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This community we build to help others minnow, so that minnow growing, because minnow can not grow alone if no one helps feed him. I speak like this whether I am a pope? Or a dolphin?
No, I'm also minnow, so I want to help other minnows because we can not always expect food from whales or dolphins. We must grow ourselves, we help each other.


If you say and think for what minnow upvote post minnow else whereas we do not have steem power to give it.
That's wrong, because one upvote you are very valuable to others. Although your upvote will not give them any income but for them it is not the income they want to get but the rewards they want, like the social media facebook, the members on facebook every time they make a post or status they do not expect rewards and every day they do is it without expecting the rewards then what do they want?
Caution, their post is appreciated, their post in the kidnapping is what they expect.

So do not you think like lazy upvote post people, if so, you are lazy, I am also lazy, they are lazy, then where will we benefit?
We will only kill this technological ecosystem.

If you do not help people then people will not help us. Do not ever expect to get upvote from whales or dolphins if you yourself do not want to upvote post others.


The problem we are facing right now is we do not have enough steem power to upvote other minnow develops. When I upvote other posts only $ 0.01 that I can provide with 100% upvote, if my daily upvote limit is reduced then not at all I give them a reward. Because I just minnow so I do not have steem power. That's a big problem in building upvoted community.

So when I upvote other minnow posts I have to give 100% upvote it was not enough, so my upvote limit is very fast decreasing, another case if I have a lot of steam power, I can reduce my upvote percentage but my upvote power even bigger and also my upvote limit is very slightly decreased / exhausted. It will also be helpful to be able to upvote more other minnow posts again.


If you want to join to help other minnow then you can comment as I do and upvote post minnow,

Upvoted by @andravasko, upvoted community helps minnow steemit.

upvoted community no leader no boss, ourselves are boss.

If you want to help it is very useful, if many minnow active and help each other upvote minnow then one post in exchange for $ 10.00 is no longer the impossible thing we get.

Do not much, every time you actively log in your steemit just upvote 5 post it is very very useful

Post worthy of upvote

For a post if I do not choose whether the post is good or the post is unique or ugly I do not vote. As long as they post me upvote because they have to work hard to make that post but what they get, even they can not be rewarded at all.

I upvote to minnow that reputation 40 down, not mean I will not upvote the reputation 41 upwards, I will still support that reputation 41 up as long as they want to support fellow.

This means there is no prohibition what your reputation will be as long as you want to help others. That's the purpose of upvoted the community.

Bot upvoted

For this I do not use upvote robot, meaning I manually do it, I am human not a robot.
Because we are not robots we are not always active.


The advantage that we get if we upvoted the community, our name will be more famous, and to get upvote from whales or dolphins getting closer and easier. Then people will help us because we've helped them.

We will also help you if you want to help others.


For this purpose upvoted community to develop in every member steemit so steemit to be the number 1 social media in the world and to make steemit where they spend their spare time.

And to build the minnow develop and also to build our name all in steemit.


for upvoted members of this community we only agreed that only 7 people including me and we are all still minnow.

@andravasko : https://steemit.com/@andravasko

@xiti : https://steemit.com/@xiti

@mariaozawa : https://steemit.com/@mariaozawa

@ipanphotographer : https://steemit.com/@ipanphotographer

@parkyingnam : https://steemit.com/@parkyingnam

@maria.ozawa : https://steemit.com/@maria.ozawa

@parkshinnyung : https://steemit.com/@parkshinnyung


Follow @andravasko to continue discussing and successfully running an upvoted community

resteem and share this article so that all the know we will develop and to participate equally.

Thanks for read


good idea
I'm ready to enter with you but how
I am honored to be friends

Thank you so much, you are my friend 😊

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You are a genius! Thank you!

Great post. please follow me. you got vote from simaroy

Thank you so much , owww sure i upvote and follow you

Great post. please follow me.

Thank you so much

Cool ... Planning like this is great ..
Please enter me in this community ..

thank you so much, in the upvote community no registration, no boss, no leader, all members steemit is upvote community as long as they want to help fellow with upvote post they are still minnow, you are upvote community no ban or regulation in upvote community. congratulations to you, your upvote post someone else do not forget to leave a trail of comments as I do and promote ine articles to many others so that all participate to help others. hopefully you always get upvote in your best post.

Verry good....
I share....

voted and shared entry, plus I already follow and vote your posts in your blog

Thank you so much

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Gimana bro setelah 2 th d stremit?

Gak ada perkembangan, karena steemit skarang lebih dominan ke projectnya sendiri. Gak laku lagi konten kreatif.

Isi steem power trus upvote diri-sendiri.

Saya sangat tertarik untuk bergabung.,,,
Terimakasih atas postingan yang sangat luar biasa.,,

Saya sangat tertarik bergabung..
Mari sama-sama kita saling membantu

Saya bersedia bergabung dengan anda.

Amazing idea.

how i can join ?

Excellent idea and genius
I am willing to cooperate and contribute with you but how
I have the honor to be friends

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