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RE: Will You Be My 1,000th Follower?

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Relationship is built in two ways. When I find someone's post interesting, I follow him/her. Now you have 1054 followers, but you follow 52 people. I think it would be encouraging when you follow your followers if you find their post useful and interesting. What do you think about that, @gmichelbkk?

You share valuable content and you always reply the comments. That's great! I like your post. Thank you for sharing your struggle on steemit. It will inspire many people to keep posting regularly. Wish you all the best!


Thank you for your comment @rezoanulvibes. I follow a number of people that is managable for me to see posts I like in my newsfeed. I do not do the follow me, I follow back thing, and need to see several good posts for me to follow. I prefer to read and upvote all comments on my posts as long as I can do it, which is I think better than to follow thousand of people you don't see their posts, or to upvote my own comments.

You brought up some good points. Thank you for sharing your view. I really appreciate that!