Tribute post - @Deanliu my favourite author master sifu. - tips and tricks how to make successful post-

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Greetings steemians !

I've been thinking lately how to show my token of appreciation to him.
So decide to write a post about him and I will share to all of you , how this men make me reaching reputation 61 in one month only, hence a good earning too :p.

My Superman @Deanliu
Back then I already give up on Steemit , I almost sell my account (this account).
Actually I'm bit touching by this steemit community they keep supporting me and give me hope. Their bunch of people's against my decision to sell this account, back then this account only at reps 58. I'm struggling so much on every post until I find @Deanliu. He teach me quite a lot of thing on HOW TO BEING A GOOD AUTHOR .

How we met

This date is our the very first day chatting on , I was hopeless and broke (Jobless).

But too bad he was on " duty " that day lol XD.

My fellow Newbies if you about to give up please read this. I really hope this can be very helpful for you guys.

@deanliu reply my chat on the next day .

**deanliu 3:49 PM
Ok. I think the main reason that your post cannot attract votes is that you use it as your personal blog for social interaction. Rather than trying to tell a good and longer story.
If you have fun in doing that, that's fine but do not expect rewards. But obviously you need it or you wouldn't be selling the account.
Like the most recent one about Jack. This one might be fun for your real friends, but not for those whales at all. trust me.
I see that you once had a post brought you hundreds about a caterpillar and tesco. This kind of 'success' is rare so don't expect another one.
Besides it is not healthy too. What you need is to learn to write post that 1) is meaningful to you and 2) attract others' attention
Before we go further to discuss what to do. Let me know more about you so I can help.
So, you can write both English and Chinese right? One of my solution is to first get you to write more cn posts as a new start. You get a good amount when you introduced yourself long time ago. I am surprised that you did not post anything in cn afterwards. If you write something original, you can at least get vote from abit (the main whale in cn) and today he can bring you around $0.7 (used to be much more, but you know the steem price dropping)
Also, your job as a BUTCHER in a HOTEL sounds really interesting. Why didn't you write anything about both or one of them? Can you give me more details on that? Like what kind of hotel? Why a hotel needs a butcher? What do you really do? Why did you choose this as a profession?... any thoughts from you are good.
Oh, btw, 你也可以用中文跟我交談, 我都可以...
你25歲,很年輕, 我都快可以當你爸爸了, 超過40了。所以, 我可能會命令口氣多一點, 別介意
for your part: 1) reduce your posting frequency 2) discuss with me before you post or we design what to write together
for my current thoughts:

  1. you post in chinese so you can get the feeling of earning a little bit as a start
  2. I will tell you what topic to consider after you tell me more about you (do not post those you hear or see from internet or news whatever that is not yours originally, no pure photography post either unless you really have amazing ones.)
  3. If necessary, use my account to post (I assume you've seen those 'featuring xxxx as the author' post). Sometimes who posts might affect the reward too. And you need to establish yourself as someone who can deliver posts with rewards...
    That's it for today.**

What do you think?
If you need advice on your post don't be hesitate to ding him on , I believe he will try his best to help you.

There another few more words of advice by him quite helpful to me (hopefully to you too).

How to use a photo in your post

let me share my observation/experience with you. Generally speaking, for a post to be successful, you need the following elements: 1) interesting enough title, 2) at least 6-7 photos 3) your theme is focused and easy to understand 4) you write at least certain length (no need to be really long)

There more wise advice from him , I haven't posted it out yet. Im afraid you will be bored if there too much words to reads.

What do you guys think ?
If you think this post helpful
Please follow up my sensei @Deanliu and Resteem!

Thanks for reading
Much love Rc !

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dear @rainchen , upon seeing this first ever post that contains my account in the title, my feelings are mixed to be honest. well, to make you feel better, bad ones first:
the conversation between us should be considered private to us only. you should not show it fully to others without my consent (it may not be really legal, but I will say it is sort of common sense when you interact with people) but you can 'describe' roughly what I have said as by re-expression it becomes yours. I do not expect my words to you be seen afterwards, or I might rephrase or something. By doing this, you put me in the risks of, e.g., being judged or misunderstood by others, hurting someone that I brought up ... etc. You did send me msg asking me if that's ok but it was after you posted making this msg pointless. Please, don't do this again (hey, it is 'blockchained'!!).
that's all about the bad ones.
On the other hand, I do appreciate your appreciation and thank you for that (just not in this way). Considering if I am really your sifu (I consider myself your helper only), I should be more tolerant and should encourage you doing good things like this (not thanking me, but the act of gratitude and sharing knowledge that you own to others), so gratitude acknowledged. A thank you back as well (hence the upvote).
To all reading this: something I need to clarify: I was in the mood of helping some real person instead of earning dollars from posts at that time when I saw @rainchen selling his account here so I decided to propose help to him if he canceled the silly behavior and he did. It is not like anyone can come to me and I will allocate the same amount of time that I spent on rainchen (I really do if I have enough time). By helping him I gained sense of satisfaction too (he immediately earned double digits for two posts, it is no magic, both Curie's support), upon writing here ... I think I should stop and write one to get back on him about this experience!? hmmm... sounds good.
Oh, one more clarification: I might sound payout expert or payout conscious from the above but not really ok!? I need to encourage him by getting him some real income to start so I might sound greedy in there... again, I am not.
Finally to rainchen, time to get sifu-y here: 1. don't do this (copy and paste my private chat) again; 2. currently there is a system bug - if you use 5 tags only the first one works but if reducing to 4, all work. 3. Glad you did not cause big damage. Or I will do to you like you do to ...
one more thing, as you are approaching rep 62. A bad news for you is: Curie will not support you when you get there as you are not new anymore. maybe a good news too, that means you are on your own and acknowledged by this community to be a good author. (oh, well, another clarification: I was not helping him to be a good author but a payout earner. You can be a good author even without any substantial payout!)


I'm really sorry if my post/action may hurt ur feelings. That not my attentions.
If you think this post may hurt ur reps or feeling I don't mind to take it down (I believe this will hurt mine reps) .
I prefer we talk this on private ;)
Last but not least thank you so much for another tips ;D that really helpful for tags


no, what is done is done. all good. :)
no need to worry about reps, irrelevant too. If you delete it, then my comment is wasted. lol.
besides, only 10 page views so far. minus us then only 8 people have read. haha.


Yea not really much reading , they pretty much on currating lol.