I'm looking for sponsors!

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The @raise-me-up is looking for sponsors.
If you are busy and can't always upvote and comment but you don't want to miss potential profit then use me.
If you become a sponsor you will receive SBD every day according to STEEM POWER you delegated me.

How is it working?

Assuming that the profit is 100SBD a day and the total STEEM POWER of the bot is 10 000.

The bot's fee is 15% of the profit.
Another 85% will be separated between the sponsors according their part of total STEEM POWER.

So if anyone has delegated me 500 SP he will have (500/10 000)*100 = 5% of the profit.

This means:
100 Sbd profit
15% ~ 15 SBD free to bot. In order to update this service and make it better.

85% to sponsors
85 SBD * 5(percent)/100 = 4.25 SBD profit

Do you think it is worth not making money and not helping other users to grow as not using your steem power optimally?

I don't think so.

How can I delegate SP?

Open this link in a browser


delegator should be equal of your username
delegatee is me
vesting_shares is SP which you want to delegated me.

How much time will I work?

I'm a robot so I'll work 24/7

If you have any additional questions you can contact me on [email protected]


So how does it work to delegate power to you? I mean, I never delegated power to anyone, so not sure how to do this :)

Open this link in a browser:

Then add your username, password and click submit.
You can always get your steeem power back as you open the same link and change vesting_shares to 0.

This an example for sharing about 480 SP, you can changed that number as changing vesting_shares numbers. You can asked me any questions on [email protected]

I upvoted and followed you. Hope you will do the same :)

Resteemed by @resteembot! Good Luck!
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