1 Year Ago I Started My New Fashion Line "Epic Steemit Gear" Here is the Very First Photo Shoot From The Beginning~*~steemCreated with Sketch.

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I have been producing hand made Epic Steemit Gear for over a year now!

(Photo from my VERY FIRST ever photo shoot for my newest clothing line "Epic Steemit Gear"

I wanted to share with you the very first photo shoot and post I ever made on Steemit for what is now the most dynamic and sustainable Steemit Fashion Line in the world!

Here is a link to the very first post over a year ago!

Now I shall re create it here with perspective from a year on Steemit and making over 200 different real world goods available for $teem while increasing the value of $teem!

(For the record not only is this Epic Shreds T hand made in The GOE but I am toking HOME GROWN tobacco, NO corporate global industrial complex funding cancer stick)

Before I do I just want to say that ever since I first found out about Steemit I KNEW it was something special, something that could revolutionize the world. Now regardless of if it does or not it has already been a part of something that will!

I know because I have been a full on revolutionary for 15 years now and I am so grateful be here in the beginning of this cutting edge community that will be a part of the New Paradigm of Humanity!

Because of this and my background in fashion, art, and design I began the Epic Steemit Gear clothing line!

It really is one of the best ways to promote Steemit (visual branding is KEY) as it not only puts the Steemti name out there but also increases the value of Steem by making all these items available FOR $teem so that one can actually GET SOMETHING for $teem and thus there is no need to cash out. 

Here is some of what I wrote on the VERY first post for this new line over a year ago.....

First off I am grateful to be here with you cutting edge Steemians on this revolutionary platform!

Every day I am integrating Steemit into my life more. Today is a pivotal moment in the success to come~

I have founded and run a jewelry line, hand made knife line, and clothing/fashion line amongst other businesses for many years now

The AWESOMENESS of Steemit has inspired me to design my first Steemit Exclusive piece of clothing which is EpicShreds Steemit T!

This is only the very FIRST Steemit design, hopefully to be the beginning of many more to come!

I wanted to start off with something simple & practical, yet cool enough to be worthy of my brand EpicThreads and Steemit!

In my mind what makes these cool T's SO COOL is that this is a hand made, hand painted, unique one of a kind, made of 100% salvaged up cycled materials including the paint!

These are LITERALLy the most sustainable shirts in the world. You couldn't make one more sustainable if you grew the cotton and wove it your self and used vegetable dies!


Honestly this may still be the "coolest" photo shoot I have done yet for the MANY Steemit Gear Items produced!

Also many of the words I wrote above over a year ago are still just as true today which only PROVES that I can see something truly awesome when its there!

I knew over a year ago the potential of Steemit and now here I am and here WE are better than ever before!

I believe in Steemit even more today than I did over a year ago and have 100 times more items available for $teem than I did a year ago. I have been constantly progressing while promoting this powerful potential, STEEMIT!

I am grateful for every day I have been here with you all. We have only just begun!

I will continue to contribute to this community and help facilitate constant progress and success!

Full Steem Ahead!

A special thanks to @everlove for her photography and for being a TRUE ARTIST. Thankfully she will be sharing with everyone at SteemFest her magical artist spirit. 

Gratitude and blessings to you all~

As always I appreciate your support and welcome your feedback!



Nice work! Good detail in the t shirts! :)

Thank e!


this looks really great! @mfyz would like to have that tshirt :)

Awesome, I can have one made in the size and color @mfyz would like. They are valued at $55usd be in contact if ur serious. You can see other styles/designs here https://www.intothegardenofeden.com/store/c51/SteemGear_Shop.html

I just 'found' your posts a couple of days ago and am really impressed! Do you have a link to the other clothing in your line where we can see your designs?

Yes most of them are not online but are in my boutique here in Texas, however you can see some stuff here

Appreciate the comment, hope you find something you love!

Thank you so much - I've saved the link to drool over everything later, lol! Do you ship to Canada at all, and would that be prohibitively expensive? I'm Canadian, disabled and on a small disability income; but I think your online boutique is fabulous!

Shipping to canada is not really much extra at all for regular shipping as its the same continent. So thats a bonus!

You should just be abe to order on the web site if there is something there you want otherwise just let me know what ur interested in and we can work something out.


Thanks so much! I have a rather large Vet bill to take care of first - a dog attacked my Thomas Cat a few weeks ago ... he and I are both still trying to recover - but will keep that in mind.

Yes I understand.

I wish you and your cat blessings~*~

Wow, I am impressed! Great professional photo shoot and the creative design of the shirt is amazing. Continued success to you!

Thank you for the compliment and support!

WOW dude you are very talented...Love your work..where do you buy your gear again? couldnt find it.

wow you look great on this

very talented indeed.

Thanks For the compliment and support Brother!

No matter what you've done you deserve respect.
Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

I totally want that shirt!!! And I need to check out your other stuff soon! Is it all on the same site? Also thanks for sharing your post to my Facebook group Steemit Dreamit! Resteeming this

Yea its pretty epic ;-)>

I can make them in basically any size/color. Just let me know!

Yes thanks for creating the FB group and for making a comment here. I didn't use ur group today for my posts but will make it a point to do so.


Where is the site for them? I will probably order from you on Friday. You can always hit me up direct message fb if you want! Thx

Here is what I have so far and have a lot more yet to be released so more every couple days!


You can also check out www.intothegardenofeden.com where I donate most of my stuff to humanitarian efforts!

Cool cuts! Very creative and the look is very nice also.

Keep uo Creativity!


I surely will!
Life is creation~*~

Good for you man! I will def be supporting your business soon enough here! love from Canada


I appreciate the consideration and appreciation!


This is awesome - you a a man of many talents

I don't really understand fashion but I think you look really cool in that shirt

Then you understand it just fine!

You're right. I just didn't realize! Haha. Tnx

hahahahaha yes we are all fare more capable than we realize ;-)>


You must be better at curing tobacco than I am! I grew some but I can't smoke it... It is stronger than dank nuggets lol!
GREAT T-shirt!

Yes well there are MANY factors!
#1 What varity of tobacco is it? There are many types and some much stronger than others.
#2 How is it cured. This changes the smoke.
#3 Filter or no filter? Filters are much smoother as most are used to.
#4 What is the blend? I like to mix herbal smoking blends with my tobacco to make it taste better and smell better!

It was Virginiana and I live in the high desert, so I am pretty sure the curing stage was REALLY bad. Isn't it supposed to be kept sort of humid as it cures? And I did try it straight, no filter... It would be great medicine if you needed an emetic... lol!

Yea its supposed to take months to cure. I don't usually use a filter but if its not light sweet tobacco it needs a filter.

You are very good at it
Myself I was thinking to send one t shirt to print it will Steem logo
Nice work keep it up

No EVERY other Steemit shirt or item I have ever seen besides these are made by a machine and not resembling in any way sustainability.

Cool bro! How do I get one?

Let me know what you want and I will let you know the value.

You can get any size, any color shirt or logo and any cut style!

A t shirt maybe. I'll see what else you have. Once again, great work!

Thanks, I have made a lot of posts. With a lot of items. I am about to make a catalog of the items so far made!

I see creativity in your fashion.

Epic Proportions!

so hot post and thanks all friend ...........

hope you find a more valuable way to contribute, ur current strat is NOT working.

Best Regards~*~

nice style glad !!

rare amzing photo.
Nice custom, i follow you.

feel free to visit my indigo photo:

Just wanted you to know we are very close to adding handmade goods to the Steemporium store.
I promise you'll be the first to know.

That would be so wonderful as it is a LOT of work with difficult sales doing it this way!
Plus I will be able to help promote your store a LOT.

Best Regards~*~

Wow from the beginning already looks handsome and very great. Success always for you @quinneaker :-)

You are welcome :-)

@quinneaker Beside the amazing cloth. What a good looking fella' you are. Cant wait until i have been here over a year and gonna look back on my own posts.(the horror) haha. Cheers man!

you riding your bike to SteemFest?

Impressive. Nice work!

Wonderful to look back on your first Steemit fashion shoot - love it @quinneaker


Happy to share and especially happy its getting great reviews!

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By the way, I really like the shirt! Do you make baby clothes or women's sizes?

I love you daddy!

Awesome stuff! Have a nice day.

Regard from Indonesia.


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so you're smoking a home grown cancer stick?

Home grown medicine.

Wow, this is super! I've been here for two weeks and for the first time I learned that there are such clothes, it's unusual :)

this is awesome i need something to wear on streams ill get back to you on that baby in 3 weeks so give me time to hodl some steem hehe

Yes epic Steemit Gear by @gardenofeden will surely get you more attention and support for your Steem posts!

I do remember the post in question. They were exciting times and they still are to be part of all this!

thats some crazy fashion

Crazy Epic!

Do the shoulders show 'blockchain'? Cuz that's what I perceived from the design. I like what I see and would love to buy! Please share more designs. Would love to see them.

Yes I have posted quite a few designs already and will continue to post more every week!

Thats for the compliment and support!


I'm surprised there isn't a Steempunk line...
Interesting detailing on the tee's torso

Yea, there is a niece to be capitalized upon!

good t-shirt - wow - it is great

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Did you design this t-shirt by yourself? Well done!

Well yes I designed it but I do not live a life alone separated from influence.

Epic indeed!
Thanks for sharing!

I came across this post via a Google Search and I must say the design is quite impressive.

Wow! That is so amazing! Love the detail in the shirts btw :)))

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