Stop this Madness Fellow Steemians.... Just Posting about Price of Steem, Bitcoin, Crypto, and Photography but nothing much Else !

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Steemians for us to grow we need to push for more Non- Steemit and Non- Crypto Content here !!!

Why ??

Well, I am new here so I know I still have a lot to learn. But I am not new to online marketing or having a online business as I have been doing that since 2007.
And, imho,for the platform to continue growing in a healthy and nurturing way we need to attract more and more quality people to become regular Steemians. The way to do this is to broaden our target market to include people who produce a wide range of high quality Content involving many niches.

Come on ,Folks, I ain't really Interested Where Bitcoin is Going...

First of all, let me preface that statement. I do care to a degree only because this platform is based on the cryptocurrency, Steem. So it is somewhat important. Other than that me as well as probably many others want to talk about other stimulating topics like Fitness, Relationships, Sports, Politics, Dating, Health, , Dog Training, Parenting Advice, Meditation, Sleep, Dreams, Sex, Volcanos, STDs, Darts, Beer Pong... well you get my point lol

My Challenge To Fellow Steemians

The ones who are Crypto maniacs..well try diversifying the topics of your Posts. Come on guys you can do this ! Instead of only about Crypto and Steem , try to attempt to blog about non- Crypto for HALF of your Posts. Freaking 50%. Or hell start off with 25% of non- Steem if that helps ya. And do it maybe about some of those topics I mentioned above. Or just tell us about your Lives and everyday happenings. Make it interesting and engaging :)


I can tell you this : I have heard from a number of people who are NOT interested in joining Steemit because everyone is blogging about how to make more Steem. It's a viscous and redundant cycle doing this. We need to diversify the Content with other subject matter. Why ?? So we attract more people to become Steemians, get better ranking in Google for an array of topics, and just to make it overall a more stimulating place to come to.

End of Rant :) LOL ( I know Iam new so let's hear from you more experienced Steemians with good ideas, too)


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YOU have a good point here . The more interesting and different content the better ,

100% agree. I'm planning on making more tutorial style posts in the future about programming and 3D printing. Posts that will hopefully be helpful to those that aren't a part of the platform. That's how I believe I can add value to the ecosystem.

Lately I've been a bit of a ski bum. Lol. So I've been sharing a bunch of mountain eye candy. It will be interesting to see how the platform transitions in 1, 3, 5 or even 10 years. My focus is adding value today by creating and curating quality content. But your post has helped me reconsider low hanging fruit vs quality content. Thank you 🙏


Thanks @thecopypasta. Definitely some good points

I agree. We have different contests and challenges happening at the moment on steemit platform and a lot of people are engaged in them. We need more of these kinds of stuff because they make steemit even more fun. We have to keep in mind, too many posts about crypto and crypto market will make steemit a crypto social media instead of a social media network. Variety is the key to attract new people to join steemit. Its just my point of view, no offense to anyone.... :))

I guess steem will always have a crypto focus, due to the blockchain anture of the platform. But there are already extremely active communities here who focus on other things. Here are just a of the favourite tags I've run into!


I think it is not so much about posting a lot of crypto, steem price, bitcoin and altcoins that can make you sour towards Steemit. It is the fact that these are the blogs that make ridiculously large sums of rewards without actually telling us anything useful. Do you ever read about these so-called "crypto experts" tell you how much the price of bitcoin will be tomorrow? or next week? or next month? Never. They tell you about waves of different colors and trendlines and everything except what matters most. It's because they don't know themselves. And they get paid big for this.

Now photography is the only next option for someone to make big bucks because let's face it, what do most people know about crypto? So if you can't make it appear you are an expert about something you can't even predict, well you can shoot most anything with your phone camera and post it as if you were an expert.

But this is where I agree with @tfcoates. There are a lot of quality blogs in Steemit. They just don't get paid well except when you have an awfully lot of followers who will upvote anything you post (and I suspect even without reading it). Or don't get the exposure necessary to earn enough because of having very few followers. That is why there are a lot of dolphin and whale members who are working on these people that their posts be read and recognized, organizing contests of all sorts (not only photography), offering resteeming for new members, and a lot more. Join communities. Use tags mentioned above.

In my humble opinion, the madness is not in the posting of cybercurrency blogs. It's giving these posts money for saying nothing. Therein lies the madness.


Thank you @gems.and.cookies. You really bring up some valid and sound points !! I admit it is crazy sometimes when I see some Posts that offer zero value getting obscene sums of payouts.


I think this comes down to two things though! These are the posts that have been around the longest and as such have accumulated a strong reputation, by voting on these posts people are chasing curation rewards... content doesn't matter to them! As steemit matures we'll see a shift away from this behaviour. I think people will get bored of chasing curation points and leave or start writing!

The support I have recieved within the steemstem community by some of the largest posters in the science field has been just amazing!

Thanks for the discourse :)


Great points!!

I agree I'm not all that interested in crypto currency either. Need more variety on here.

Cool post. Very cool. Need good content)

Howdy Robert! That's a cool thought actually. And most steemians should look for your idea of changing post topics on different categories rather writing about steemit and cryptos. The Kido s damn cute.


Thanks @letyouread. And thank you with the nice personal comment as well :)

Totally agree with you. We have to put more efforts together, post quality content to make Steemit worldwide known and popular social platform in the future, that will compete and eventually outrun such giants as Facebook, Instagram and others...


Thank you @afrosiab . So true

What about someone that reads your post and sends a reply saying "good post" and doesnt even bother to upvote, I dont undestand that.


Well @johnb I hear you. But honestly I really do not get too concerned with that stuff. I really just try to focus on providing decent Content and let all that other stuff sort out by itself :)

I agree whole heartedly. We should concentrate on different topics. Good content is what we need in steemit right now.

On the one hand I agree with you that at the current state there are a lot of Bitcoin and crypto related posts but well, most people come through the crypto space here, still I also think it would be good to see more different content.

On the other hand I think in the end it is not even a problem that there are posts about it, but it needs advertisment or something to get more people from other fields into Steemit. If more people come who writes about different stuff the less you will see just bitcoin and crypto related articles.

The most annoying thing for me is that there are a lot of people who just take a picture or video out of the web and post it, without any further explanations. Beside that often it is a breach to the copyright, it is also boring most times. Still a lot of people get a lot of votes for it :/ This shows a bit in which direction the net community is going these days.


I agree. I think the copy/paste video posting is irritating me the most. I agree that a good video contains very useful information, but at least have the decency to write an intro or a review or anything else that personalizes it a bit, and to credit the source.
But in spite of the fact that it irritates me, a lot of those posts make good money. And it takes about 5 minutes to post them. So from the earning perspective they’re simply smarter than me, because I’m spending hours trying to get out one article a day, and they can chunk out 5 to 10 daily without all the work and frustration that comes with trying to write an original article...


Yes, I know how you feel and I think that is a major problem here on Steem. While original content get not much attantion people who copy paste just stuff from the web get a lot of money. But who should we blame for this? The one who is doing this or the community who is supporting this?


That’s why I try to make people aware by adding a banner zt yhe bottom of my post, asking the to upvote only unique an original content. If evernody starts doing that, those crappy post will eventually be ignored and will disappear. As long as they’re making money, it would be stupid of them to stop doing it, right.
For now it’s just the banner, but I’m still figuring out a real campaign to get the message out to everybody

Dear Andrew indeed a lot of people write about crypto’s. Me myself , I write about management, entrepreneurship and science ( being a PhD and having a start-up). Indeed it might not get as much attention as cryptos, but I think there is a niche and I will blog on to help people who want to learn about something else than making steem, steemit or anything else involving the crypto world. I invite you to come and have a read. Maybe even have suggestions how to market better? I’m just enjoying myself and making new contacts, and that is good enough for now.

I agree with your point of view 100%, too. First of all, I'm sorry this is also an opinion from another newbie still in the level of learning

Frankly, I started using Steemit to make some money and thought it's the only reason for people to decide to move from other service such as Facebook. Of course I have tried as many things as I can to earn more steems. In terms of contents, there was not much to choose. As you see, my english is not perfect and I didn't want to join KR community just because I'm korean, so, the photography became the best choice to me.

However, recently I found myself a bit tired to use Steemit and realized what I've cared of is only money, not the people and community and it could be the reason. Of course I know I can't change myself to a totally different person right away, but I thought I could do something to make things better adding a little effort to make this community a bit more healthy and stable. To achieve this goal, I think we need to have a diversity like we do in a real world. And I'm sure this effort will make me comfortable, too.

So, I was happy to see this kind of opinion as soon as I launched a new project called "Mother Tongue Exchange" today hoping of contribution to making Steemit more diverse and adding another chance to understand each other.

Anyway, I'd like to thank you to share your voice and encourage other people. Thank you, Robert! :)

This is something that has always needed to be changed. I've personally had people not join Steemit because everything they saw was posts about steem/steemit/cryptos and that doesn't interest them. Not only that, but the huge rewards some posts were getting that had content that wasn't worth the reward.

I've always gone the route in which 90-95% of my posts or articles were evergreen. Meaning just as relevant today as they would be years from now.

The more that all of us do that, the more of that content there will be. Just keep going and we'll get there if we never stop.


Thanks @getonthetrain. I like that 90%-95%. Really good way to go about it ;)

It's nice to see that more people are thinking about this! My most recent post is about how I started here because of crypto but fast realised how saturated the space already was with crypto-related content. You may want to check it out =)

By the way, there are several editing mistakes in your text... I only mention this because I watched a very useful and informative video recently talking about what you should/shouldn't do here on Steemit, and one point was to make sure you go through your post twice to make sure there aren't any of these sorts of silly mistakes in them.


It's nice to see that more people are thinking about this! My most recent post is about how I started here because of crypto but fast realised how saturated the space already was with crypto-related content. You may want to check it out =)

By the way, there are several editing mistakes in your text... I only mention this because I watched a very useful and informative video recently talking about what you should/shouldn't do here on Steemit, and one point was to make sure you go through your post twice to make sure there aren't any of these sorts of silly mistakes in them.

I am not as concerned about silly editing mistakes as I am about getting my point across. As well as adding something of value to the Community here.

Remember, we have people from all walks of life and from many different Countries here at Steemit. Some may not know much English nor have a grasp of how to write. Some may not even have a grasp for basic sentence construction.

The point is not to make this the crux of a Comment nor feel a need to point out little typos and editing mistkes. To me that is silly ;)

Btw, you may want to take your own advice about checking your editing and go back and review that "useful and informative video" you talk about. Because your Comment is littered with 'Run On' sentences and redundant phrases ( i.e. last sentence with "make sure" used twice in one sentence) . Break them up into separate easy to read sentences, that would be much
better :)


lol... Touché!
Sorry, I'm not one to usually point this kind of thing out (I'm an English teacher so I've become particularly sensitive to being criticised for doing that, which has caused me to stop ;P). As I said, I only mentioned it because I had recently watched a video (by @brandonfrye ) in which he advises to take care in this regard.

Thank you for pointing out my own mistake - run on sentences is a bad habit I am conscious of and trying to improve.

But anyway! The content of the article is spot on and sorely needed here on Steemit =) My mission is to find "real" people posting relevant, interesting content, and you've made the grade ;P

I agree with you 100%. I know steemit is on the blockchain and steem is a crypto... But then there are loads of topics/niches that people could blog about to make it more interesting and educational...

I agree! I know about crypto currency and find it interesting but NO, I dont want to talk about it and look at it ALL DAY! Although, thats fine too if its your thing!😉 I also don't want to see a bunch of rando selfies with 40 hashtags either.....Uuuuh leave that on IG! 💯I am focused on fitness, education, and having fun living life! And look forward to meeting people that are trying to grow towards health happiness as well! Great post!!❤

You have a point there.
By the way, being an entrepreneur, havre you noticed that there are barely articles on marketing on SteemIt? Most people on SteemIt don’t have a clue they can build up an Rss following or email list. Neither do they know anything about promoting their posts outside of the platform.
I’ve been in internet marketing for like 15 years, and this is a strange experience :0)

On the other hand, there are lots of posts in categories like ‘blog’, ‘life’, ‘gardening’, ‘photography’ (just to name a few) that aren’t about crypto or SteemIt...

The number of new Steemians is growing rapidly, so I assume the content will diversify more in time...


Btw, for people who are not so creative when it comes to coming up with ideas, writing about how to get around SteemIt is a good option.
Being here for 4 months, I’m still thankful for the ‘how-to-do-this-or-that-on-steemit’ posts every day, because there’s still a lot I need to learn. Newcomers should be happy with those kinds of posts, because it’s the best way to get started and work your way up..,

You make a pretty good argument. I think it will take some time until steemit can transform more towards other topics besides crypto. Note though this is already happening. When we search through "explore" on steemit one can see most payouts are in topics besides cryptos. Although bitcoin and cryptocurrency still remains pretty high.

I think steemit can work both ways. Be a gateway for crypto news and non-crypto topics. I hope in time people realize that steemit is more than crypto and more users will flock in and participate.