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RE: is cheating the system and trying to hurt others for self gain!

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Yes because many of this accounts belong to one person, who spams for one service.
It i hard to see now because he changed his content a bit.

The other parts are around 10 accounts that spam with copy and past content the #giveaway tag.

We don't have a problem with other services. We have more user that we need.

But spammes will destroy Steemit if nobody stop them.


But spammes will destroy Steemit if nobody stop them.

Well done @rcr.bis.

This guy is selfish and paranoid as fuck. Or maybe he just finds excuses to justify is misbehavior.
He feels treatened by competitors, free resteemers damage him.
I did decide to ignore him and try to grow anyway.


We have more user that we need

Then why does he spam his 2cents self-upvoted comments? :\)

PS. Oh, and if by mistake you use one of His precious tags he will downvote you as well (even if you then remove it straight away).

Now go on, downvote this comment too so maybe it will be hidden. Bad news though, the Berlin wall fell..


Boom lol

@gasaeightyfive is useing 3 accounts for spamming at this moment.

We think he has more, the blockchain will show the connection.

Your using more than one yourself

Congratulations, you have earnt a lifetime of FREE RESTEEMS with a comment alerting users to your behavior!

Enjoy your day!

Good job mate! :)

I am not As already explained to your deaf ears each account is owned by a different person and all contact details and phone numbers are real. One (original) post a day is not spam.

The only scammer here is you downvoting users for your own interest.

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