How to Increase Your Reputation Score on Steemit!

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Hello Im @reseller, ive been on the platform for almost a year now. One of the questions I get asked frequently here and in person is: "How do I increase my reputation score on Steemit?". This is a very good question and when your starting out, its hard to understand! Lets dive right in shall we?


I'm an artist and I tend to lean towards right brain thinking. I never understood complex math calculations nor did I do very well in school studying computer science. Well the official math answer is here:

Now for the rest of us, I have a few tips that should help you climb the reputation ladder here on the Steemit platform. This is not a cheat or a hack, you WILL need to put in the work. Just like anything else in life, the more you put in the more you get out. So if your looking for a short cut, go back to facebook or reddit.

Here we go:

NO.1 = Post comments on other Steemians blog posts!

ONE: This one is easy. The more you interact with others, the better chance people will look at your comments. Then they will look at your profile. This will lead into an upvote, comment and then to follow you! But make sure your not spamming the comments section. READ their posts and then COMMENT with your heart!

NO.2 = Create Quality Blog Posts!

TWO: I'm not asking you to recreate the Mona Lisa, but your content should be something to take pride in. The better quality the content, the more likely someone will follow you and become a long term contributor to your work. Don't just post links to youtube vidoes and call it a day, no one likes that shit.

NO.3 = Create Content Everyday!

THREE: Try the best you can to create a blog post everyday. I know it might be hard for some, but like the old saying goes. "If you build it, they will come" Its so true! The more followers you have upvoting and commenting everyday, your rep score will increase everyday!

NO.4 = Look and See what other High Reputation Steemians are doing!

FOUR: I'm not saying to copy other people, that would be a dick move. What I'm saying is see what works for others and take parts of that to make it your own. Every piece of art you see hanging in a museum was inspired by something else.

NO.5 - Be Respectful to others!

FIVE: Be cool honey bunny! Take the time to sincerely complement someone everyday here on Steemit. If you see a great post, comment. If you see a great photo blog, comment. This goes for other new Steemians, comment and upvote! They will be more grateful than you think! The golden rule applies here, do on to others!

NO.6 - Have Fun!

SIX: Seriously, have some fun. Blog about stuff you are passionate about. If won't feel like work and you will find like minded people here on Steemit when you follow your passions! Everything will take time, do what you love and the rest will follow. If you are here just to "Make Dank Crypto" this is not the place for you, people will see right through that.

Now go get that reputation!

If you have something to add please leave a comment below! This list is short but to me these are the most important ways I've grown my reputation!

Please FOLLOW, UPVOTE, RESTEEM and COMMENT Below! Thank you!

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You're welcome!

Since @grumpycat isn't a bidbot I'm not sure what abuse you're talking about.

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Nothing at stake people are those renting out their SP or buying votes.

his self-votes are bought all the same

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those renting out their SP

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Reputation is a near useless metric on Steem, you should only aim to keep it above zero.

Increasing your rep organically comes along with earning STEEM, which is what you should aim for instead.

Hi Transisto,
I agree to disagree. You are correct, it does mean anything on Steemit itself. It is not used when calculating the curation or the weigth of your comment.
But it is useful to get noticed. The human brain is a strange thing. I'm sure that lots of people on Steemit, while not even try to read a post from a Steemian with a reputation below 30. That's why it is hard to get noticed in the beginning. If your reputation is above 50 people are more tempting to read your post.
According to me people do use 3 criteria when deciding to read a post (excluding the one on their feed):

  1. The title of the post (people should think about their title, cause this is the first whan people notice)
  2. The value of the post (trying to get some curation)
  3. The reputation of the author (are they credible or not)
    So yes, reputation is worthless in term valuation, but no it is important to get noticed.
    A question to all readers from this reply: do you use the 3 criteria above or not. Be honest with yourself.
    Steem is of course the most valuable asset and people should indeed focus on this, but I do have the feeling that building up Steem is much easier with a higher rep.
    My 2 cents.

Thanks for adding your insight here, @fullcoverbetting. You make some good points as well for someone like me on my second active day on Steemit. It does seem a bit complex the way it works and slowly, but surely, I'm getting there. All the best

Welcome dear. Yes growth seems slow, but we will get there in due time through consistence and persistence. Have a great time here!

Thanks for the welcome and encouragement, @yowanetwork It is greatly appreciated.

i feel the same way too, a bit overwhelming and complex but for sure i will stick with it for a longer term as i truly hate facebook LOL

Me too. Facebook should be called "fakebook" LOL

i agree with you bro we always avoid posts of low reputation

Sorry to ask, but why?
Like you receive some sorta help and some people got interested in your posts and opinions, maybe a lot of low reps (like me) really, but really have something interesting to say, to add and share, I think we all need the same opportunity. In the end you and others high reps, don't lose anything.
It's a win/win situation, right ? ;-)

Feel the same. Looking at the situation with positivity, a low rep can help you concentrate on having fun and creating content you support 100%.
Any upvote you will receive will be just a recognition of your effort, staying true to yourself.

Signed by
a low rep guy :)

I also sometimes skip over low rep posts or comments, and I'm not sure why. But if they are higher reputation, I will read them fully. Reputation seems to be a sub-conscious method of assigning an account its own value.

What would GaryVee say right now @mynlo?
Same thing he said about those metrics (likes and follows) people pay attention to on Instagram, though very important to have it shouldn't rob of your peace of mind.
It's a journey, enjoy it.

Thx for your honesty Jassi! I do think more people do this but they are just afraid to admit it.

well dang lol

I wonder if you awoid posts with low reputation how is it possible for new steemians to get higher reputation? Or is it the iTunes to be, the ones with high reputation only votes for others with high reputation? It makes me feel sad and helpless....

I am just joining the platform and really still all about learning the ropes at this point. Your reply has helped me in certain way. Thank you for the comment.

Welcome, yea sometimes it just takes time my friend

thank you fullcoverbetting. from what i've gathered, reputation here is like building rome - not happening in a day!

You can say that again, its like building legos with no instructions

those 3 points are my anchor, I have make then my daily practice and they are helping to climb gradually, I'm sure it would help anybody who desire to grow.

I agree these have helped me build quickly!

so am I, that's for the feedback

Thank you for sharing your good guide steemit. it's good for a beginner. However, I just want to enjoy this without a headache :D
Thanks :)

That's a very fair point. I back you on this one

I cannot agree more. I have seen posts of people with higher reputation earning more. Even just comments do. So to me reputation is everything to go by

I always check the title of post first. If the title is interesting I check reputation of author. If his reputation is under average then I skip the post. If it is okay then I open it and read.

After that I finally decide if he deserves my meaningless upvote or not :)

Slow and steady wins the race, you def have the right idea buddy!

Why do you skip the post based on rep?
For all tou know it is the next Orca in the ocean. Writing excellent posts!
Remember we all had to start there. Some of us are lucky that they know a dolphin or higher, who upvotes the posts which makes the rep go up fast!
But lots of us don’t have this privilege.
I don’t want to critize you, I’m just curious!

To make this clear I skip posts if the author has less than 20 rep. Usually there is a reason why someone got downvoted (plagiarism, spamming, copy-paste commenting and so on).

However if someone has reputation under 5, it actually makes me curious and I check his post and profile to see how he managed to get it so low :)

Okay, thx for clearing this out. I do understand that a rep of 20 is a little bit icky! You did not wrote what average was.
Guess we are on the same page then!

That's fair, it was not until recent that I looked at it that way.

Thank you for this response! I agree and it's super useful for me since I'm still a newbie and haven't had enough time to really dive in and learn more about this platform.... thank you :)

Makes perfect sense, thank you.

Let's not forget having someone of higher rep vote for you.

It will require a lot of effort, but I suppose we are here due to this reason: effort = value :)

Well said

Well some of us are here for value only :) Just saw like 10 "help me comments"

well i think that would be nice if you get lucky to find a contributor. I propose a new format of big power contributors to host a power circle... if there is such a thing. say five who have 300 or better power who share among themselves.... this should have been done already. then we invite more for say a 3 percent referral fee. and basically every 7 days someone will have an award of the curation. so lets start with me and hope for a big drop on this post and in 7 i will return the favor to all that contributed after power exchange.

Do you have a source for this? I have heard that rep is a purely UI value. I believe it is purely rshares that determines rise or drop in rep.

Going to do more research but, if anybody knows the answer, it would be appreciated.

thanks transisto for your explanation about reputation. I will keep my reputation above zero.

i am new to this, and have to learn a lot,

Same, welcome! Great that steemit is on top of approving new accounts. :)

Me too , started yesterday ,good luck :)

Welcome to steemit

Metric system should be required for Full Member and above. Some ICOs run bounty campaign on Steemit and I have to create an account. My 1st post reading and comment on Steemit. Give me a hand :)

Done, Good luck to you!

Near useless is a great way to describe it. And in some way detrimental because it carries so little value. I find myself looking at scores before commenting...and constantly have to remind myself that it might be someone who just joined. I'm sure people use it as a gauge of who to interact I did with your comment. See I did it again...dammit :)

If your rep is 25, I bet you that hardly anyone looks at your content. It's like advertising, the actual advertisement will bring you no money, but the people seeing the ad will come in and buy. Just look at the trending and Hot posts... Almost 99% are 55 rep and above, so yes it does help. A lot.

How do you feel about people below 25? @jfolkmann

Depends. I curate so I have to look for 25s as well...but I have to remind my self to do so. Remember that people are new.

I can respect that.

Rating are always a little crazy...I don't have a perfect solve. It always gets messy.

That was honest!

I feel good and bad at the same time...

Welcome to steemit

I just started 2 days ago, but if people think like this it scares me that I might just stay stuck at 25.

You said it right @transisto .I saw people having a reputation as high as 70 having very small SP and the people having very small number as rep,to say -17, having a higher SP! But one thing is,people will judge one just by looking at his/her reputation.

Thanks @transisto for this,it takes hard work but i will try to stay above zero.i have followed you on steemit so that i can make it on steemit just like you.

great point , i still find this post a little helpful tho

Love u r post thank you so much for helping me and understanding what I want to learn and here I m going to follow you ....keep posting and helping me love u

First of all I congratulate you that it was a great post, second, I think that an important part is if you have the possibility to invest in steem power since this will give you more possibilities to support other users and that is why it will encourage you to follow you, thing Very common with users with reputations above 65 who sometimes spend days without publishing and their followers multiply,
If your recipe of 6 steps we add the investment of steem power, which also produces more market capitalization everything is excellent.
a practice for the new ones could be, part of the generated SBD, become steem and then steem power, and thus give a faster push to the growth of the account value! Maybe it does not look so fun in the short term but then everything will be more fabulous!
or at least from my point of view.

Excellent post for the newest ones in the fish tank.

Greetings from Venezuela.

I'd go as far as saying keep it above 24 for sure. Also I would disagree about calling the Rep "useless". It keeps people motivated to climb and stay here.

I agree with you ... these steps above is the theory ... the practice is totally different ... just look at the quality of the comments ... 99% of the comments are simply there just to be boosted... almost no comments are like this one you made, and the replies below ... this is rare over here...

Most of the Steem users are here just to get Steem, not to produce good content and create an active and fun community!

Guess who will profit more in the end? The ones who are genuine or the other?

You both are basically on the same page because by doing all that is listed in the post, you'd earn steem and subsequently, your reputation increases... I finf this article useful as today is my first day on the platrform..

When you want to Flag them but see their Steem power lol

good one! hahaha

Thanks for the insight, @transisto It's day 2 here for me of being active and there seems to be so much more to learn on steemit. All the best

Sir ,can you give tips on how to increase or to get more steem?

very good publication @endrysm

muy buena publicacion

I thought reputation helps make your post popular and allow more persons to see it

some of us write quality this but we dont get the upvote we what can we do to improve @transisto

thanks for the interesting point of view now i will need to analyze both and compare as I am new

very good publication

yes sir i agree wiIMG-5a4a47929fe613921b8b01d70ca5ab6c-V.jpg

Yes you are right.

You can comment heaven and earth, even do fifty perday. It does nothing much to your rep.

It is something that comes organically along with earning STEEM. I know what to aim for.

Thank you @transisto I got this

you get my vote

Just based on the new user experience, I would say reputation when starting off can be very useful. Only time will tell how good/useful it can be in the long run. Most humans respond to reputation points or are attracted by a good follower count which in turn gets them to look at posts then upvote and so on ...

Earning more STEEM. How best can you do that on steem?

Use bots to maximize the rewards of all your posts. That will increase your reputation very fast.

Isn't forbidden? You will be not banned for this?

No, you can't get banned, but some people down vote you if you use bots just for earnings, bots are for promotion.

You are not supposed to make extra money from bots, you are suppose to make money from the extra upvotes that the bots bring from visibility.

I agree. Actually buy votes from bots usually doesn't bring you extra income compared with what you paid. It just makes your post notable to more people.

We are always looking to increase our reputation by posting funny memes and good writing from our group.

We will work more to comment on others work and be a larger part of Steemit.

I think reputation is not matter.
In kr, whales have helped newbie which has under 55 reputation.
but i agree ur post.
good contents will spread steemit.

Nice ..
Anyone who works hard will be successful in his work, thanks for the tips
For more creativity


It’s definitely already amazing in my opinion and could put Facebook in the dirt after we catch traction and fix some of the issues, but everyone listen to these rules! It will do you good, it will do Steemit good, and it will do the price of Steem good as well.

Great post, like to see posts with this type of quality because this is what we need to be a sustainable platform and take of the whole world 😊👌🏼👊🏼

I use to worry a lot about my reputation and stats but now I don't really care lol I use steemit purely for fun and to learn and gauge how the crypto market is feeling. It's not really for profit for me just fun :)

I think Steemit is a platform you can actually use to make some spare cash. But then I understand one needs to put dedicated hours into it. It's like building a business. Invest and back it up with work. The more you invest, the better it is. I;d recommend a 10k backing and two blogs a day. The issue is, I don;t have that 10k spare to invest. But i'd like to do it sooner rather than later. When steem is really down.

This is a great idea for investors out there...If you really have the money, you can increase your reputation overnight, just buy enough Steem and convert it into SP and sure your reputation will shoot up.

Steemit reputation score increases overnigh if steemian invest in steem power. The increased reputation is due the stake investor has in the flutuaion of steem that why they have more wieghted votes. i think its logical.

nice posts, congrat

wou is great, I like the way you explain in detail How to Increase we Reputation Score on Steemit and also explanation and easy to understand

may I attach your article link, at the end of my article for some time, so that new steemian in my area of Aceh, Indonesia can read and study it

many thanks my friend

Thanks for the tips! Upvoted!!

It is informative to me! Thanks!

Definitely some great advice thanks, I’m one of those who needs all the help they can get. Cheers mike

I love it when my score goes up!!

So this is definitely something which I believe helps people to keep motivated.

Commenting on other peoples blogs is a great way to increase new followers and also find others who are interested in the same content.

I find blogging every 2/3 days works for me as you need time to research a topic before putting everything together.
Great post and thanks for sharing.

Yes well said, I have a 55 so maybe my upvote here helps you !!!

buying some big votes from the top voting bots can also give a big jump in reputation :D

So I dont really have anything to say but I am just gonna comment here cause your post told me its good to !

I just gave you a 100% upvote for this one! lol

Oh the irony of this exchange, lol :)

Haha, nice comment :)

Good advice, thanks. I've noticed that some people expect to join Steem and get rich quickly, but it doesn't work that way. Slow and steady will win the race. People who work hard will get their just rewards over time.

Can't get a rep if you don't interact lol Good post!

hi my name is brampu, i am a newcomer in steemit. I hope we can establish relationships and help each other. thanks.

hi brampu, i am new in steemit too

few words ,,, for a very good response

Why Thanks!!

Exactly, there's a lot of us! :D

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Its really helpful, but I want to know that how can I post videos that i have stored on my computer ? please help me to resolve that. In FAQ I have that there is only way to post videos is by submitting a youtube or dtube links.

Here is a video on how to upload a video to @dtube

It may not be linked to increased power but it’s a hallmark of your legacy and participation here. More power to you (pardon the pun!)

Solid advice! Happy to see I'm doing a lot of them already. It's the meaningful replies that I find the toughest. You can't fake it. You have to have something genuine to say and contribute. What's your top crypto pick for 2018? <3

I have just jumped on Steem this morning for the first time. (I finally received my highly anticipated activation email!) This is succinct and extremely helpful for beginners. Thanks for the assistance. :) I am as happy as a crab (see image for proof)


Welcome to Steemit @phoebz you are on your way to a stellar reputation, especially if you follow this good advice.


Today is my first day on Steemit as well. I had to wait a very long time for the activation email but I am truly excited that I got my invite to the party.

So how is your rep at 37? haha, Just an honest question from a 3 week old steemian.

I really don't know to be honest. Maybe it is because I have an established Social Media following on Youtube? I host a channel called Coin Stories that is focused on teaching people about cryptocurrencies.

I truly do love this platform so far and have been posting a lot as well.
Either way, hope you have a great day.

Same here , I was waiting for 1 month to get approval. Welcome gill and lets rock it.
Warm greeting from Indonesia @jsweeeps

I have been told that good things are worth waiting for.

I would love to visit Indonesia some day. I have a few friends that live there that I must visit someday soon.

You can come anytime you like friend, visit your friend and find so many interesting and beautiful tourist destinations here in Indonesia. You will not regret :)

How did your reputation flew from the normal 25 to 37 in just one day?

I honestly have no idea but I'll take it.

Did you purchase Steem with fiat & power up to Steem Power? This may help.

I have no done that yet but I will look into. Thank you for the suggestion.

Thank you so much.

Looking forward to learning this new platform

lol nice, good luck to you here on Steemit!

yey, just got my confirmation today, signed up two weeks ago. Thanks for the good advice!

very good publication @endrysm

Well it looks like your getting your reputation points higher by buying votes with the bid bots, why not cover that part of it? Surely its a much more effective method then anything you listed in the post!

this is an incredible help for those who are starting in this service, thank you very much

Excellent post @reseller.Basically to increase your reputation score ,a dolphin or a whale 's upvote can make all the difference.

Really its so helpful for me.
i am a minnow & i will try to follow this tips.

This comment has received a 0.12 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @mahadihasanzim.

This one’s a good read. I have been Steeming since December 2017 but never did I realized until now that commenting on other author’s posts play a big role in my influence and reputation. Thanks.

Great advice.. It seems like it took me a year to get from 66 to 67.. I wonder if it takes longer the higher you get 🤔