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RE: Steem's Music Evolution: Platforms And Possibilities For Steemian Producers, Musicians, And Artists...?

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I’m a producer. Not a singer/rapper.

Making just instrumentals is kind of boring. Collaborating with other artists is difficult, networking, negotiating, finding someone with the right voice for a track, writing lyrics, recording, etc.

Remixes = easy. And fun.

And as a DJ, I can safely say great remixes ROCK. It’s always cool to hear a fresh version of a loved song, hearing a new take.

And from the artist side, someone who’s made a song that hasn’t had alot of success opens themselves up to new possibilities with remixes.

Maybe an original track is just okay. however, a great remix of the same track could gain a lot more traction and bring attention to the artist that never would’ve come with the original track.


Thanks on the reply @rok-sivante. All good points. Ok..I get it now :)