[ANN] Ethereum transactions taking longer due to congestion, expect delays

in blocktrades •  4 months ago

Over the past couple days we've noticed that Ethereum transactions are taking longer to confirm due to congestion on the network. In our research into the issue, we found this could be the issue (some voting effort being run by an exchange called FCoin):

As a result of this congestion, we've seen transactions take up to several hours to confirm when paying the default gas fee. We've doubled the gas fee our wallet would pay by default to see if this improves the situation.

TL;DR If you are in a hurry to get funds to fiat when selling Steem/SBD, considering using Litecoin, DOGE, etc for now instead of ETH.

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Thanks for information

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Hello Sir

I sent Some BTC to BlockTrades For Buying SBD for Steemit

but sir I don’t Received SBD in My Steemit Account .




Sir please check It . Return My BTC or give me SBD in My Steemit Account please .

I made two eth to steem transactions, the second transaction was completed first but the first is still pending.. how long should i wait



I presume our support staff already took care of this, but let me know if not.


Took a while but finally done

@blocktrades I just transfered 0.0165btc to exchange to 63.509 Steem after the btc transfer was successful to the generated btc from blocktrades.us the transaction to get my Steem failed, please what is going on. Screenshot_20180703-105014.pngScreenshot_20180703-105453.png

Thanks for your update i was so scared, i mean is no common have to wait more than 30 minutes for the transaction, @blocktrades great service. Regards

@blocktrades crypto space is so much growing big that now we see one of the token coin running ICO which is promising to compete with ETH in transaction speed and that token coin name is #metahash

Etherium is known for it's fast transaction so if this problem continue we should se a downfall in the price of it

Coins mentioned in post:

CoinPrice (USD)📈 24h📈 7d
SBDSteem Dollars1.267$5.5%13.97%

@blocktrades thanks for the updates, however eth and btc is the easiest to purchase, in respect to such congestion it would be best to suspend the transactions via ETH to avoid such delay due to scalability problem.
Because i believe an increase in gas fee will eqully affect the charges to users in their steem/sbd purchases.

right and true..

Excellent thanks for sharing, very good information since some of us had the mystery of what was happening about it

its very sensitive issue for Ethereum
may be sometime transaction failed and you lost you Ethereum

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read this ...

in ideal circumstances an Ethereum transaction takes under 20 seconds, and some sites require multiple confirmations. Sometimes due to congestion transactions may take longer, although the Ethereum Development Team is working on scaling solutions. do not worry it will solve in few days else use other coins for funds transfer i will personally suggest Litecoin (LTC) for fast seamless transaction and minimal fee.

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sir are you best information provide each other people. some times eathereum transactions dealy or pending. really are you this blog post and some one help you. your research your great. i,m your post upvote and follow you. Thanks

I am happy that at least I sold all of my stuff and converted it into STEEM on January (My Ether). :D

I love your service but I hope there will be more awesome competitive rate in the future. ^^

Thanks for this update. Is ethereum doing anything to resolve the situation? Are their developers even aware of what to do?
Nice one issuing a warning about this... Its a shame you have to double gas fees just to keep your operations going.
Hope you wont mind me resteeming this post. I just did.

So sad... I'm so fucked.. Been awaiting transactions since money.. I need the money asap but today, the Blockchain technology disappointed me 😭😭

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Thanks for your information , yeah its taking longer but it will be resolved soon,

Please check my article below

Enchanted, you have my vote :)

hopefully quickly finished and returned to normal @blicktrades

Thank you for this informative post. you always have a very creative idea, the spirit of smart work will be a good example for us.

How to Grow my Steemit Account ?

Good news thanks

I attempted to send ether to buy SBD using blocktrades and the transaction went through, but never showed up in my Steemit wallet. I've never had a problem before, and didn't know if you could help me find out what happened to my cash @blocktrades.


@johndoer123 I'm experiencing the same today.
like sent 0.0165btc for 63 Steem @blocktrades received the btc but I never received my Steem. It's been several hours away from now! I've sent email but no responseScreenshot_20180703-105014.png
. Let's wait for the team response


Agreed about waiting...it's all stored in the blockchain, they'd be foolish to not make the necessary corrections, right?


I'm hoping they will

Thank you so much to help me to get in the steemit, can you please help me to grow faster on steemit?

Hello. I sent 0.55 steem but the blocktrade transaction failed? How can I reprocess my cashout when I already sent my steem to @blocktrades Screenshot_2018-07-04-06-47-40-87.png

Also i am unbale to renew my delegation because the given link is not open porperly and showing error code 503. Exchange temporarily unavailable.. Perhaps i will miss 500SP delegation this time.

I vote for you, you vote for me. I enjoyed your post.

Thanks so much for the information, i just join blocktrades @blocktrades

Hi, I sent 0.5 ETH and the transaction was successful: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xd174792d50163dd90a6490c7247d83f454f9d4058c90ecbe3a434913702c7ad4

On Blocktrades, my tx has failed and I did not get any SBD. When will you give me the ETH back?

After I sent the ETH, your system went under maintenance:

If you are going to undergo system maintenance, at least give a head's up to people.

For the time being, my ETH is with you:

You should at least notify me what are the steps that will be taken when this kind of problem occurs.

You just sad it could not be sent:

thank you for your advice and I always want to visit your blog because friendship is beautiful and fun in this steemit.
send regards to @blocktrades

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Welp looks like ethereum really can not handle being a top coin.

Thank you for sensible and helpful information for us unrated and aspiring bloggers here in steemit



Thanks guidance @blocktrades. Very helpful to steemit users.

@blocktrades blockchain face that type of problem that is very bad.
What you think?

Seems everybody is moving on to Etherium nowadays although i dont see the relevance since btc movement control the rest of the crypos

Gracias por la informacion, esperemos que se normalice todo.

Hello @blocktrades , - sorry for the double post I accidentally left this on the blocktrades help account as well thinking it was this one - not sure what account you will see this on. I know yall are picky in regards to adding coins but I have a suggestion for a good project I believe you should consider possibly adding to your platform in the future: Digibyte

DGB stands out to me because it is the fastest POW based UTXO blockchain today. It has 5 mining algorithms and they may possibly add cryptonight as a 6th for ASIC resistance. They were the first to implement SegWit and they have a solid team. Jared and his team are very dedicated to their vision.

greeting me respectfully. I made an error when I send sbd to @blocktrades. my account name is @imamalkimas. can you guys help me to restore my sbd. I am sorry. I've been using @blocktrades for a long time and today I made a mistake and I did not accidentally do that

this picture is proof of my delivery

i hope you will restore my sbd. because I'm in need of money. and I accidentally made a mistake

Hello! i don´t get btc. Transfar from steemit to exmo site. Why?

thanks for the information

kindly support me too .. i gave upvote