[ANN] BlockTrades has re-enabled STEEM buying and sellingsteemCreated with Sketch.

in blocktrades •  2 years ago

It took about 18 hours all told: 14 hours to sync the wallet and about 4 hours to update our steem transaction scanner for various changes to the steem node software (among other things, a slight change to the way transaction data is represented).

We've processed all the orders pending during this time, so if you purchased steem during the time we were down, please check your wallet and ensure that you've received your steem. All steem buy orders were processed at the price of steem at the time we received your order, so you should get it at the price you expected (not the current and likely higher price).

If you don't see your purchase, please email us at support@blocktrades.us with the transaction hash of your input coin. Thanks for your loyal patronage!

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blocktrades is a awsome company i love you

Thanks BlockTrades!

Your sheer usefulness and speed makes you guys the top choice for converting Steem or Steem Dollars. You're great!!!

Congratulations @blocktrades
Hope it'll work better now :)

Customary dbz related power up pic.

having real trouble getting to the site today, i was going to do my first steem power purchase :(


One of our servers ran out of hard drive space and we're working to recover from problems during our recovery from that. Sysadmin work can be so much fun...


listen i understand, i worked many nights through migrations back in the day for the local council. i understand your pain. hope you get it all sorted as best you can. best of luck!

Thank you for posting @blocktrades.

Appreciate what you do for Steemians.

Thanks for being so helpful with customer service during the outage!

Well done blocktrades!

that was fast!


Faster than Poloniex, that's for durn sure.

Awesome, Thanks for being so reliable blocktrades!

If I used "deposit btc" function on steemit wallet page and still waiting for transaction, is it also handled by blocktrades?

Upvoted and Following.

I'm new here... I'll have to check it out as I have been wondering about buying and selling.

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Thanks BlockTrades.

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yesterday one of my friend @Sandeei, sent you SBD to convert it to STEEM POWER, but he hasn't received it yet. Can you check please.
account name: sandeei
memo: 3Bq7wbSsqWtwoUVWiuM3kRs8tMkHqBcZSq
Transfer 0.741 SBD to blocktrades