OpenBazaar takes STEEM! List Your Art or Garage Sale Items Now!

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I have been seeing the rise of Peerhub related posts, and I am going to list some things on the site as well, I just made an account today and have just been trying to figure out what exact items I am going to put up there.  What it did make me curious about, is do Steemit users know of OpenBazaar?   I believe using both may be optimal for those of us who wish to sell or buy and now being on both, I can see how both have advantages.

I find Peerhub nice, but being the website that it is, it falls victim to restrictions and censorship.  To avoid this and to support more decentralized uncensored safe places, I highly suggest finding an old item from your house, maybe things you would have for a garage sale, or possibly original art or even music, and list them on OpenBazaar.  Peerhub and OpenBazaar provide similar services but in very different ways in the back end on how they function.  That is why if you are currently using Peerhub, give OpenBazaar a try.   You even have the ability to set your account up in a way to have payout in Steem using Shapeshift. 

Rock band Myco has been in the Crypto news as of today, they had been pre-selling their music through OpenBazaar.   You can even read about that on their Steemit blog here.    Musicians can list your songs and sell them digitally, or still have physical discs or vinyl of course as well.


The Dash Times has a good tutorial to use an altcoin with OpenBazaar, so below I am copying and pasting that information and using Steem where Dash would be, as Shapeshift allows you to use Steem.

OpenBazaar enables peer-to-peer digital commerce, with the use of Bitcoin as its method of payment with an eBay style marketplace that utilizes the power of cryptocurrency is now available to download.  

The release comes after a public beta period which brought about different store fronts using the decentralized e-commerce protocol’s experimental Bitcoin testnet for transactions.

According to the developers the beta stage saw more than 25,000 across 126 countries worldwide with over 3,000 vendors. The catch here is currently OpenBazaar does not support Dash yet but thanks to a community member(solarminer) you can use Dash for OpenBazaar transactions.

How to receive Steem with OpenBazzar:

-Get a bitcoin receive address (coinbase, circle, core, etc)  This is a backup.

-Get a receive address from your Steem wallet

-Go to with Bitcoin on left and Steem on right.  

-Enter the bitcoin return address(optional) and Steem address in your payment address, accept terms, and hit shift.

-Copy the bitcoin address the is created and paste that in OpenBazzar.

-The address will use the market rate and will not expire as long as you don’t put in a specific amount you want to shift.

To pay for an item in OpenBazzar with Steem:

-Go to  

-Select Steem on left and Bitcoin on the right.

-Create a Steem receive address and put in the return address(optional).

-Enter the amount and address in bitcoin, accept terms, hit shift.

-Send your Steem to the address and amount that is created below

Thanks again to TheDashTimes for the easy tutorial .    If you need any help at all with OpenBazaar, please hit up their official slack channel  for instant help, really great community there, and you can even find some of the devs on Steemit.  I can't wait to see the dual OpenBazaar and Peerhub stores and listings, what a great time to be using Crypto Currencies!

EDIT:  Thanks Official @Steemit Twitter for Retweet on this!


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Your title is so wrong, openbazaar is not accepting steem, only bitcoin.


It takes Steem through Shapeshift, instructions in post here.