The Steemit Minute Steem News Powered by Dtube: 07/02/2018

in steemit •  5 months ago
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I hope this good news and Bytheway is this new intro looks cool I like it

Happy birthday to @themarkymark. Our trusted and reliable witness..

Nice pick of the day. About to say hally anniversary to @themarkymark. Have a good week, Chris!

Hey Chris. How is it going? I am sure you will reach 70 and much more, your videos are great. Thank you very much for picking me as Steemian of the day. I am very happy! Cheers.

That is just the kind of thing I was hoping to see! We love coming across great video on DTube and making noise about it. This post definitely caught our attention, and our community found it noteworthy. We regularly create a list of our favorite videos and stopped by today to let you know that you're on OneLoveDTube Video Picks of the day!

You can view all of our picks from July 3 here: OneLoveDTube Picks

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