What I noticed using Steemit for a week

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I've been using the platform for one week
staying active and posting once a day (I tried to).
I didn't expect that I'll be rewarded a penny for
my first posts but I did for few of them.
I'm still a newbie here and I have a lot of things to figure
out but I have a few things that I want to share with you.

So while I was exploring the site , I found some amazing
and talented creators , that write breath taking content!
I will share and give them heads up on another post but
this post I'll be talking about few thing I really don't like
about Steemit and I find silly.

Now most of you might know what STEEM power is and
I'm not going to explain it. Apparently the mote power
you have the more power your upvote gives .
If you noticed in the up,right corner of your post you'll
find a flag. Now this flag powers your post down. And
people can flag your content without having to
explain what they don't like or find offensive, and if the
persons who's flagging you has a lot of STEEM , well..
...your post is going downhill.

What I find stupid about this is that your content can be
powered down by one person with enough steem power.
Something that you created put time and effort in to it just
that someone could flag it and stop you from growing.
Also why isn't there a moderator or someone to look in to
all those flagged posts and decide if they get powered down?!
I mean make the system work in a different way . If a post gets
more than a 100 flags to be send on a moderator to decide
whether the content gets powered down or not .

If you go tho the exploring page , open it up and scroll down
you can see that most of the articles and posts are about
cryptocurrency , "business", bitcoins (AND MOSTLY BITCOIN RELATED).
Steemit as a social media platform is a well build system but
I don't like talking about Bitcoins , Cryptocurrencies and apparently
those are the only things that go in to "trending" and "hot" section.
Also is quite hard to find what you're looking for in the categories , because
not all tags are included.

3.Still BETA?
Not that I'm in a rush but the site was launched March 2016 ,now we're almost 2018?

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