain it to them, the better. Thank you!


your welcome. share away... ;-)