2019 Steem Silver Round!

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2019 Steem Silver Round!

Well eveyone please forgive me, I am by far a cumputer genius. This has been a difficult challenge for me but I think we are ready.

Screenshot_20190908-195726_Samsung Internet.jpg

The website is ready and updated. The new design is listed and looks good. All contact information has been changed over and we will go live on September 14th 2019.

Give it a look and let me know what cha think just click right here

Now this will be pre-orders only and we are planning on sticking with the 1500 mintage. Once we get to 1000 rounds pre-sold then we will place the order. The reverse die will cost us $850.00 and we will beable to reuse the 2018 obverse die. Right now the coins will cost us roughly $25.50 each, this price includes the $850 die cost and the premium over spot that the mint charges for the minting of the round.



You will have until Saturday at 1pm CST to submit your proof of ownership. At this time all COA'S will be open to buy. They only way a COA will not be sold is if Proof has been submitted. You can send your proof of claim to [email protected] or [email protected] either emails will work.


This post needs to get infront of as many steemians it possible can, for 2 reasons. 1st proper proof of claim and awareness of the round, the price per round will go up significantly if we do not sale 1500 rounds. So resteems are greatly appreciated.

Here are a couple of screen shots from the site.

Screenshot_20190908-202748_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20190908-202806_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20190908-202847_Samsung Internet.jpg

So give us a visit at https://steemsilverround.com

Have a great night and thanks for being apart of History.



This is awesome. Thanks for putting in the work. Excited to get some rounds.

Lookin good!

Sent you an email. #0084

What sort of payment options are we we going to have?

Matt, it will probably be Paypal, having a hard time setting up cryptos, although I will always accept steem.

@raybrockman you are doing awesome man! I know it's a tough run at times keeping up with everything. The site and the round look amazing! So excited!! I sent you my first proof of ownership for my low number but not for my higher. Can I reserve the higher COA too? Also did ypu get my first email? Thanks brother!!

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You sure can dwings!

Awesome I will send in the other one shortly. Appreciate it!!

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Site looks awesome...Can't wait to order...

I think I'm trying for #699? LOL


I want #420 if no one claims it

Ha! you deserve that one :D


Ill send you my proof of ownership Ray. I have two that are both high numbers but its what i have as sets. I have #958 & #1159.

We gotta get you some lower number! 👍

I've emailed too. Got to dust my photos :)

Got it, thanks MATT!

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