Powering Up and Powering Down Post Hard Fork

in steemit •  3 years ago 

First of all I noticed that Blocktrades was down last night - they say it may be a few days so I am working on a Poloniex howto.

The first thing I did today was power up some Steem to see what would happen... unfortunately it is still displaying the old 2 year 104 payment message.

I had no problem powering up my money (except for the same old 104 payment message).

Then decided to test out the PowerDown feature everyone was freaking out about. I tried every Key and combination I could think of and I keep getting "Transaction Broadcast Error". Maybe things are still being update?

The only thing I could think of is maybe the SP on my test account is too low to Power Down - but I have a feeling its a work in progress.

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Blocktrades was scheduled to go down for today.

The update for hardfork v0.16 is scheduled for 11am EST I think. If I recall.

Yes - they have it announced on their Steemit blog - they say it could take several days (after I just made a HowTo Guide for it)!
I am putting something together on how to use Poloniex for those of you who want to trade for bitcoin NOW ;)

I created a GitHub issue to correct the text on the website:

Awesome thanks for the help.


"Because of the significant nature of the changes made to the new client with regard to the way blocks are stored in shared memory and resulting changes in performance on virtual machines plus the need for a full resync of the blockchain, BlockTrades may not be able to process Steem transactions for several days until we've successfully synced the new wallet." - Thanks for the link @jang

No problem...:)...

Pretty sure I just read that blocktrades is back up and running.
Yep, 2 hours ago.

I cant even connect to them right now.. they are doing something.