Best 3 Image Hosting Sites for STEEM

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When you try to post your first welcome post on STEEM you notice there is no way to embed images directly to your post.

You always need to use an external site for your images. This may lead to be a problem in some cases. For example, popular image hosting Imgur blocks hotlinks to images. Other hostings suddenly remove images in case of user inactivity.

What we need here is an image hosting where you can upload unlimited images per post and will never have to worry about your images being removed for inactivity or hotlinks.

Here is a list of best of them proven to work with STEEM:

1) - easy to use and it doesn't need an account. In addition to upload images from your local computer you may upload it directly from the web. Files are kept until you delete them.

2) - it is IPFS based and will be compatible with upcoming IPFS support.

3) works fine for steeming but site itself is slightly overloaded with an advertisement. In support of this service I can say that there is no registration or login, all you have to do is submit your picture.

Any suggestions? Please comment.

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Dedicated Steem Image Hosting: ;)

I like the ideas of you @blueorgy but all sites you created doesn't work for some reasons, no offense.. I am her since 3 houres trying to get a profile picture - 1000x1000px png, less than 1mb big and it doesn't work.. I am frustrated now about steemit :-(

EDIT: Yeyy I finally got it. PNG, 1000x1000 px, transparent background (you can cut it out with gimp that you can toggle to night mode), at last works - i used the direct link. Upload without changing settings. thanks @primus for the great link!

Have you tried the new kid on the block? is the way to go. Plus after 24 hours, your images are one with the blockchain - immutable at that point. (no external image links remain).

"Plus after 24 hours, your images are one with the blockchain - immutable at that point." - How does this work on a technical level?

right click on an image after it's been up for 24 hours and you'll see it is pulled from a steemit controlled server instead of where it was originally posted.

There's a difference between a steemit controlled server and the blockchain itself though, right? My main question is - do the images actually get stored in the blockchain?

Image is eventually a binary data, thus you can take the bites, encode them to base64 text for example, and put on block chain.
Like this you can put anything on the blockchain which can be serialized to bits.

I created an account on but when I hit 'start uploading' nothing happens :(

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Same here. The site is quietly throwing a JavaScript error that can be seen in a debugger. It seems we both missed an an announcement from 10 months ago that the service was getting too expensive to run, and uploading was turned off. is still unable to upload images. This is really concerning for now there are so many Steeit related services, and I wonder how many of them will survice.
Also, seems to be down ...
Even a child knows that hosting data takes an enourmous amount of processing and storaging ,, it is weird these claims that those services are expensive to run

The Steemit site allows you to directly host image content now, so there is no need for an external image hosting service as there once was.

Except for the profile image and cover image, which needs an external URL...

My profile avatar photo is hosted and uploaded first to a post on, on First, I upload a photo to a post. Second, I copy and paste the link to that photo in that post to my settings to my profile avatar loader.

Hi @rsarvas, I see you have mentioned me.
This is automatic response so that I may respond to your mention later.

Thanks for the comment and link @rsarvas! :)

I'm using to host my profile picture. But contrary to what they say I found no way of deleting an image from their server. Which really sucks! :(

Fortunately you can upload images directly on posts now. I suppose it's hosted on servers owned by Steemit...

I just found some photos from my earlier posts gone.. those of which i directly uploaded onto the post thinking it gets stores onto their steemit servers.. Im still not sure what the best way is..

This was very helpful for me to upload a new profile picture

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I have been using - no account needed and works like a charm; plus it fits in with the decentralised / Peer-to-peer philosophy of not having a single, centralised authority or point of failure.

None of them worked for me ... - (UNRELIABLE) you cannot delete images and it might go down in any moment, thus destroyoing thousands of blogs that use their service - DOWN - Testing now, so far so good

Have you tried the new kid on the block?

Thanks for the list, it will really help the newcomers!
I use because it's fast and convenient to use without an account.
I came across a site that I was using and it turned out to give me broken links after a few hours of uploading an image. I do not recommend for people to use or else you will find out that your link is dead after a few hours by someones smart-ass comment on your post. Haha cheers!

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or one of "export - to" hosting in shutter (linux software for screenshot)

Ok i have my pictures now uploaded to but i still cant figure out how do i add a photo to my newbie story! ? Please give step by step instructions as this is all new to me! Been trying for 2 days now its driving me crazy😊thanks

thank you, imgsafe works great! has been stable for the last few days (and they updated all their website btw).

Very useful informative especially to newbies. I am new and this is just what i was looking for thank you

i use my free wordpress sites. Fine i think, as long as you keep your wp site going

Have you tried the new kid on the block?

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good post! primus and I hope you do not mind;
I did a link to it on second reply .

Very helpful, this image issue really stumped me when I tried my intro post. ~ljl~

Thanks a lot. Very helpful.

Thanks a lot! I was wondering how to set my profile picture and I will try imgsafe now.

Мне понравился сайт

You may try all image types are accepted. It generates numerous codes to easily link to images.

thanks a lot, I just did!

Thanks for the post! Was having issues getting working so the links your provided helped a lot.

Thank you for your simple and easy to understand contents.. I am from Japan as newbie.

All dead, only alive!!!

Contrary to what they say on you can't delete your files. I see I'm not the only one concerned:

A very nice work and I will continue to follow you and you also follow me ... Have we agreed @bakabou159704

They are all still working.

Thanks! It helped a lot!

Thank you so much. This information helped me a lot.

Thank you.

Nice! Thanks!

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