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RE: Your 2 Cent Vote is Worthless, The Real Deal on Dust Votes

in #steemit4 years ago

I do not want to give up the gesture to say 'thank you' with my upvote. Especially if I do not answer a comment, from whatever reasons, it is my way of confirming that I have read it and I liked it. Because it's about the people, not the money ;)
And even if there is no payout, it is counted to the vest. (That's what I read).


@eonwarped do you know if the vests still count on dusted votes? I wouldn't think so, but you have a good handle on the code.

@psionic-tremors something that might make more sense is to reward the person with a vote on a blog post. Leave a quick note saying due to dust vote rules I have left an upvote on your most recent post so the vote counts vs leaving it here on the comment. Just something to consider.

Well vests are just what are attached to the post and are used to compute the rewards, so I suppose the short answer is no, there's nothing separate, dust is dust :(

Thanks that is how I assumed it would work, but figured best to call you in on it.

Yes that's a good way to do it :). Thank you for your food for thought!

Think there is a psychological benefit too. We all want to see out posts do good. A comment payout is always nice, but seeing our works have good results feels great!

Take a look at the comment from eonwarped above, vests don't count for dusted votes.

Ok thanks!! I got it ... no more dust votes ;))

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