How to buy SteemPower as a cryptonoob in 91 EASY Steps.

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STEP 1. Click on buy steem power. "Oh, that looks easy, i'll do it then I can go to gym."

STEP 2. "Is this where I enter my credicard data?"
STEP 3." ..paypal maybe?"
STEP 4. "What is a bitcoin?"
STEP 5. Google "What is a bitcoin?" [ might be unnecessary if you watch Mr.Robot ]
STEP 6. "I'm stupid"
STEP 7. "I'm stupid."
STEP 11. Meditate upon the evolution of currencies and how money are really Ponzi if you really think about it.
STEP 12. "Do I sound smart?"
STEP 13. "Yeah, I do"
STEP 17. "5 more minutes and I'm going"
STEP 18. "crypto is creepy."
STEP 19. Two cryptographers walk into a bar. Nobody else has a clue what they're talking about.
STEP 20.

From the GREAT, one for any ocassion!

STEP 21. "Yeah well, now I get it."
STEP 22. "...God damn it...."
STEP 23. Google "How much is one btc?"
STEP 24. "580$??"
STEP 25. "580$??"
STEP 26. "580$!!!!"
STEP 27. Call friend: "Dude, do you know how much is a bitcoin?"
STEP 28. Google " Is bitcoin kidding me?"
STEP 29. Google "How do I buy bitcoing with paypal"
STEP 30."Buying bitcoins with PayPal is still possible although comes with high fees. "
STEP 31. Google "How do I buy bitcoin with Credit Card?"
STEP 31. Scratch head
STEP 32. "These links look like scams"
STEP 33. ??
STEP 34. ????
STEP 35. This for sure!
STEP 39. "God damn it..."
STEP 50. Google "What's a bitcoin wallet?!"
STEP 51. ......
STEP 51. "Maybe I'll hit the gym tomorrow....!"
STEP 52. "God damn it..."
STEP 53. Get a wallet.
STEEP 54. Buy 1 bitcoin.
STEP 55. "583$?? When did this happen?!?!"
STEP 56. "God damn it.."
STEP 57. Buy bitcoin.

STEP 58. Wait.
STEP 59. Wait.
STEP 60. "How do I send to steemit?!"
STEP 61. "WHOA! that' a long address."
STEP 62. "Where do I enter that?!"
STEP 63. "God damn it..."
STEP 64. Enter the bitcoin address.
STEP 65. "Did I enter the right address??"
STEP 67. "Did I enter the right address??"
STEP 78. "God damn it..."
STEP 79. Triplecheck the address.
STEP 87. ""Did I enter the right address??"
STEP 88. "I'm tired.."
STEP 86. WAIT!!!
STEP 87. Why am I doing this again?
STEP 90. ......
STEP 91. "FUCK THIS! I'm going back to FACEBOOK!"

In conclusion, we really need an option for new people to buy SP with Credit Card directly. That can't be too hard to implement and if we ever want non-cryptheads to join and really interact with the platform, we need to make it easy for them.

I'd also propose some packages that are selling at a certain price for the week.

550 SP - The minnow pack. "700$"
1200SP - The road to dolphin "1400$"
5000SP - Dolphins unite " 7000$ "

Anything to make it easy :)
What do you guy think?

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This. All this.

Steemit just isn't going to "Take off!" as people hope until this is solved. You HAVE to make it easy, if you want to beat FB and the others.

It took a while, but I can easily get my money out. But it took a while to figure it out and get the best price.

(Nice to know, I'm a dolphin. Didn't realize that. So that's cool...)


hehe. generally at about 2000SP is dolphin status. but doesn't matter all that much. Taking money out is easier.
Now, we, non-cryptohead don't understand that it's just not possible to buy crypto with fiat, but I can think of some solutions, i'm sure some other can think of BETTER solutions :)
But yeah, i agree.


You can buy Bitcoin through Coinbase, but it takes a few days for it to settle. Possibly due to the issues mentioned here.


what is current money-out strategy @mctiller?


I transfer Steem Dollars to Bittrex sell those for Bitcoin and then send Bitcoin to Coinbase, and then at Coinbase sell Bitcoin for US dollars. (If that is what you are asking.)

I understand you perfectly. This problem is really urgent, especially for people, who earlier not familiar with the cryptocurrency.
So I started the p2p exchange service is now only within Russia.
SD/STEEM - fiat money (RUB)
STEEM exchange by on0tole

Already now I am planning to enter the European market, accept pay with SEPA in EUR.

Do you think it will be in demand?


At least one thing where the Russian segment is ahead. And best of all @on0tole is a very reputable source. I wonder how soon others will follow in his footsteps. For the widespread adoption bying STEEM needs to be simplified by a lot. As well as selling Steem/SBD for the fiat lf choice.

this is hilarious, but its never going to work.

Merchant accounts, even high risk ones, simply won't let you sell crypto currency. ... im actually looking at potential option to do it via reloadit cards right now, which i think is liekly to be the best bet since theyre in most stores.


have you heard of plutus ? google it!


i had not. I just looked it up. Its really cool, but its going in the wrong direction for what you want. Its way easier to do it in that direction.

Using btc to pay for CC purchases is relatively easy. Using CC to pay for btc purchases is practically impossible.


i guess what i was thinking was that you don't actually buy what you think you buy, you buy a package which send a certain sp in your account and you get send that sp from an account.I'm not sure how would it work

that graphic from, no ?
you should mention your sources !


i reset my vote, since you fixed it.
thanks !


sorry man. wasn't en purpose, i think everyone knows that's xkcd, i would never use it without crediting. no matter what i do in this life, ever, won't equal the greatness of xkcd :) Trust me, respect abound from me. sorry if i gave the wrong impression here


No worries.

Haha, that's exactly what it is like!

So true. The learning curve for cryptocurrencies, noob that I am, seems steep. I have yet to successfully power up because I first kept using my posting password and then the Active seemed to have the wrong number of characters...It's deeply embarassing for the daughter of an IT guy. Just yesterday I fixed something by remembering I'd unplugged it.

I appreciate your sense of humor about the fact that this is common and a barrier to entry. I'd love to buy more steem power! Take my money!


:) i must confess that I am just as much of a noob as you are. That being said, you are still here and by now you should have learnt a bit about crypto right? now all you need is to buy some btc and power up.
It's win-win :D


I'm not sure you can really claim to be a noob. But it's not an issue I'd argue. ;)

That would be good if we could just buy so much power, but then some people will feel like it is unfair that they just bought their dolphin status, haha but then who cares right? ;D


you can buy any kind of power if you have money :) that's not a hidden feature, that button at the top is on main page :D

Still laughing at the guide, a good one... :)

It is really good idea to add an option for people that have no idea about crypto currencies to get easy access to Steem Power without having to go through all of the process of learning about them if they don't want to. I was even discussing that about one of my posts earlier today.

So the only problem is that if you add direct PayPal and Credit Card purchases then you have to deal with fraudulent transactions as well. This has been often a problem for sites that wanted to allow their users to purchase crypto with PayPal and Credit Cards directly.


as i said. I really am a noob. but i can think of a few ways to circumvent this problem. But right now, the barrier of entry, EVEN if you have some money is rather high :)

we really need an option for new people to buy SP with Credit Card directly. ..

I agree, this is something needed in the near future.


not happening.. CC merchants will never go for it, and even if they would, CB risk is too high

Currently going to work and this makes me laugh.


my job here is done!

This post was hilarious. And somehow helpful at the same time!


what's steemit without a bit of humour? :D

Hahahaha I converted all to SB, because until now is not much and my life is not going to change with 500 dolars lol But, I have to say that I already googleed same as in your post and I had kind of the same thoughts :-) I totally relate to it


well, i never had to buy SP. But if i had, i'd be in a world of trouble. even now, sendint btc from address to address panics me

couldn't agree more there has to be a way to simplfy the whole process.

You make me smile! Crazy 91 steps!

Yes, yes .. we don't talk whales that's why we're minnows. I'thought you're in The Netherlands though, we don't have to pay anything to get a wallet. I just registered and the first time they asked me to just transfer 1 euro cent to it and buy just a part of a bitcoin and keep buying parts till you own several ones. Then if you want more steempower then you need to try to go to exchange sites but that part I haven't tried doing yet although I know that the short cut to being a whale is owning much steempower - but you actually already have a great lot steempower so how about try learning trading ;) Then perhaps later we'll learn to talk whales - tough language to learn sighs