Request To The Steemit Team

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Most Respected The Steemit Team ,@steemitblog , @steemcurator01

With Due Respect

This is Rashid001 who has been working on steemit as a Country Representative since last year. And I never misused my position. And always supported good content creators. And i took steps to support Pakistanis. A community grew up today because there was a contribution of my ideas. But unfortunately I am not the only one who has the right to work in it.

Today I want to step down as CR because I don't think I will be able to move on. The main reason for this because the (Steemit Pakistan) community leaders treated me very badly, which I also complained about. Despite this, the team took no notice. Therefore, I would request the steemit team (@steemcurator01) to Remove me from the role of CR, and remove delegation.

I am not saddened by this decision and I am not ashamed of anything because I have fulfilled my responsibility well. But my fault is that I do not tolerate wrongdoing.

I sincerely apologize if I have made a mistake unknowingly.

Cc @steemcurator01

With Best Regards


Sorry to hear this.

Thank you for your work to help promote Steem.

Amigo o amiga steemcurator01, me dirijo a usted de esta forma por que no se de otro medio para hacerlo, la presente es para pedirle por favor visite mi blog, en meses, nunca he recibido una visita ni de usted de nuestro estimado @steemcurator02, solo he recibido votos de otras cuentas de apoyo, pero si revisara, se daría cuenta que son muy bajo los votos, he tratado de dar mi mejor esfuerzo, no tengo internet en casa y para poder publicar, me traslado a casa de una prima, quien me brinda sus equipos para poder publicar, por tal motivo, no subo publicaciones muy constantes, hace poco me entere de la nueva iniciativa del #club5050 y decidí participar con lo único que poseía en mi monedero, lo cambie todo en steem y solo me dieron 4 steem, tal vez a usted le pareció muy poco o a nuestro amigo curador02, pero en realidad era todo lo que tenia, estoy dispuesta a participar en esa iniciativa, ya que veo que es la única posibilidad de poder recibir algún apoyo, al cobrarla me comprometo en realizar mi encendido.

Sorry about the treatment you received. I hope this be a good decision for you provided it will make you feel good and aid your emotional life.

Thank you Friend, 💐
You're right it would be a really good decision for me. And I'm glad you understood my feelings and I hope the team understands that too.

With a character, not behaving accordingly is like an annoyance and I can't take it anymore.

The will. Your state of mind matters more than anything else. What matters is you having peace of mind.

Top to bottom this post teaches a lot 🙂 We are here for you always

Many thanks Randula 🌹. You always supported me and encouraged me at every stage.

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