Quantify your Steemit Success! [1/2]

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I look at Steem with a math eye, and I think it helps to improve my competitive edge. Steem is a giant marketplace of competing ideas, basically all forms of media are the same, except that in Steemit we have a better freedom of expression than on other social media.

I have been a quantitative analyst / investor for a long time, and I have always chosen my bigger strategical investments carefully, sometimes even over analyzing the markets. I think this practice does help to gain competitive edge in every business.

You always have to analyze and benchmark your progress, otherwise you won't stay competitive. If you are not doing it, other people will, and they will out-compete you.



I would quantify the success formula like this, and the definition of success, is being like in amongst the top 50 whales of Steemit. It is a function of time, and we have many modifiers that can affect your success, and if you lack 1 talent, you can improve on another.

This is why we see famous people like @dollarvigilante or @charlieshrem or @dragonanarchist becoming Steemit celebrities so fast, is because they have the fame and charisma that took them a lot of work to achieve on their own, so already famous people will have an edge over here.

Other people who lack charisma and fame, could either work hard and work a lot to produce high quality content, and with a little bit of luck they will become successful too.

Or you can essentially combine the different modifiers, but I think if people lack 1 or 2 of them it's no big deal, you can make up that deficiency with the other ones.

I personally have no fame or charisma, but I put out good quality content and I work hard to become famous on Steemit. I have been here for nearly 3 months, and I think this is how much it takes on average to get ahead with only these traits.

I am also very efficient, I tag my posts very well, I put out catchy titles and I put good images in my articles. I will show you in the next article how I quantify my results.

But I just want to encourage people to not give up their Steemit journey, it is possible to get ahead, and you should find your own talents and share that with the community.

Photo: My own work, LICENSE: CC BY 4.0

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That is a very good point that you are making there @profitgenerator, and I agree 100% with it, well done!

Math numbers and formulas are worth many words. Thank you for the interesting article. Looking forward for your other posts on this topic.

A wise scientist once said: "math is the language of the universe"

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Seems to me that your success model holds true for pretty much all areas of life, mate.

In any case, I enjoyed the read and I thank you for your valuable content!

Yeah it could, especially in business areas, people have to work on their talents to succeed.

Ditto, couldnt have said it better