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RE: A post of much greater value. How to increase your VOTE COUNT dramatically, just like the big fish do.

in #steemit6 years ago

Wow, you always know how to get people attention, I envy you for that. I've noticed many steemit community member used this approach.
But I thought, it's not a good business. But your explanation crack everything out and seeing that many people who doesn't believe in such approach, will now encouraged and have a bit more confident to start "trading" used the approach you explained to improve their upvote.
The post is very educating for community members to get an option "do or don't" as you give them clear details explanation on how it's work, sample as well as benefit of the approach. Keep educating, and look forward for you next post related to this issue. Is there anyway to increase voting count in the comment for the post? Is it works the same way or it's only for main post not a comment?


Thank you my friend for the very kind comments. I certainly appreciate them.

I'm going to show how you can get more votes on your comments soon, stick around.


You bet I will mate. I think now I know which post among other educational post that I shouldn't miss. One of it is your post, the way you wrap it up is so easy to understand. I believe there are no good knowledge and bad knowledge, what determine good and bad is the way and purpose of the knowledge used. Keep educating with the knowledge you have and let the people decide for them-self what to do with the knowledge they got. I believe your contribution will shape the future of the platform. Amin.

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