I interviewed some of the top steemians about various things that new users should and shouldn't do and here are the responses

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Attention newbies

I interviewed some of the top steemians(not in any order whatsoever) about various things that new users need to and don't need to do and their responses are below.
The questions I asked are:

  1. What is your tactic to get followers?
  2. What are the things that new users do that offend/annoy you?
  3. What do you think a new user should be doing after his introduction post?
  4. What would be an insider tip for newbies from you?

Warning: The post is pretty long. If you don't want to read the whole post, I have added a summary.


Image used with permission from @olisan


  1. I don't really have a tactic, I believe in natural growth - interact and follow others and in time you get followers too

  2. "follow for follow" is kinda annoying, with increase in userbase we should follow people that share the same interests as you, its not like you will have time to read 1000 posts per day anyway

  3. Interacting with others and checking out posts that interest them and they are passionate about

  4. Hmm, be consistent so that others remember your username and try to improve one post at a time


  1. Its really simple - post everyday and reply to all good comments people leave you. Do not look on payouts and dont envy others. Build your brand.

  2. PM me to upvote them or leave comments with links to their posts on different topic than mine. I have been here for over a year now, and first months i hardly made anything.
    Dont expect to come here for 3 days and think you should earn anything.

  3. Get a niche and post daily into it. Meet others who post same type of stuff and exchange experience. Start building community aroudn your topic.

  4. Leave good comments on posts of others, thats how you meet people. Never rant or whine - nobody likes this. Big users died due to posting this type of crap, so small users would just commit suicide right away.


  1. I try to write posts that people will like and I respond to my comments.

  2. Direct messaging me in the chat when they don't know me and commenting on posts without reading them.

  3. Writing good posts.

  4. Be persistent and don't expect to have immediate success.


  1. No tactic really.. I just write posts and do curation whenever I have the time. If I find myself engaged I'd usually chat with some users and just find out their interests. Don't know if that helps..

  2. No offence or getting annoyed, but I think going all spammy is just not going to work around here. My as well spend the time being not-spammy, rather than wasting time being spammy.. so I have no idea why any users would do that.

  3. Take the time to produce something noteworthy and out of personal interest / experience. Then maybe private message some early adopters, promote it. Just make sure its really good stuff, or else it'd seem like a waste of time for people who took the time to check them out. (I tend to write really long stuff in the early days, before I started to be more casual around here)

  4. Use the platform for developing your thoughts, life's work, and ideas, problems you want to solve, etc. There are people on the lookout for these things. Even if they missed it, I still think it's time well spent


1.) In the beginning I commented a lot on other people's posts. I always tried to be kind, up-building and helpful. I also believe in giving and sharing so I give away some of my earnings to others on each and every post of mine. If I could say that I have a tactic it is to try and help others be successful. I run my business the same way and I've been blessed abundantly. I try and be motivated by helping others and not by money.

2.) Nothing anyone has done has offended me.

3.) After the introduction post keep active and consistent. Try and post or at least comment every day if you can and if not several times a week. Write about what interests you and be helpful, positive and encouraging to others.

4.)Make sure your posts also look nice. No walls of text, use headlines and ample space between photos, headlines and text. Get your audience involved by asking questions. Try and establish a brand by having a logo. If need be pay for the logo by using steemgigs!


  1. None, engaging comments can be useful.
  1. Spam, either on the platform or in steemit.chat
  1. Read, comment, follow, make friends, build a network

  2. To get started is hard, it takes time, be patient and have fun. When I started my first 20 or so post were basically 0.00 and then there were very few people on the platform... It will be even harder now, engage with people and later earnings will come.


  1. Do everything they tell you to do: read other peoples' blogs, comment, vote, and help out where you can. Network and meet others. It takes time.

  2. (Please don't) Spam me to ask for votes. I enjoy chatting with others, but I won't vote for anything until I know the person and believe he/she is creating good quality, original posts.

  3. All of the things mentioned in #1, plus posting good quality, original content.

  4. Find a good community of people you can get to know and work with, such as photography, jokes, science, or a regional group for people from your country or area (those are just a few examples). Help build that community by commenting, voting, helping others, and bringing in new people from outside Steemit. As that community grows, you will benefit from more followers, more votes, and the higher reputation that comes with trust and longevity.


  1. I have no tactic. I write whatever comes to my mind.

  2. Bugging me to read their posts about things I have zero interest in: food, cooking, vapid travel blogs.

  3. Actually, before doing the introduceyourself post, a user should get to know the community by commenting as if her life depended on it. Commenting is the best way to become a Steemit star.

  4. Commenting and making friends will get you everywhere in life and on Steemit.


  1. I don't really have a tactic. I think the most important thing is simply to post continuously. At the same time, remember that "quality over quantity" is true on steemit as well!

  2. I think there's not really anything to be annoyed about - Steemit can be a little confusing to new users so whatever they do, they are just experimenting. I think many people make the mistake of posting countless short, low-quality posts at first because they believe the more posts they write, the more money they will earn.

  3. Definitely engage in the community! Read other people's posts, comment under them, connect with other steemians, make new friends!

  4. Make sure that your posts are seen by using the right (popular) hashtags, and promoting your posts in steemit.chat and on facebook. Also, don't get discouraged if you don't earn a lot of money right away. Just keep writing and being an active part of the community!


1 - I don't really have a tactic to get followers. I just noticed that the more you comment and the more you user people's usernames in your comments, the more likely that they are to follow you. I pick up a lot of followers some weeks, so I think that posting in many tags over the course of a week also helps.

2 - I am not personally annoyed or offended by newer users, but I know that many kind of "beg" for followers in the "I followed you PLEASE follow me" style, and many users do not appreciate it. I try to cut people a lot of slack, but not everyone is like that, so it hurts me to see new users learning the hard way and getting flagged or rebuked harshly.

3 - After the intro post, new users should focus on reading and commenting on other posts from other users. This is the way that they can announce to the rest of us that they have joined/ Also, it is time to put out consistent quality content at that point..

4 - The insider tip for new users is to persevere and never give up. If you keep learning, improving and posting, you could make it and be blessed here. If you quit, then that is no longer possible.


  1. I read a lot throughout the day. So commenting on others posts after I read it has helped me gain followers as people often tend to check your work when you leave a detailed response.

  2. Link spam on Steemit.Chat. Not using the search functionality to look for articles that are already providing solutions to their problems.

  3. Interact with as many people as humanly possible and start planning their next post

  4. Take a long term approach to Steemit, Share quality posts and network with others to become a successful user of the website. Welcoming new users works great in gaining long term followers. You can use Steemit.chat to connect with thousands of users directly. But please use it wisely.

These were the actual responses left by them and are not changed in any way.

The summary


Source: Pexels.com
Most of the people above talk about almost the same things. This is the summary for the lazy folks who don't want to read the whole post.

The Do's

  1. Be consistent
  2. Keep posting even if you don't earn much
  3. Work on creating quality content
  4. Write original content
  5. Leave encouraging comments and check comments left by others in your posts
  6. Follow users and engage in conversation
  7. Don't give up even if you don't earn much

The Don'ts

  1. Don't spam. Nobody likes spam.
  2. Don't post links of your posts in other users comments if it is not related to your post
  3. Don't ask for upvotes in comments or in steemit.chat .
  4. Don't use "I followed you, please follow me" kind of stuff. That's not the right way.
  5. Don't expect to earn hundreds of dollars right away. Rather focus on building your identity and brand.

A big thanks to all the users who took time to answer my questions.

Thanks for reading! Follow me for more awesomeness!

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Thank you for having me participate in this!
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Very nice post. One thing I see missing is: If you have a following on other social media like twitter, facebook, ect. Post your Steemit post there (nicely, don't beg). And use shorten links when doing so.


Yeah that could help sometimes :)

Good idea and well presented. You did a good job of summarizing it at the end! The answers all seemed to be fairly consistent!


Thank you mate!
Thank you for your valuable responses. New users can learn a lot from them.

Very nice post. It's always good to gain more and more steemit advice. It's still new to me so I need all the help I can get.


I'm glad it was of help to you.
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Good job, nice post... and all the other comments you shouldn't make... ;)

Great summary and great initiative shown with this exercise.


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Wow! Absolutely wonderful and helpful! @rahul.stan thank you so much for taking the time and the efforts to interview and compile these amazing Infos and lessons we all can learn from in this post.

The names up in your post are all people who's been at it since the beginning for over a year. Which is pretty much the whole lifetime of Steemit. Their experiences are worth their weight in bitcoin.

I think every new user should include this post among the libraries of post that they are wise to read to able to up their game. I know I will read this again and again to remind myself how to grind properly.

Thanks again Rahul, and I'm looking forward for more awesomeness as you promised. Haha!


Thanks @awesomianist . I had really hoped this will help new users and by the feedback I recieved, I'm very happy :)

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Thank you this was very helpful to what the more experienced blogger are doing


Yeah. I was trying to give tricks of the trade from the experienced ones here :)


I see that you're doing pretty well for yourself on your blog by almost righting articles. I like that and I think I'm going to start doing that as well.


Cool. Hope you do good as well :)

Excellent initiative, I think this will be very useful for many new users joining us on this platform.


I too hope the same. That's why I wrote this.
Newbies kind of don't know what to do after joining. Maybe this will help :)

This was very helpful. Thanks for compiling all this wisdom into one post.


You're welcome. Glad it was helpful
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well done;)

I really don't have a niche lol. And i don't ask for follow but please take a look at my profile, you never know if you like/hate something without viewing it first


I don't either. Maybe we should have one? 😂


Hmm, feel like NOT having one has its own charm. Content won't be restricted to anything, we can diversify. Even be unpredictable, that's fun IMO


Yeah it is. I usually post about life/philosophy but like to experiment a bit too :)

Actually, this post is a perfect example of:



Haha.. I guess so :p
Something like Guidelines for new users :p

There are great points in here. I found myself nodding and agreeing at each one. If you follow these you can't go far wrong!!!


Thanks mate! I was a lot of work though. And some didn't even reply. But yeah this is exactly what newbies should be doing instead of fretting over their posts not making much


Cannot agree enough. I have had messaged from people who have asked those very same questions. It's great to see a selection of answers mostly saying the same thing


Seeing similar answers means it's the right thing to do. I hope many new users will be benefitted from the advice of these awesome people :)

Hello @rahul.stan

This is exactly what I am trying to achieve with the weekly interview I run on my blog called The Rainmakers, getting advice from older Steemians and giving it to New Steemians.
Thanks for this.

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Very, very good gathering of data here! It was interesting to see what the others said!


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It would not have been possible if users like you had not cooperated :)

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Yeah. Comments are very very important

Thank you for the post. As a new user it helps to know this is more about a community and building relationships through content. I'm still trying to think about a niche. Hope to be posting soon.


Cool thing mate!
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Great job putting this together! Congrats!


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Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I think your post needs to be delivered to every noob starting on Steemit as a welcoming gift. You've concisely put together the idiots guide for noobs on the platform. Good job.


Very nice post! Very encouraging for me, a newbie. Excellent job


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Sometimes we fail to believe that things must be immediate. Everything in life needs work, effort, consistency and perseverance; Of course, a bit of luck is not bad sometimes xD. Thanks to the author for the initiative and the experienced users for these useful tips.


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Cool. Hope it was of some help :)

Thank you for your post covering points that have been used by some of Steem's top performers. Good job at attempting to make us all better Steemiens.


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as a newbie - found this to be most helpful info - thanks ;-)

Amazing post my friend, this is exactly what newcomers like myself need in order to succeed, thanks for sharing :)

This is incredibly interesting and helpful! Thank you!
Low and behold, I am apparently doing all the right things. The 0.001 rewards are annoying but it'll all be a blip later on down the road. The persistence is key.
I have a good time with or without making money here but of course the incentive to bring people over is clear. :)

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Keep steemin on and it will get better! :)

Great post @rahul.stan very informative thank you

Prime Successful Example on how to interview top Steemians!

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Yup, so far in my 2-3 days steemit life, I have come to know this, that randomly following each other ain't gonna help. You should be able to connect to my niche and vice versa. Only then I will be interested to read your posts. And you will be interested in mine.

So far, I have gained some non-niche followers whose notifications are kinda annoying me. So, going to unfollow them right away. And start a better steemit experience. ;)


Yeah you're right. Its about quality not quantity :)

Platforms similar to FB allow - indeed seem to encourage - following, liking and commenting as forms of free self-promotional spam. It takes a change of behaviour for people who think that is normal to realise that they are wasting their time - until they have something interesting to promote :-)

awesome post! The key is to stay consistent! Even if you earn a few dollars here and there, keep working. There's no shortcut. These points, I agree 100 %

Be consistent

Keep posting even if you don't earn much

Work on creating quality content Write original content

Leave encouraging comments and check comments left by others in your posts

Follow users and engage in conversation

Don't give up even if you don't earn much


Thanks for stopping by mate!
Hardwork, consistency and perseverance are the keys to succeed.


I agree. Cheers

Fantastic post! Very informative with great info. This post is going to do well. upvoted and followed


Thank you mate!!

Had some Steemians hit me up with the whole follow situation, I was a bit annoyed and being as I'm somewhat new here, I though it was normal. I want a natural growth and acquaintance with genuine people, If I'm not feeling that, there is always the UN-follow! :)

Thanks for this helpful post


Yeah it is sometimes annoying.
Natural growth of followers who like your content is the right way. :)

Really helpful thank you for trying to help us, we really apreciate people like you who think of the poor starters who dont really know what to do.


Always happy to help buddy :)

thanks @ rahul.stan...i think to a good extent,i have unconsciously obeyed the Do's and Don't s. but one of my greatest challenge now is creating a brand that will sought of connect with people out here seeing that its largely Americans and am Nigerien...any wise words?

Very nice to find out my hopes for this community are held even in the highest echelons. Will be interesting to see how it grows and shrinks with waves of new content creators and weeding out of schysters. Glad so many of the foundation were willing to share.

@rahul.stan. I loved all the recommendations or if you can call them views or opinions by the top steemians here about the various things that newbie like me should /shouldn't do.

I particularly liked one advise: Commenting is the best way to become a Steemit star.

I want to be a star and I think I might be on the right path. :)

Thank you very much for all the advise. You guys Rock!!


You're welcome

This is super useful. Congrats on coming up with this idea. Indeed it has helped many, including me. I joined steemit recently. Do checkout my Introduction post.

Looking forward for wonderful journey in steemit.