How to capture "Raptors" that eat livestock in Sarawak farms - Exclusive for Steemit hunters and farmers.

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Back in my hometown I've got a fish pond, and chickens farm. Monitor lizard is our biggest and the most hated enemy, this lizard are known for stealing eggs and fish.
If having the same problems here I will explain how I'm going to set this trap. Let me guide you how to catching this thief, I got a solution how to catch your nightmares.

You probably need to spend around 10$ or less for setting this trap/snare.
Easy one, you doesn't have to be survival expert to set this one.

First find yourself a drum or something that similar to this photo.
I decide to use this kind of drum, made of metal so that the lizard can't escape once he jump in.
Avoid to use wood material due to this lizard claws pretty sharp, wood is their best friend :p.
Don't let him steal your bait this time.

Second step ,
Find a rotten meat or dead animals, this lizard love rotten eggs/meat.
You can lure them in no time trust me.
Put the rotten stuff inside that drum, and place a wood so that the lizard can climb into your drum.
7 or 6 inch wide wood work fine.
Find a good spot, in my case I set my trap near my fish pond. Because this predator lizard always stealing my fish during I sleep.

Third step ,
Is where you wait for your reward,
Sometimes it's will take 2-5 days. But if those prey around there you doesn't have to wait too long, look what I've got. BONANZA!
two at once, you jump I jump?!

This is the pond where I setting a trap. Look at the big snake head.

This is the predator from the pond itself,
The Snake head.
This one weight around 1.5Kg.

Do you think is helpful?
If you got others animals destroying your livestock or farm.
Let me know in section comments below. I will try my best to find a solution for you.
Thanks !


Very interesting post!

Thank you so much.

About 8 years ago I used an entire fish head and a treble hook to land a catfish literally 3 times as long as that in a State park at Fort Kearney, Nebraska . No fishing pole, just strong fishing line and an big stick driven into the ground. :)

Fishing catfish need a lot of patience if you want to hook them up, here in my place we used fish trap like this one
And we used oil palm fruit as a bait.
Very effective.

That looks very effective. In America, they wouldn't allow something like that.

One of those would look cool hanging on the wall too.

Yea , we have small one for decoration too.

Or maybe a base for wind chimes. Do you construct them yourself?

I'm not really good to make something like this, I can make one of this but gonna take some time to find the material , bamboo and rattan.

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