Closed my Facebook Page Permanently Today. We all need to take a Stand.

in #steemit2 years ago

I closed my Facebook Page today. I believe it is time to commit fully and burn the bridge behind us. Here is to the future. :)

I Also Thanks To My Existence Supporter Who Upvote Me And Support Me @simonhbosch @normbond @nagavolu @jenpyne
And I Encourage You To Support Them!


Yeah Screw FaceBook - Ive never 'signed up' to their rediculous self centred policies and do not have an account - I am glad...
Data mining, harvesting and information has gone too far already.

We all deserve to remove the pressure to connect, agree with, poke, like, and say whatever the herd is saying. We deserve high quality interaction and what's more, our society deserves the change too. Facebook as a platform doesn't encourage healthy interactions between autonomous people. And why on earth should it. You did a good thing, Sir. If anyone needs you, or you need anyone else, there's the phone and email ;-) - and steemit!

Interesting stance Rob. And I think something needs to be done.

I'm hesitant, however, since I do not know how I would stay connected to al the people with whom I am now connected to on Facebook.