Will Steem become a ghost?

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I am of the opinion that there are many steemit users who already feel uneasy with the lower price situation while BTC is increasingly rising, meaning that the price reduction is not due to the global cryptocurrency market but the steem market that is no longer in demand.

on one hand the price situation like this is a very good situation to invest in steemit. But on the other hand this situation is a scary ghost situation for those who have invested at $ 1 USD.

many investors are starting to worry about steemit.

Psychologically cryptocurrency more and more anxious users are increasingly declining prices, because anxiety will make them sell all the steem assets they have.

this situation may be due to the arrogance of users. first when the price of steem soared many users who shouted "goodbye facebook" in fact those who shouted were leaving the steemit first.

on the other hand, awards are often obtained by writers who like to sell assets, while writers who do power ups don't get many awards.

I think Steemit has users who don't want to keep the community, but just want to take advantage and leave.

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To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

As I see it, yes

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Not really a ghost, bot will continue to discuss with AI agents.

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