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Acne is a common disease , every 4 out of 10 people in their life have to face such kind of problem. People who suffering from acne always feel guilty and ashamed , less confident,THey always feel ashamed to show their face in college schools, how ever, no need to worry at all . if you have acne you need to clean your face keep your face dry ,
And there are some remedy that help to cure in acne.

USe multani mud mask to restore oily skin

apply lemon and honey together on skin daily.

Apply apple cider vinegar to kill off acne bacteria

apply mud with mixed honey if you have oily skin

always use antibacterial soap

Neem gel or Neem soap easily available in market is very helpful for oily skin and acne conditions.

If you eat healthy diet. take full sleep, do not take stress ,use fiber more in food avoid constipation so it will help your body to get rid .people who suffer acne mostly patient of poor diet or constipation. so drink lot of water at least 8 glass a day , avoid spicy and fry food.
Me Myself suffered from acne in young age because my diet was poor and full of burgers , shawarma so i always have pimples and acne on my face . first i changed my diet eat good fruits and vegetables , daily drink lot of water and drink aloe vera and neem juice which help me to purify my blood and after much hard word i got rid of acne and all acne disappeared i am getting old now and still do not have any acne again in my life.
People who take more fiber in their food always remain healthy and youthful in their life.

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