SAVE THE DATE - 01/12/2017!!! Opening of the first restaurant to accept Steem and SBD as payment!!!

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Hello world of extraordinary Steemians!!!

Well!!! How do I start today's blog!!!?

Guys what an amazing day I had since my last post where I announced that I will be opening the first restaurant to accept Steem and SBD as payment!!!

Once the post was published, the amount of support and ideas I started receiving was just something I am experiencing for the first time since joining Steemit! I am still receiving so many comments and I think there will be more coming! I am just super thankful to you all! What an encouragement from all the community!

Already 175 comments, with some of them I have not yet responded!

And some moments after the avalanche of comments...the votes started down pouring for the first time again like this on my post!!! All the lovely steemians supporting my post actually shot it to the top of the trending page!!! First time again this is happening on my blog!

Over $240 in potential payout till now!!! This is my record btw!

If you guys only knew how much these rewards are important for me to run the STEEMIT IRON CHEF on a weekly basis! Check out how well this contest is running and most important supported by awesome foodies of steemit in a very fun and creative atmosphere!
Each week I work hard to get that minimum 31SBDs in my wallet which I give away to the winners! The contest is already on week 13! So with this potential pay least 3 rounds are covered!



Yesterday I mentioned that it will be opened in couple of know what!!! This afternoon I got the great news that all my permits have been approved and I will be getting them by Friday 01 December 2017!!!

Woo-hoo!!! I am so happy to announce the official opening of PMC Grill & Resto will be on FRIDAY 01/12/17!!!

Many of you have asked me the meaning of PMC! So here it is : Progressive Mauritian Cuisine!!! In other words...refining, elevating, modernizing Mauritian food!
It was always my dream to one day serve normal people who have never ever dined in a fine dining place, to experience such food at my place!!! I am so grateful that this will be reality soon!

Steem branding update

Among the comments I received on the post, I got quite a lot of very interesting ones which helped me get a better understanding of how I can move forward!

I was just amazed to see @andrarchy comments where he liked the idea I am proposing! And soon after we started to exchange some message via!!! This is just magical guys, I was not expecting to see such encouragement from Steemit top players!

I will take some more time on the branding for now, I will see to what extent I can brand my place and understand what is allowed and what not!
Will keep you updated on this!

I will be visiting the official Steemit store and see what I can buy with the SBDs I have! Would be great if I get someone sponsoring these for me!!! Any whale out there interested!?

If you would like to contribute and help me make it bigger, don't hesitate to transfer some SBDs to me by mentioning on it Branding Sponsor!

And also if you have any materials you think can be useful to me, just send me either on Discord or!

Accepted methods of payment

As I said before, PMC Grill & Resto is the first ever restaurant to be accepting cryptos as method of payment!

Check below what I have planned for the start with chance to add more soon!

  • Mauritian rupee
  • Steem (on @progressivechef wallet)
  • SBD (on @progressivechef wallet)
  • Delegating SP (on @progressivechef wallet)
  • Bitcoin - 1MfamjV5pT64WRCF2zoqjT8eZbri5DX8TC
  • Ethereum - 0x2c2333d55e8585bf2765fB4601318E365FE8c65A
  • USD
  • Euro
  • Pound

While the branding will take some more time, I will kick start the cryptos option for payment open as from the first day of opening!
I will also kick start promoting Steemit and Steem to the Mauritian people...I can feel things will be very exciting ahead!

As usual if you have any suggestions, please drop me a comment below!

Again thank you everyone for the amazing support in making this idea of mine a reality!

Thank you!


Congrats man! Really looking forward to the day I will be back!

I can help you with some promotion and even making an app for you XD

We can also hold the first Mauritian SteemFest in your restaurant!

Feeling really excited for you! Keep up the great work :)

This is really cool man! Would be great of you can do some app for this resto, let me know when you are back!
I am starting in bringing more Mauritian on steemit, you are right...we can have a mini fest one day!
Thanks so much for the great support!

For the app, we can start in January.

I am still settling in the new country but in January would be a great start of the year to build an app for you.

We meet on Discord in Jan and till that time, think of features that you want in your app. We can discuss and add improvements XD

Once again congratulations - today is the big day for you @progressivechef - wish I still lived in Mauritius

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Wow, thats just so cool. Insane to think that cryptocurrencies can come into the real world without first cashing them out. Good luck with your endeavors!

With this method of payment, people no more need to worry to trade their cryptos into fiat then simply transfer the amount to my wallet and you have your food! So easy!
Thanks so much for the encouragement!

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Hey @progreasivechef i am Feeling really excited for you! Keep up the great work I really appreciate your post keep it up 👍👍

Thanks so much for your super support mate! You made my day with such comments!

Thanks and welcome today

Amazing! I'm so proud of you. And grateful too, you trailblazer! You pioneer!! Jeeze, this is a super huge move for the Steem token, you know, and it's an uplift that all of us Steemians can appreciate, revealing the true value of this currency, and this creativity. And I'm just tickled it's you, of all people, @progressivechef! You have my backing, brother, BIG TIME! And I will continue to root for you in this journey with celebration, well-wishing, positive vibes, and gratitude for what you're creating.

Oh wow brother! What a wonderful comment! I just don't have words to thank you for such a great support! I will keep on doing my best in promoting steemit/steem/sbd so that more and more people gets in the train!
Thanks again!

Congrats brother! This is so exciting! Having witnessed many of the dishes you have put together on your blog and for Steemit Iron Chef, I am sure the food you will be serving at your restaurant will be delicious. I just hope I will be able to try it one day. :)
Take care mate, and all the best.

Hello brother! Thanks so much for such encouraging words on my work! I will surely do all the best I can to satisfy all my guests!
On the same time sharing the news on steemit! This all will keep me super busy, but I am sure i'll love it!
See you one day brother around a nice plate of grill!

This is great @progressivechef!! I wish you all the luck in the world.

Hey my friend! Hope all fine on your side! Thanks so much for the support!

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Thanks so much for the information mate! I am honored to be in the top for 2 days in a row!

This is exciting, @progressivechef. Steemit will go far with projects like this. For me, I'm running a food shop payable with steem/sbd here in Nigeria. Steem on, friend! @greatness96

Oh this is just awesome thing you are doing my friend! I am sure it will work great with some time once more people are more aware of steem/sbd - steemit!

Yes, bro. I just have to keep it moving. Cheers!

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Congratulations for getting your licenses and opening the restaurant at the earliest.

All the best, keep sharing your success story.

you are making history.. congrats!!

I'm so glad that at last someone is taking practical steps in putting steem where it rightly belongs.
Kudos to you @progressivechef.

I hope to follow your step in the nearest future

I can't think of any foodie who deserves the huge payouts more than you. A huge congratulations is in order for that post milestone (and this one too! =D)

Btw, love how PMC stands for Progressive Mauritian Cuisine..those lucky people in the neighborhood!! I'm green! =D

This is a very exciting time for you, a moment you've been waiting for. Congratulations! You will be having very happy customers soon. Since I'm so far away, I will be following your posts on the developments of your restaurant. Please do share.

@progressivechef Can you provide the exact location of your restaurant. We'd like to do an article for our web site.

Always good to have a date to work towards Chef! I will start to sweat for you right now and for the next 17 days...LOL!

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Keep up the good work and original content, everyone appreciates it!

Awesome post friend.
I like your all content because your content type and quality is so good.
best of luck go ahead friend.

Thanks so much my friend! Really happy that you appreciate my content!

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