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RE: A call to separation of powers in Steemit

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I helped moderate the biggest Buddhist chat board on the net back in the early to mid 2000s, we deal with these issues through a voting system of moderators. The members never knew or saw all the discussions we had, the struggles and work dealing with so called disruptive or abusive posters. Eventually we were sued by a rogue Zenner, Zennist are such a pain in the ass...hahaha...hacking also took place and when the board lost all its data. Anyway, I don't know if this place has a moderators forum or posting rules, this may help. Ego/reputation, and with this board, money, on the eternet and coupled anonymity bring out the worst in people.


Thanks for sharing your experience, it’s definitely something that can be used in Steemit!

This place is very calm compared to the chat boards like Buddhism.alt and esangha, people don't want to lose reputation and potential of making money. I can understand how this would lead to fear of speaking up...I'm tired of fighting so usually I don't get involved, most communities have rules...every species I know of has a pecking order of some kind, it helps keep order when. Let's say, dogs for an example know their place in the pack, this helps keep order and amazingly is soothing to the dogs. Without pack order dogs become very nervous and act out...So posting rules really helps...People Are also not very logical or reasonable and we also have people from all over the world with differing social rules, much like esangha, a fact sheet might help with a board of moderates that are elected that represent the flora and fauna here...

Well said indeed, I think written rules are a requirement, people cannot be punished when no rules are explicitly defined.

Even anarchist have social rules ....haha, people will whine, but just like dogs feel better knowing where they stand in the pack.

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