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Many newbies are struggling in making money here on Steemit, I still see a lot of people earning 0.05 to 0.1 $/post and that is bad since there could be many talented people who would deserve more money. They are struggling to get famous and get noticed by whales, but otherwise having nice content. If you are one of these people I am here to help.

I think there are 2 kinds of Strategies that you can use on Steemit to get noticed:

  • Write trendy pop articles, it's a quick road to fame, but the competition is high, so you have to share money with others
  • Write high quality unpopular articles, it's a slow road to fame, but the competition is low, so you once you get started in making money you don't have to worry about competing

Basically it relies on 2 Observations:

  • Smart people have always more money so they might like more scientific or technical based articles, so if you get in this niche, you can rely on them to vote for you. But smart people are more rare, and this limits your audience. But you won't have a lot of competition, so once you establish yourself in the "scientific" niche, you will pretty much have a guaranteed income from smart followers, however you will constantly have to put out high quality articles. So it's your decision whether you are smart enough to get into this niche and weight the costs/benefits of this.

  • Average people like trendy popular stuff. So if you just write about pop/trivia, like food/art/life/relationship related stuff, then it's a quick road to fame. I mean let's face it, most people have a low or average IQ, so they won't really understand techyyy stuff anyway. However prepare yourself, since you will have a ton of competition. I mean everyone is writing about pop stuff here. So you might make money initially but if everyone does this, then you have to compete with tens of thousands of people doing the exact same thing you are doing. So it will be hard to outcompete them. So better invent some unique kind of niche for yourself, or work hard to outcompete others.


1) First you should take an IQ test:

Take your time, this is not a scam IQ test that requires mobile SMS and crap like that it's an actual real IQ test. I have took it, it turns out my IQ is 149, which is kind of a genius level. Not to sound too arrogant, but I think this can be noticed from the kind of profits I already made in cryptocurrencies. So the rule of thumb that smart people are wealthy is true.


The average IQ of the world is kind of hovering around 90, you can even check your IQ compared to your country here:

So if you have an average or below average IQ, then you should just stick to posting popular stuff on Steemit. It doesn't require a lot of brains. Look I am not saying this to make fun of average people, these are the facts, if you have average IQ you will probably make more money sticking to stuff your peers might like. So it will be more easy to you to do that, and you can still earn decent money.

If you are an intelligent person, then I probably don't even need to write this guide to you, but still it might help you out if you haven't figured it out already. There are still niches on Steemit that are not allocated.

For example if you are a professor or an expert in a field, then start a blog where you teach people: biology, math, physics, whatever.... make it sound interesting so that people will actually want to learn it. We don't need to send people to 18 years of Government indoctrination school, people can just startup their educational lessons on Steemit. It's that easy, and you will make money.

2) Choose your Niche and stick to it:

Well after you figured out what kind of topic suits you best. Then just start writing, and stick to that niche. Most of your followers will follow you because of that niche. So if you abandon it later, you might lose followers. But also try to expand later incrementally so that you can cover a wider range of topics so that your audience can grow progressively.

3) Expansionary Blogging vs Conservative Blogging:

If you have noticed my blog posts, I am all over the place. I mean I cover a crap ton of topics:

  • Anarchism/Libertarian politics
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Philosophy (ethics, metaphysics, logic...)
  • Investing
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Privacy/Security
  • Software/Programming (I just got into this lately)
  • Kind of inspirational/ motivational / educational posts like this one
  • and more

So I am all over the place, that is why I have 1300 followers, if you branch out into many fields you can get many followers who are interested in different things. But of course this has disadvantages as well, I don't have that many people who comment on my articles, because maybe most of my followers are not always interested in every topic. So I might be growing more slowly because of the lack of feedback.

If you blog conservatively and only write in 1 niche, then you will probably have a lot of people who you can engage with, so they will probably Resteem your post and share it on other social media, furthermore if it's a pop related niche, who knows you might attract visitors from Google Searches as well.

4) Tag Well

The last but kind of very important point is to tag your posts well, you can see which tags are the most popular on the front page:

  • steemit
  • life
  • photography
  • introduceyourself
  • kr
  • art
  • travel
  • bitcoin

Make sure all of your articles have at least 1 if not 2 of the top 20 tags in it. And also make sure you don't mis-spell them. But also make sure you don't tag-spam, that will get you downvotes.

So I always kind of see the best fitting tags that is relevant to my post, and then tag it with the most popular ones in that field. This will get many views. My posts now are read on average by 100-200 people so that is nice.

That's it, good luck blogging and making money on Steemit. Hope you will succeed!


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Valuable info for us newbies, appreciate it and all to come.
Blessings to you!!

very useful tips. thanks @profitgenerator

Definatley making a 1 hit wonder post will really help boost your income.


Yes people can rotate between maximizing followers vs maximizing profit, I think one comes at the expense of the other, so people can choose what strategies they want to follow at the moment or rotate between them periodically.

thanks for tips :))

great information and great advice.thanks a lot

Sounds like very valuable information for the steemit newcomers like myself.
up voted followed and resteemed, cheers :)

You're smart. This guidelines or tips can be useful for us, it is a big help..i really appreciate..

very knowledgeable.

Thanks for the great post.

Thank you! Always welcoming new advise about steemit :)

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Write high quality unpopular articles, it's a slow road to fame, but the competition is low, so you once you get started in making money you don't have to worry about competing

Great and thoughtful post @profitgenerator

Very valuable and educational information indeed.

There is no doubt I've taken the most sluggish, snaky and tortuous snail track to popularity or fame all my life mate. It's clear for me I've chosen a "humorous smart-ass scientific" niche where I usually drop in my possibly too unpopular Naked Truths articles & stuff.

I guess people simply don't like things exposed so bare nude and definitely will not enjoy too much having to withstand the noise of their neurons squeaking & screeching within their brains and having to cope with the rattling process of learn something new and useful through these so brightly clear paths at all. This tends to dazzle them in many different ways too soon. }:)

I'm afraid, they are even more reluctant to appreciate your content when you put them in front of a big & wide clean mirror of frank humor. Sense of humor usually sprinkled with some healthy spices of irony and sarcasm served like an exotic dish with a chunk of free knowledge behind to taste and digest properly on their plate. ¡Too Voluptuous! ¡Too cramming and overflowing! Obviously, I suppose this would demand on them an extra effort to be able to triumphantly swallow that unusual fat meal in all its splendor. Tsk Tsk.

In fact, I am convinced that I must have very little competition on the niche where I post my crap. But even so, look at the numbers in my profile. After a whole year, I reckon those figures doesn't look so promising like to have been attention grabbers for a post chef.
Neither in the number of followers, views, votes, comments, resteems, earnings nor anything. ;)

Therefore mate, I would like to invite you to read this particular article when you have a chance. And if it is possible and you think it is relevant for this discussion, I would very much appreciate your comment with any suggestions or advice about how jumping to the fast lane on this snail race according what you are trying to teach through this post of yours.

Cheers!! :)

Did you buy any Steem? Or did you generate all earnings on Steemit by curation and posting?


I bought like 3 BTC worth of Steem at roughly 20,000 satoshi so now I am at about 150% Profit


And how did it help you in generating more profit than just by writing posts and curating? Was only your vote more worth or did it also have some other effect?

Thanks am going to include this post in a post I write about how the people I am bringing on can do well....want to help them all I can! Great point about writing fun stuff, but sadly I write about how to learn to love yourself and heal from trauma- not really a fun subject at all! Including a few posts about Bitcoin to to keep my hand in. Thanks for the advice!

Very informative, thank you! I found your article via google search, when I searched for 'steemit bad posts earn a lot of money' or something like that... :)