In support of services that help Steem I’ve been crucified

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I will admit that other people have abused Services like the bot system. By literally up voting spam content or content that isn’t worthy of being on a trending feed. But unfortunately others don’t seem to understand that we are on a platform that only seems to gain traction when the value is high. So during that bear market time when we’re expected to recruit new followers it’s hard to gain traction when your main supporters have decided to take a hiatus because of the bear market. I am in no way shape or form getting rich off of investing into a bot that literally will just put me on a trending feed. And after suffering such a devastating blow on a recent post I am now questioning is it even worth posting here anymore? Do I want my content to be here anymore. As much music and content I have created geared towards the platform itself. We now have a ecosystem of minnows sweet talking whales out of delegation to gain political power on the platform. At the end of the day I will just continue to purchase my below value market token...... Who cares how a content creator feels I guess 🤷🏽‍♂️


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Try the music/other tribes for added visibility. Votes are free, try earning some instead of paying someone else so you and your work can go in debt.

This pouting stuff of yours is annoying. Why blame the bear market? Your most recent Youtube vid has 8 views and two likes. Is that the bear market's fault too? No, dude. This shit is hard to pull off everywhere. You made way more here, with that $1.00 I'm seeing up there, than all of your Youtube material combined.

Why do you want to buy those votes anyway? Because you want to buy a following? You've bought a following since you started here. Look at Jerry and Joe. They bought their followings in the same way you want to buy a following. Now they sit there with tens of thousands of followers, but then can't earn a damn thing organically because that following never gave a shit about them. Same thing is happening to you. Same thing happens to everyone who bought votes. Wake up. You got hustled by vote dealers.

The other day you posted a video (the video with 8 views) thanking people for the feedback on your previous post. That post didn't even have any comments and you were thanking people for the feedback. That post of yours was the only post on the trending page without a comment, and you were thanking people for the feedback.

Screenshot (671).png

8 days later, still no comments. You bought your way up to the trending page. How's that going for you? Wake up dude. You're always playing the victim card. You're a victim of your own decisions though.

So in other words you have come to write a novel to be toxic... bravo maybe you should re read this and understand what I said that the use of bot was in a bear market bc most of the supports that follow me are away.... secondly me responding to post on YouTube is not only to the steemit community I have other platforms I post to as well. So dick ride a little harder and do some research.....

No. Every time I try to talk to you, I'm trying to help. You don't like it that I'm always honest with you. That's your own problem.

That's not a novel. It's a few paragraphs. Do some goddamn research and you'll soon discover a novel is much longer and you might even learn how to use paragraphs.

Better yet you and @theycallmedan can go circle jerk together homo.... catch a greyhound to Cincinnati and you can catch these hands keyboard warrior.

Who's the keyboard warrior? "Come to Cincinnati!" People who say that kind of shit. That's how you always act here though. You're probably the biggest crybaby on the platform. Want proof? It's in your post. Go run away with your tail between your legs, quitter. Can't take the heat.

Quit acting like a defeated little bitch and try the tribes. There are a few for music. Throw the 'creativecoin' tag on as well for music and your screenplay, I can get you on the hot list there with one vote. Do you want a grow a following or do you just want to sit here jacking yourself off with paid votes being all stuck in the old ways? Things changed while you were gone and they're not going change back just for your trifling ass.

Like I said keyboard warrior fuck you dude we can talk in person if this really need to go there but I’m sure your too pussy to accept the invite so have a nice day dick head

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Dude. I see right through what you're doing now.

Read the part where I keep inviting you over to try the tribes and stop being too much of a pussy to accept the invite.

You have a nice day as well you fucking name caller.

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