Steem is creating euphoria among Indian bloggers

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Hello from India. I am an adsense publisher as well a bitcoiner. I am regular at various Startup, Entrepreneurship and Blogging related meetups in India. Most of the people I meet are well versed with ad earning through web publishing, but not so much into cryptocurrency. I tried to discuss bitcoin with them before, but somehow it did not ignite them much. Recently, in a few meetup, I casually mentioned Steem to them and explained how people are earning Steem dollar just by blogging. Something sparked! To my surprise, I found more & more people are coming to me and enquiring about Steem. It appeared, that after learning about Steem from me, they opened an account at within a few minute and little confused about few terminologies. The main questions are...

i. What are the three balances in wallet, i.e. Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollars ?

ii. How to convert blog earning to INR ?

I am also learning about this platform and tried to explain them at my best. Hopefully, people here will also help me to explain things better...

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These are awesome informative article. It seems, only Steem Dollars can be converted to Steem. To convert Steem Power to Steem, one needs to wait 2 years. Is that correct ?

Thanks! Yes, Correct.

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