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I moved to Hive. You can read all my content there.
Due to a sad series of events steem is no longer decentralized nor censorship-resistant.
I don't know how it will look like in the future but right now it's more like a personal database than a proper blockchain.
Check out Hive.io


Hi, I'm pretty much new on the site, I haven't even written my introduction post (yeah, I know... Shame on me), but certainly it's as I can see, everything here is about WRITE, CURATE and BUILD A NETWORK... Hopefully it's just about time... Greetings from Mexico.

If people are artists or maybe have items they would normally have thrown on eBay or Craigslist, can instead list them on OpenBazaar and get paid out in Steem using Shapeshift https://steemit.com/steemit/@cryplectibles/openbazaar-takes-steem-list-your-art-or-garage-sale-items-now .

Nice alternative. Thanks

You are welcome! I am hoping to see more Steem users on the OB network selling their wares. I had just bought this little guy using Steem testing it out a couple of weeks ago and got yesterday


I hope to support more artists this way and hope the artists themselves start seeing these alternative ways to share their art. I know so many people who run tents at local markets or go to festivals, when they can do that still on top of having a full shop running and getting paid in crypto directly from people around the world.

Yes indeed...

I'm following you right now.
Let's write, curate, and grow together!
I, too, believe in the potential of Steem.

Right mindset :)

Good post, I upvoted and am following. I am still new to this community but am getting the hang of it.

: ) keep pushing forward

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