Steemvoter, how and why.

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I recently setup Steemvoter on my account,

And it has proved to be quite the time-saver. I knew about this program for a while, but didn't get it set-up until @jerrybanfield made a blog about it, (which I apologize for not being able to find, to link back to him).

Steemvoter is an excellent program that allows you to set up to 500 rules, (for bloggers you want to upvote), and set the percentage and the time delay for upvoting.

Steem Voter   Free Voting Bot For All Steem Users.jpg

(Note: In order to get 500 rules, you must pay just 3 SBD per month, for this service)

So many times I have scrolled through my feed, and noticed incredible blogs that I missed- Only to discover that my voting power was too low to catch it. Now, with Steemvoter, I can vote first; Read and comment later.

As a budding witness, this also has allowed me the opportunity to add my supporters to my autovoter, so even when I am away, I can send my thanks. Of course, as I grow my account- My upvotes will become more, and more valuable.

If you would please consider casting a vote for me as a witness, and I will continue to honor my support for the community as I laid out in my first blog:

To cast your vote;

Step 1; open this link-

Step 2; type my name rcarter.witness and click on vote :D


As always,

Reinvest in yourself, because charity starts at home.



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Steemvoter really sounds like the real deal, there nice are blogs here we wouldn't want to miss. Thanks for sharing @rcarter.witness.

I chose you as witness. But i did not know what to do, i filled in your name, and than your name comes up small and in blue with a little arrow when ipress the arrow your name is gone. It leaves me with the feeling did i do it right?

Hello Janine, and thanks for the support.

When you click it a second time, it unvotes a witness, and removed your vote.

I am mobile and traveling, otherwise I'd send a screenshot.

Either way, it's the thought that counts!


You are on my very small list. 😁


rob, have a nice day.have a safe travel bro..

anyway ,hoping for your kind consideration to support me also on my article @mrblu page ..thanks bro..

OMG! I missed this trending post of you! I really need that Steemvoter :) I'll check it later when I get home. I just using my phone now. Say Hi to Miss Gil. Enjoy guys!

See, if you had steemvoter...You could have voted first, and commented later.

A lot of resteems crowd our feed.

Thanks for the comment, and Gilaine says "Howdy".


Wow, that is very helpful to us @rcarter.witness

All the feature if that steemvoter will somehow helps us in autovote someone we like esp those very informative blog.

Thumbs up to you buddy!

Although I understand the motivation for using a bot like this is to maximize reward potential, bots like this are counterproductive as they undermine the purpose of the upvote. It's kind of like vote spam. Ultimately gimmicks like this fail in the long run because they don't create real value for the community.

I have to disagree. My witness project is dedicated to helping the Filipino community, and 90% of my votes go to them. This keeps them a bit more motivated to continue producing better blogs, and gets the community more attention.

When you say it doesn't create real value, how does it not? I preach constant reinvestment, and if they do reinvest in themselves, it keeps Steem and SBD on the platform.

And like I have said numerous times in my past blogs, this account will never power down. I also spend a lot of my own money boosting my blogs, to grow my account value which in return will allow me to give more money back to the community.

By utilizing upvote bots, it is essentially paying for advertising, and helping the boosters grow...which in return allows more people to spend their SBD on this site, to increase their account value.

The reason is is absolutely not spam, is because I choose the power and timing of my vote, and who to send it to. I think minnowbooster does great stuff for the community, but I feel many of their votes go to accounts that dont stay active.

My votes are staying in the Filipino community.

I hope this made sense, hard to write this and edit it while I am walking in a mall.


hi sir i'm also your supporter , kindly see my post @mrblu thanks...^^ a also friend of purepinay ^^ .i will also volunteer to be your witness..thanks and more power..

It's not that YOU personally are not producing value, and not that the bot isn't producing value FOR YOU, it's that a bot itself isn't capable of creating value for the community. Even though you set certain parameters it is not curating the content as a human would, so it is essentially spamming the system with upvotes. Unless you are going through and manually reviewing all the upvotes it's not creating real value. It's a simulation. Maybe it gets it right a lot of the time, but ultimately these systems break down because they require human input in order to continue to create real value for humans.

It's the best I can do. Sorry if I'm not steeming in the method you believe is best.

However, I'd much rather use autovoter for the community I want to help, over letting my voting power go to waste..
Especially when I am traveling, or too busy to catch all the blogs.

Manually, I can only read,reply, and curate so many blogs in a day. Steemit isn't my full-time job. It's not a perfect system.

It really doesn't matter what I want, it's not about me. You can vote however you like, it is you that this will affect as it backfires in the long run. It's same analogy as blackhat SEO versus whitehat. There is no perfect system and that is my point. Less is more my friend.

I agree with @steinstein. As an aspiring witness you seem to be missing the point of this platform, real engagement.

Rather, many people seem to be in a mad scramble to the top and using automated tools, regardless of how it degrades the quality of the community.

And I don't think you have paid much attention to the real engagement I have been involved in.

I reply personally to many comments, and never leave generic "great blog, thanks for sharing" posts.

It does not degrade the community. As I wrote in my blog, I do it so I do not miss blogs, and waste voting power. I also go back through, and check the blogs day in and out.

The bloggers that are doing better, I increase the voting power. And those that are slacking, I decrease and give them advice on how to improve.

Also, I am holding a Steemit conference in Cebu City, Philippines... Which will have 200+ members in attendance, and I am flying in 2 speakers from other islands.

My witness support lies in the Filipino community, and if you do not see that I am helping... I wish there were more I could do, with 24 hours in a day.


Being a Steemit Witness is for the whole Steemit community, not just a selection of people. Steemit witnesses improve the platform for everyone, are the ones that get the votes.

And I have to disagree. I pay $140 a month for the Steemit server, for the entire community.

My witness project is to help the Filipino community.

I'm definitely allowed to choose where to dedicate my efforts where they are most needed, and where my heart is.

Many witnesses have projects they are passionate about, this is mine.

How would you witness, if you decided to?

I have put my vote behind Steem witnesses that build features or services that the whole community can use. They also pay money to run their Steemit servers.

And those are technical witnesses.

Some, are social witnesses.

Who do you think is behind steemvoter? Or any of these other bot voters? Witnesses. Most, are in the top 20.

And you are full of it only voted for one barely active witness, and you pull your money off the platform via power down.

Sure you are a good artist, how about you give back to the community in contests and teach newcomers how to paint?

Instead, you want to criticize my actions.

I wish I had more SP to raise my upvotes and witness votes. I have a set proxy and he's already voted for you.

Thanks, I appreciate the support.

SP compounds, so just keep reinvesting in yourself ;)

That's the hard part for many people, when they make a good blog, to resist pulling the money off the site.


You're welcome. Thank you for that suggestion of yours. I will take that into consideration.

@rcarter.witness thanks for posting about steem voter. More users should use this because it is fantastic, it saves time and also gives you the chance of catching that authors post witihn the first 30mins. For users with low rep can only get 3 rules (authors with set VP rules) a day but this increases when the users VP increases. ATM my VP is 100%=$0 and my rep is 43 but I use steem voter everyday & I have a lot of authors that I have added to my rules and I can change my 3 selections each day. There is one thing I should point out, with each vote decreases your VP so selecting authors that post 3-5 posts a day will decrease your VP fast. I found this out last week when steem voter had upvoted 13 posts from my 3 selections and I had my own upvotes which reduced my VP to 37% so I had to slowly build up my VP over the next week. BUT STEEM VOTER is a very good tool & I will continue to use it as I am now aware of my VP. Also take into account the time that steem voter may upvote for you. In my case I was in bed and had upvoted some posts throughout the day but I didn't take steem voter into consideration so within 24hrs I had upvoted TOO MANY TIMES.

Yes, I agree. It takes awhile to fine-tune it, so you don't burn down your vp. When I find bloggers I like, but post too often...I drop their voting % down to reflect that.

@rcarter.witness Thank you so much bro Rob for always supporting us,and listing me one of your steemvoter rules..

Keep safe and God Bless there in Thailand..

You do it yourself Bien!

Just stay motivated, and keep steeming. I was actually talking to @purepinay about you the other day. Out of many in the community, you are one of the few that continues reinvesting in yourself.

To achieve long-term success, and to grow with steemit, this is always a necessary step.


Agree bro!Yes i really need it Bro :)

Nice, thanks for your continuous support Rob, take care both of you. Say hi to Gillaine :)

She said hello back. She delivered me a soupy, melted dairy Queen because she got lost in the mall here. Haha.

Haha you should go with her shopping :P

She's a machine. my feet are barking ;)

really good step you took on the steem voter you will be able to support the minnows now who try to post quality work with a good vote rather than randomly voting

That was my intention, although many people dont like the idea of an autovoter :)


probably reason is that, autoupvote tends to follow a particular command and if the user does not meet this requirement is post is automatically jumped, unlike humans we tend to upvote even if the post does not qualify or meet our expectations sometimes and we also partial sometimes especially to friends or close ones but with autoupvote nothing of such

This deserves some attention. Upvoted and resteemed :]

Just took a peek @ your wallet sir Rob! Your tactic is a success and I will be employing this the moment I can accrue 3 SBD. Just in this post alone you have earned more than I have slaving like a madman on tha Steemit for nearly 6 months with 669 'followers' . . . nice work - thanks for this tip.

I'm glad you went meta, on us all :)

I don't mind spending $100 to boost my blogs, because right now, I see Steem as being incredibly undervalued.

This is a very effective way in profiting from the platform! If Steem moves from where it is today, to $1.30 where it has touched 500 times in the past 6 months... Every dollar you make today, would effectively be worth 30% more.

And this is also why I think its equally as important, not to power down. Anyone that is powering down, or sending Steem off-platform is losing a lot of value. A lot of their sold Steem, came from a time when Steem was worth $1.25-$2.00... I guess they don't realize they are losing 25+ percent.

And never forget, charity starts at home. The more we make, the more we can give


Hi RC, thanks for that info.. sounds like another good tool for us to use.. :)

Works great for me :)

Although I have to move VP around, to give those who do better, a higher amount.


Oh. Another automated voting system?
After few years, this community will be flooded with bots only. No human interaction will be seen I guess.
Now only voting bot. After a while there will be "comment bot" too.

Well, this is already possible, and is currently happening. Community policing works, and when new changes come to Steemit, witnesses that maintain the server vote on changes to the platform.

This is yet another reason why it is important to keep your witnesses in check, and to follow-up on their promises to the communities they are supporting.

Thanks for your comment!


Oh really? I haven't seen such promotion yet. May be will see soon.

Very informative and helpful article buddy. Thanks for sharing this 😊

I don't know about all those criticism you're getting but I approve of your actions 100%. Good job!

Hey @rcarter.witness great and informative post! Thank you for your contribution.

Alternatively, for someone who really doesn't know where their voting power should be going, you can consider utilizing the @streemian trail!

All you have to do is to indicate a community leader who will then delegate your voting power for you on your behalf.

I am currently delegating voting power to @minnowsupport as I really do believe there is further need for the supporting of new content creators on Steemit for them to gain traction.

God Speed Brethren.

Steemvoter that sounds great that for informing now 😊 this was so much helpful 👍

Lo importante de la vida es aprender, lo bueno es que la información aparece tarde o temprano, gracias a cada persona que presenta información de interés, creceremos en steemit , apoyo contaste.

The important thing in life is to learn, the good thing is that information appears sooner or later, thanks to each person who presents information of interest, we will grow in steemit, support contaste.

This post has received a 83.83 % upvote from @boomerang thanks to: @rcarter.witness

@boomerang distributes 100% of the SBD and up to 80% of the Curation Rewards to STEEM POWER Delegators. If you want to bid for votes or want to delegate SP please read the @boomerang whitepaper.

I've noticed that even SteemVoter too skips voting some of the posts, sometimes it shows them voted up but in reality it hasn't cast any vote there.

I'm planning to move on to SteemAuto now though it's in beta as of now but would like to give it a try. How about you?

I only noticed that it does this when you already voted manually, before steemvoter kicks in. Then it will show an X.

If you would please consider casting a vote for me as a witness, and I will continue to honor my support for the community as I laid out in my first blog

Thanks @rcarter.wit

Oh. Another automated voting system?
After few years, this community will be flooded with bots only. No human interaction will be seen I guess.
Now only voting bot. After a while there will be "comment bot" too.

Upvote for you on this one. It's a fantastic one. I've also heard of Steemvoter before but never took action on it either. I will start paying attention from now on

Ok nice article. But its not helping with my issue. I can't get in to the site to set up a account. If I hit a link or type the address in I get a window requesting a user name and password. I didn't set one up. So I don't get why I'm seeing this. Does any one know how to fix this?

This post has received a 25.44 % upvote from @buildawhale thanks to: @rcarter.witness. Send at least 0.50 SBD to @buildawhale with a post link in the memo field for a portion of the next vote.

To support our daily curation initiative, please vote on my owner, @themarkymark, as a Steem Witness

This post has received a 61.71 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @rcarter.witness.

Hi sir.thanks given information

Will give this a shot, thanks for the info

What I really want is actual readers. If we are producing excellent content for nobody to read, what is the point? How does Steemit remain a viable enterprise? Part of what attracted me here, when I signed up, was the high quality of the posts, the opportunity to have real dialogue with those reading what I was working so hard to produce. If indeed Steemit is going to overtake something like FB or Twtr, then it has to have more than just the idea that you can earn money. Otherwise what we end up with is a platform where the posts are like "typewriter ribbon", and a picture, or "Please upvote, and Resteem!", leaving the actual readers saying, "WHY?"!

I agree.

But do you think people actually read on Facebook?

Twitter, sure. Because of the text keeps our attention.

I read a ton...Always have. Always will.

Using steemvoter doesn't destroy the integrity of my votes, since I go through and make changes almost daily. @allmonitors I bumped up to 50% because I love his street photography, and @emonemolover I bumped down because she is posting too much, and her blogs are reflecting that.

Those are two, of many instances where steemvoter comes in handy. Also, don't forget the glaring issue we have with steemit now, where resteems flood your feed...

This makes it very difficult to see your followed blogger's material, and to upvote it. On steemvoter, it shows you a log of what you voted for, and allows me to click a direct link.

There are many ways to Steemit, and I believe in the development team, to pull it out of beta, and include some great features that will ensure it's longevity.


I wasn't really complaining about your use of steemvoter, just pointing out that voting is only part of the equation. I often visit other's pages. I don't just read what is in my feed. I also visit the pages of those who voted for me, and frankly I wish I could access a complete list of voters on posts that do very well. Why can't we have a live link to a list of ALL our voters, instead of only seeing a few?

There exists a chrome and Firefox plug-in for steemit that has a lot of great features...I forget the name as I am mobile, but I think it would offer you a lot.


This seems really helpful and useful. I should like to try it sometime, thanks for the info!

Only to discover that my voting power was too low to catch it.

How do you manage your VP among 500 users? this is a problem i am battling with.

I use it to vote for @minnowsupport I like the Witness peogram, however I have never voted for a witness as I am somewhat new. May have to look into that when I get more SP.



Let me be the first to give you a very brief rundown on what witnesses do.

Witnesses are members of the community that maintain Steemit servers, to protect and backup all information transmitted.

All witnesses pay for their own servers, and only the top 20 receive an income that would possibly allow them to quit their regular day jobs.

When changes are implemented on the platform, it is the witnesses that make the votes for the communities they represent.

You should always vote for witnesses that provide a value, as it doesn't cost you anything except a vote.

At any time, if a witness you voted for, isn't pulling his/her can pull your vote.

Thanks for the comment!


I've got it! PAY-PER-VIEW! You and @jerrybanfield mud-wrassel for the 20th spot! We can use the very reliable DTube to stream this puppy. Mayweather-McGregor's got nothin on us! :)

He's miles ahead of me, and puts in so much more work. :)

He's miles ahead of me, and puts in so much more work. :)

Hello rcarter.witness thanks for this info.!!!!

Cool to know about this useful tool. :)

upvoted ^_^


this is my prof


Thanks for your support, Mr. Blu.

And your enthusiasm, is a breath of fresh air as well.

If ever, I don't uphold my vows as a witness, you can surely remove me from your vote.


i will support you my friend...
its been a pleasure to be your followers..^_^ and witness
have a great day..


this is my prof



this is my prof


In fact , Steemvoter is a very buggy service

This is a great tool and a must try. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for thd informative post. I will surely look into it

This wonderful post has received a bellyrub 37.88 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to this cool cat: @rcarter.witness. My pops @zeartul is one of your top steemit witness, if you like my bellyrubs please go vote for him, if you love what he is doing vote for this comment as well.

Nice information ,it will surly help the new users like me .i don,t think this will help me because my reputaion or sp is too low but it will help me to plan for future.
Thanks for the post
I will surly try to use it

Keep in mind that @steemvoter is also using your accounts to upvote for itself. Currently, ​@minnowbooster takes them. You can check​ your activity at

They do use one 100% vote per day on free version. If you pay 3sbd per month, they do not. :)

I did it, Thanks a lot for your post,
I will follow you on @Steemit
See ya

great post like it

the 500 rules is an excellent program advantage I appreciate this information !

Hello sir. This is Auvishek Bhadra. Your post is just awesome. I am very beginner at this stage. Can you please help me! please upvote my post. Its pleasure to me. Thank you sir.


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