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in steemit •  2 years ago

I am going to move my day to day communications to @vandeberg.

This is to match my handle on other forms of communication.
If you want to continue getting my blog in your feed, please follow @vandeberg.

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Oh cool! Didn't know this was your account! :)

Followed! Thanks for the update.

Ok I'll be there.

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Man, you should post more often!

I just want to ask you for help as many honorable popes, I created a UPVOTED COMMUNITY program, but as you can see in my post when promoting upvoted community, not having seen my post, I want to ask you to look at it even for a while my post HERE !!!

my program wants to help the minnows in steemit but see i do not have enough steem power, i just a minnow too, i have to give them 100% reward every post but my post limit is so fast so i can not upvote many post minnow other. at least I just want you to catch a glimpse of my post so minnow just as I can grow. I am very grateful to the pope like you @proskynneo

I Comment Here , By Hoping You See Potential Good Post From My Blog , If You Would Be Able To Look Into This Post And Give Me A Fair Mark For The Post . Any Advice Is Appreciated. I Am A Newcomer Here On Steemit.


This is a huge longshot, but I've been told that most whales are very approachable.

I am spearheading a project to open a real-world makerspace that centers around STEEM. We are currently looking for an angel investor who would become a silent partner, entitled to a large portion of the profits for this business.

We have already shown the project to have real value and interest, and have raised about 2000 STEEM in the last month or two toward opening expenses.

If this has at all piqued your interest, I encourage you to check out @thesteemhouse, and even if you yourself are not interested in partnering with us, I hope that you may try and get in contact with us to better understand what it is we're building, and maybe lead us to people who may be interested.

Thank you very much for your time, I hope this reaches you.

followed thanks for the update
plz follow me and upvote