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In today's life, everyone wants to learn new things or else improve their skills so that they can become expert in that particular field
Why do people want​ to develop their skills?
-They enjoy learning new things
-They want to become expert in the field
-It may help in their business
-The are forced to do that
and many.......

Sometimes it happen that we want to learn a particular thing but we don't have the source because of that we drop the plan or we think we will do this stuff afterwards. Many happens that we have the source but the knowledge is not up to the mark or else the teacher is not good. This not only waste our time but also waste our money.

So today I will be sharing various platforms so that they can help you to learn new things
This is one platform where u can all the courses.there are more than 65000 courses available. Here some courses are free and some are paid(reasonable price). If you don't want to pay than you can go for free courses they are also best. Here u can also post your own course. After completion of course you will get the certificate of completing the course.

Here u can access 21000 online courses. For first two months skillshare premium will be free where u can access all the courses

Here the first month of subscription is free after that you have to pay. So the first month you will get access to all the courses and after that to gain access you have to pay

If u have got some other platforms than plz let me know in the comment section. I hope you like my article
Thank you for reading it

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Nice post bro....thanks for giving us new platform where we can learn new things

Nice post

Good post to share.... Valuable one..

Skill are important aspects for day to day life, useful article

All are three platforms are great. But udemy is cheaper compare to other platforms.

thanks for sharing platform

Udemy gives best course!

These all are also a good sources to earn good money.

Udemy is best in all this. I used udemy for learning new skills which will help for my future career and courses here are very good. Though i have not check and try the courses of other websites listed here.