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RE: Steemit Community Guidelines

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Hello, @endingplagiarism
Is there any language restriction for your work? Our, community is in Bengali Language. And we wanna discourage plagiarism in our community also.
Please, review our community & if you agree to help us then inform me please.
I'll add you as a moderator & will delegate some SP to you also as a honorarium.


Hello @rme, although Bengali isn't our native language, we've caught plagiarism in many languages, including Bengali. I've subscribed to your community so please add me as a moderator if you'd like me to be able to mute plagiarised content 👍

Hello Dear @endingplagiarism,

I've set up you as a moderator in our community & delegated 1K SP, will delegate more in the future. Thanks that you want to co-operate.



That's great, thank you. I look forward to working with you 👍

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