5 Decentralized Social Media Platforms that are like Steemit. Yes, there ARE others out there.

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I know everyone here has a massive hard-on for Steem (and so do I) which has spurred me to find other startups similar in nature. So far, I have found quite a few decentralized social media (DSM) projects. Some have been released, others haven’t. This is my small but comprehensive list of what I have found so far.

Before reading any further, I would like to say that I am not a dev or even very techie when it comes to crypto and programming. I am pretty much your front-end user and am writing about observations I have gathered from exploring and researching these platforms. If there is any content in this article that is inaccurate, please do not hesitate to comment. That, in itself, is valuable because my observations are probably how “laymen” perceive the info.

1. Synereo (duhhh)

Synereo seems to be a very promising platform with dedicated devs and has been several years in the making. Synereo uses its very own AMP coin that can be used to pump up visibility of posts created by its users. Synereo also offers a platform for applications to be developed, distributed, and then used by its members. I believe this is a similar to Steemians that create apps such as catchawhale.com and steemd.com, however Synereo’s application platform integrates user-created apps all under one roof. AMP has been floating around .16 per coin which is pretty promising.

There has been some controversy around Synereo’s crowdsale of AMPs and some are not happy about the setting of an ICO:


There has been rumors that Steem ripped of Synereo’s idea of a decentralized social media platform, but that is speculation, more or less.

You can sign up for Synereo’s newsletter and get involved in bounties and what not here:

2. MaskNetwork

MaskNetwork has been launched very recently and still has a small user-base. An interesting idea behind Mask is that everything you do on the network requires a small MaskCoin fee. For example, when you upvote a post, you pay a small amount of your coin to do so. These coins go into an undistributed pile. Also, there will also be no more than 21 million coins in existence.

Apparently, MaskNetwork had a pretty serious glitch where people lost their coin. These users feel they were ripped off but it is hard to tell what really happened. You can read more about it here:

There are also bugs o’ many on the GUI; dead links, broken URLs, some links even loop back into the login page. There are also some strange functionality issues that I cannot quite figure out yet, like finding a directory of posts or users.

MaskCoin is not currently being traded on the major market sites, therefore all of your coin lies in the hands of their network.

3. Yours.Network

Yours.network is planning to give Steem (and every other DSM) a run for its money by using Bitcoin for its coinbase. Some heavy hitter devs (one being Ray X. Charles, former Reddit dev) are leading the project which could give this platform the dominating edge over all others, including Synereo. Skipping altcoin altogether by using the one-and-only Bitcoin can be a DSM game changer.

You can sign up directly for Yours.Network and be included in the early preview:

An interesting article with some juicy quotes from Yours.Network dev Ray X. Charles:

4. Akasha Project

Advanced Knowledge Architecture for Social Human Advocacy, aka Akasha, is an Ethereum based DSM that is built on the foundation of being a censorship-resistant platform. Beta is supposed to be launched in Q3 or Q4. It has the usual mechanics of a DSM but they have a new-age holistic type theology that I am assuming is the direction they want to take the project. You have to check out the website to catch my drift:

There is not a whole lot of information on this project which is probably a good thing; keeping a low key approach before launching may stave off some staunch criticism as the other platforms have been exposed to.

5. Diaspora*

Diaspora* is yet another decentralized platform but is not based on rewarding content or curation with coin. It does qualify to be on this list as the platform is decentralized and is owned by its userbase. Diaspora* has independently developed and operated nodes. The devs created this platform to provide a social haven that is resistant of corporate takeovers and advertisement. As of March 2014, one million accounts existed (which has gone down exponentially).

Diaspora* was developed by a group of college kids at New York University in 2010. Ilya Zhitomirskiy, one of the founders, was found dead shortly after in 2011. He committed suicide by asphyxiation with helium (didn’t know that was possible). This terrible incident was a huge blow to the young Diaspora* team and likely stunted the growth of the project infinitely.

Diaspora* does get HUGE props for being the first of its kind (that I know of) by creating a platform for users to express themselves without having to worry about big brother peering over their shoulders.


The name, sorry, but it is god awful. It reminds me of a feminine hygiene product. And what is up with the freakin asterisk??

Diaspora will go down in the history books of crypto and social media.

So what do you think? What platform are you betting on? All? None? What do you think about DSM?


Mate that's a good article but you are missing on ONG.scocial
I think it is the best one coming up. They have thousands of users already and have an ICO coming up on 11 razing money to the block chain.

Good point. I was suppose to highlight ONGico.io . It is similar like Steemit .

Wow another place to hunt :p

Hunt on the Pamper Me Network as well Mate. https://www.cashforexperts.com. This platform is designed to serve as a bridge to connect multiple Decentralized Social Media Networks beginning with STEEM. You get the best of multiple platforms. Awarding-winning and growing quickly.

I think of cashkingexpert.com

You forgot to mention https://adzbuzz.com/go?r=EarnBitcoinsFast
They have been around for a couple months now and soon will be launching the ADZbuzzer social share button which you will be able to get ADZcoin for sharing articles and give ADZcoins to the publishers for having share their article. Its a win win for those who share the article and publishers. So if you share a high quality article you will earn ADZcoin for sharing it on the ADZbuzz platform and so will the publishers/bloggers. This will revolutionize how we share content! I suggest you join soon and buy ADZcoin as the price is still low. You can read more about the ADZbuzzer social share button here:
You can also watch a video about here:

So payment for sharing is much like Steemit's payment for curating?

I signed on. I'm NOT initially impressed. It looks a lot like Tsu where everyone is trying to sell snake oil to each other. BUY? Hell no! I didn't sign on to spend...I signed on to EARN. I'll glady share links from places I visit on the net that I find interesting but I don't see an easy way to do that.

Cool, I will check it out.

And...I've been 'exploring Buzz' all morning...I've come to the conclusion that it's a scam.

I haven't had a chance to research it yet, even the name sounds scammy.

Buzz probably is more scam than anything else. Agreed.

Thanks for the information. Feel free to add the Pamper Me Network to the list. See http://www.cashforexperts.com. This platform is designed to serve as a bridge to connect multiple Decentralized Social Media Networks beginning with STEEM. The main feature is web 2.0 sharing tools integrated with affiliate marketing technology that assist STEEM bloggers in recruiting and reward social influencers to share content. Real-time, multi-tier tracking is deployed out-of the box with additional features planned for 2018. STEEM cryptocurrency rewards is supported with fiat-based compensation.

Great post, you have a new follower :)
I'm all in on steemit , but I've started a series #ausbitundercover where I investigate the competition, starting with mask network.
Looks like a scam so far .

"DIASPORA" translates to what is called "Expat" in English language, also relocated refugees and dispersed population

Thanks for this post I didn't know there were others out there. Steemit is definately the best name. If the yours network can keep the principles with more simplicity then it might be interesting to keep an eye on.

I agree, although I do like yours.network a lot too

This is an interesting post, good work. Have you seen FutureNet.club? Do you think FutureNet is like Steemit? FutureNet uses BitCoin and has revenue share advertising and they are going to have Futuro Coin. Membership is free. I upvoted, retweeted and followed.

Diaspora is Ukrainian word that means "scattered by countries group of people that belong to one nation, driven by invaders beyond their homeland".

It's a beautiful sounding word if you don't associate it with English meaning.
Same with the word diarrhea - one of the most beautifully sounding words in English, if you don't think of it's context.

*commenting for later

good post, thanks for the list

thanks for the list, how long has Steem been in beta for?

I believe they started beta back in April. You're welcome :)

I loaded a big bag with Synereo's ones, the tech on AMP is to advanced even better than ETHEREUM

I cannot wait for Synereo!!! Their tech looks amazing, at least from what I can tell. They have obviously worked hard on the project and it shows. Beta should hopefully be out this month!

now appears SOLA decentralized social layers , earn money from your post

Sola... promote censorship.

Excellent post! Commenting to look into further tomorrow!

Very interesting article. I may try Yours.Network. Up-voted and followed. @gamgam

Thanks for the info man. Can you give more such platforms names?

Heya Queenmountain,

Nicely organised article. A good overview as well.

Have you considered looking at video platforms like FriendChat? It has been very interesting to observe how peer to peer social media platforms have evolved so quickly. It seems as though video chat solutions like FriendChat are the next logical thing to get a Steemit like make over.

More on FriendChat here:

It would be great to chat with you or any of the readers of this post over at the Friend Community Telegram feed as well: https://t.me/friendupcloud

It seems that other than Diaspora they are all vaporware right now.

What do you mean by vaporware? Like smoke and mirrors?

I'm not sure if this article was based on the previous tech synereo was going to implement, which I think migrated to Rchain.

i am already using mastodon [ @andyraman@bitcoinhackers.org ] minds peepeth