How to make it on Steemit : Wizdumb from a Plankton

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What do I know? I'm just a plankton. Monetizing social media and interaction basically poisons the interaction .. its all about the money basically. Do we care about what you comment? Maybe a little, but most of the posts on the Trending page are focusing on earning Steem. But earning Steem is a big part of the game on Steemit and if you want more POWER you have to attract capital, or non-existent tokens anyway. Where does the Steem come from? Probably all the money we're throwing away on bots ...

I'd like to compare two posts because I find them instructive. I bid 0.40 SBD on my last post through @edensgarden and had a 9.9% upvote. Not too shabby, though I see @edensgarden only has a rep of 17 and is being flagged for "unethical" practices like skimming off the top. But aren't they all doing it? So in the end, if the value of Steem stays steady or at least dosen't fall, I will recoup my SBD and make an additional 0.15 Steem. WOW. But yeah we're talking Plankton action here so any little crumb counts in my world. At my microscale I made 37.5 % more on my "investment".

So let's look at @beinart who comes from the land down under and has just joined but is playing it like a pro. If I look at his post Tips for Artists: How to get your work discovered by and shown in a gallery and check his wallet action (we're all so transparent on the blockchain), I can see he's not betting SBD, no he's throwing down pure Steem on the bots like mana from heaven. He invested 48 Steem approximately and his payout, which I'm checking on btw, hey @emrebeyler, is 38.19 SBD and 13.47 Steem for a profit of 2.47 Steem after recouping his initial investment, or a .05% profit. Spend 48 Steem to make 2.47 more ... rinse and repeat. After almost 20 similar posts he'll make 48 Steem profit !! WOW. : )

uuuuh .. so what's the wizdumb, oh plankton guru? Basically the more you are willing to invest initially, the faster you will grow and the more you will earn. I dont have any crypto floating around on an exchange but @beinart clearly does, or is being hosted by an admirer. He just pumped up his account with 250 Steem for more upvoting in the future. The guy's not messing around and he'll probably make 10 or 20 Steem a week profit or more. It doesnt sound like much but he's just getting started. As he funnels that Steem back into buying upvotes, he'll incrementally grow, but much faster than I will, because I havent made any initail "monetary" investment to buy Steem to play with. I'm still puttering along after three months not even earning back my initial 15 Steem while @beinart 's only been around for like a week and already has 414 Steem (most of which he bought himself, but who cares .. ) :) He's investing over 100 times more than I am and making over 16 times more profit. That's how you grow a minnow tail, my fellow plankton scum ...

So Steemit is clearly the wave of the future if you like playing with non-existent money to feel special and if you like writing well-crafted essays for almost no return or almost no thoughtful feedback. But that will change, just stay the course .. don't give up. The thing to do is buy some Steem on Binance and then transfer to your Steemit account and play it smart, play it like @beinart.


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oh well it's all part of game.) i like steemit just at is as it is a great concept, maybe not flawless but fun

I guess it depends on your motive.
If you want to make money, there's a strategy for that, although why I would bother to spend time writing posts that are not intended to be read, I don't know - just fill them with fake Latin ... or is that plagiarism?
On the other hand, if you enjoy writing and the interaction it triggers or it brings you some satisfaction in another way (venting, providing structure for your day), then pursue the strategy that brings that for you.
Maybe it's a problem when those get confused or bogged down in INF (it's not fair) or FOMO (I don't need to spell that one out, do I?) rather than each of us remembering what we are doing here. Although, I agree inspecting people's wallets is a bit like surreptiously looking in other people's cupboards when you're visiting and they think you've gone to the toilet.