Today exactly 100 days on Steemit!! Thank you all

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My first 3 months on Steemit were like a rollercoaster. Thank you Steemit and thank you all great lovely people on this platform.

Some numbers:

Level : 59.9
Steem Power: 783
followers: 941
posts: 2294
top post: $140


Today is day 100 on steemit. I almost achieved rep level 60. I also converted all my STEEM to steempower. I WANT TO BELIEVE

In these 100 days I learned so much.

some special thanks

Please check out #steemgigs and @surpassinggoogle they have a very nice contribution and are great contributors to our network.

@blocktrades , @dennisschroeder , @awgbibb , @thejohalfiles , @kus-knee and all others I forget now... THANK YOU

I started on Steemit to try to make some savings to fund my dream holiday ( in year 2019) to the west coast of the US with GF and kids.

Please see my introduction post here:

I am actually going to believe that steemit can give me this possibility. Even better I think I will meet steemit people who help me plan this trip and that I would even meet some nice steemians in the US.

So thank you all again.

P.s. Nothing comes for free.. I guess 100 days and 3 hours a day..

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Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them. Have a nice day :)

I didn't understand your story about the trip you had in the year 2019?


I want to go in 2019 that is Why i am on steemit.


@rival wow... advance plans....keep it up then..

Nice job for 100 days.


Thank you

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oooh, niiice! :D congratulations with your 100 days!))