It's not the end. It's the beginning. Thank you @roadscape

I appreciate all the work you did! 🌸 @roadscape

Actually the begining is the end , is the begining. Which seems fitting for the current situation you all have gotten yourselves into.

Lots of respect Tim.

You're the person I feel the most for in all of this, seeing how it should be the time to celebrate, use and promote communities, which is such a fantastic addition to our chain, and for which we owe you so much gratitude, rather than the time that we worry about our future.

I really hope we can build a much stronger and more decentralized future for all of us going forward. And thank you so much for all of the fantastic contributions you've made. It has already been a pleasure engaging with you on how to build this place better, and I hope that will continue for many more blocks to come!

communities, which is such a fantastic addition to our chain

really? no, they're a shitty scam

Thank you for your good work (I really like 'communities'). I wish you all the best for the future!

Sucks that you quit your job, but given the circumstances I appreciate your solidarity to the STEEM community. Hopefully you'll join us in our fight to reclaim and preserve our chain from future hostile takeovers.

@roadscape, we could really do with your witness votes. I hate to have to ask, but I do hope you will consider it

can you send a link to make it easy to vote for witnesses? I don't know where to find it. And vote for witness 21 through 51 right?

thanks for the reply. I never noticed that lol. But my browser wouldn't let my votes stick so I made @theycallmedan my proxy. I've been here 2.5 years and don't understand witnesses as I should. We need to make sure every staked steemian understands and uses all they're votes. Perhaps making it easy and promote really trusted proxies so the steemians don't have to do anything but click one link.

I want to help out with this. Is the proxy thing legitimate? If it is, I'll just go that route as well. Can anyone instruct me on how to do this please?

proxy is perfect, thank you for doing this, and thanks @steemitri for stepping in to help

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Thanks for everything you have done for our blockchain and community. Stay strong and take some rest. We will win this battle.

Thank you for all your efforts over the years in realizing Hive Mind and Communities... it's a real shame that this all happened just as Communities was launched.
All the best.
Thank you!


You're the best out of the best out of the best!!!!! 💔

Best wishes roadscape 💫💫💫💫

It's all good! Insanity is a full time job around here now and we have plenty of openings!

On a serious note. Thanks for working hard.

the community loses on this but you did what you had to do ... you guys have have had to deal with a lot in the last short time.

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