Introducing Yaadio, An Exclusive Ecommerce Platform for Beautiful Handmade Jewelry

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Since the announcement of the Peerhub marketplace recently by dynamic entrepreneur Jun aka @steemrollin in his trending post Peerhub: Bringing Steem Beyond Social Networks To The New Economy!

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We here at Yaadio have been very excited and I personally got in touch with @steemrollin to see how we could possibly forge a strategic partnership/collaboration of sorts.

I am very excited to see the evolution of the decentralized ecosystem being built around the Steem framework. I truly feel I am in the midst of a great technological revolution as we witness the rise of this bold new economy.

The concentration of power being reversed can only empower us as a people. We now have the tools; The creativity. The capacity. The resources. And an ever growing community to instrument unprecedented change for our generation and beyond. We can now flourish in a society of equal opportunity based on meritocracy, and not inequality and historical dogma.

The amazingly talented artist & creator, @mariandavp made an eloquent call to action; Steem, my love! - call to all artists to embrace Steem by @mariandavp

But what is the value of any currency if not its purchasing power? Initiatives like this enhance the marketability of Steem and the longevity of our community. They also bridge the time gap from today until cryptos in general become a part of the life of a wider audience – that is until they become pop.

Her rhetoric of why we should all adopt Steem/SBD really can't be emphasized enough; Every artist, entrepreneur, writer, developer and consumer that adopts this innovative currency will only fast track the success of the Steem ecosystem. We will also avoid some hefty transaction fees, which really adds up, charged by the traditional elites of the financial sector. These bureaucrats seem to flash some magic wand and new fees and unfair policies seem to magically come to fruition, with no real transparency and accountability. And no real regard for the individuals/majority that their actions affect. A decentralized economy backed by a stable cryptocurrency is the answer. The blockchain technology will bring unprecedented transparency as already eloquently stated by my peers.

Yaadio + Peerhub

Yaadio is a basically a niche online store for handmade jewelry. Initially, we intend to curate a collection of fashion forward handmade bracelets for women and men. We pay special attention to quality craftsmanship because our customers deserve only the highest quality jewelry, they deserve the best! We want to empower our local artisans and give them an opportunity to validate their art, their craft!

Here is an example of what a listing on Yaadio looks like:

We support the fundamental vision of Peerhub's founder(s) in terms of building out the new ecosystem and facilitate the adoption of this exciting new cryptocurrency. We intend replicate our collection/inventory on Peerhub, and we will take solely SBD for our listings on that marketplace.

Here is our first listing on Peerhub:

We here at Yaadio, Inc. want to have a monopoly on the Jewelry subsection of the Peerhub marketplace, well this monopoly thing conflicts with my philosophy of decentralisation to the core.

So Let me rephrase;

We want our products to have a strong presence on the Peerhub marketplace, as we see it as a worthwhile channel to diversify our offerings and expose our brand to a wider audience.

We will also be adding SBD as a payment option on very soon!

The Steem Bracelet Exclusive

We have been inspired by @samether and the The Shrem Steem Ring he had commissioned for the hardworking and always helpful @roelandp, for his tireless efforts in organizing the @steemfest project.

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We are playing with the idea of creating the first Steem Bracelet for the handmade jewelry enthusiasts and the wider Steemit community. We are currently talking to a manufacturer to have the Steem logo engraved in a gold/silver trinket and filled with chipped blue/light blue crystals and we possibly finish the assembly process inhouse.

For the initial bracelet designs we will use blue turquoise stones for the body structure of the bracelet with the gold or silver filled trinkets engraved with the Steem logo.

Raw materials overview

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We hope to have the bracelet prototype available soon, I promise it will be amazing!

I invite my fellow Steemians to provide feedback for the design of the new steem bracelet, and we will definitely look to incorporate your ideas in our work. Without your validation all our efforts shall surely be in vain. Your suggestions mean a lot to us here at Yaadio!

If this project is successful we will make the bracelets available on Peerhub, Yaadio and Etsy so everyone can have a piece of the Steemtastic awesomeness ;)

We will also create different variants of our Steem bracelet and even other types of jewelry to cater to the diversity of tastes of our ever growing community. Just shoot us your suggestions and let's work together to create some truly unique pieces.

Let’s build Yaadio together.

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Thank you!

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This is awesome!
I can't wait to receive the beautiful leopard charm bracelet in the mail - how cool is it that I got to buy the bracelet with SD :-)
I look forward to seeing your future products!


Thank you so much for your order!
SD has so much potential and its really a viable alternative to FIAT currency, despite it's relative volatility on the markets right now. Its really up to us to make this amazing crypto achieve its full potential with our adoption. Together we can make Steem/SBD truly amazing :)

Nice merchandise! I have plans once my e-commerce store gets on its feet to put my products on that site as well. Looks like an awesome platform. Good luck and see you on the top!


Thank you! You really dont have to wait to list your products on Peerhub, its super quick and easy to list items there. You could always use it as a cost effective alternative to test and validate your prospective items with no overheads really, while you build your primary ecommerce business.

Apart from your very kind words and reference to my post, it is an amazing effort you are making here.... I will resteem this to help get attention. Many thanks! (Love the jewelery by the way).


Thanks @mariandavp, your efforts to spread the word means alot. You deserve all the accolades, because you're super talented. I think talent should be recognized and celebrated. You're officially my fav steem artist, just in case you didnt know. Keep creating beautiful art! :)


Don't tempt me to bombard you with Steemit jewelry design ideas!

This looks fantastic!

Wow the bracelets look awesome I would love anything black and silver - would be awesome to add the steemit blue to a darker themed piece.

I will keep an eye out for them :)


I think you are right, that might just work really well! Appreciate your suggestions. I'll make a note of it.